My wife...

My wife, then girlfriend confessed that 9 years ago she hung out with a mutual friend outside of my work waiting for me to get off and ended up holding his hand while talking. She doesn't know why she held his hand but she did. We have been married 5 years now and we stopped talking to that friend because he moved away due to the military almost around that same time. They went to high school together. I am happy with her, she cooks, cleans, supported us while I finished uni and we have bought a house together. She says she feels guilty because she did not confess sooner. I am happy and in love with her. I want her to have my babies. But does forgiving this make me seem like a weak man?

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it means she still think about it
it was probably a moment of get away with chad or stay, and shes feeling guilty about regretting staying with you

she will never say it ofcourse until she leaves for the next chad

Neck up pussy

Leave her you weak bitch

She's fucked up on multiple levels.
Why would she tell you about holding hands with some other guy 9 years ago? My guess?
>She's cheating now
>She wants to cheat now
>She rant into him
>She can't stop thinking about him
>She wants to hurt you by telling you
>She's fucking stupid
She kept her mouth shut for 9+ years until now.... Hmmm....

Yeah, there is no reason for her to say a word about this. I imagine either she liked him/dated him/fucked him (perhaps he is her first love) before she started dating you and she continued while you believed you were in a committed relationship.

I doubt she said anything because she feels guilty for holding his hand so you need to find out when they started talking again.

This is a red flag, user. You need to dig deeper. Holding a hand 9 years ago is not something she should be guilty about all these years later, she is gauging your reaction to a minor betrayal, when the reality is much worse.

Youre retarded if you even have to ask this. She HELD HANDS with a friend. There was no meaning behind it your dumb fuck

>when the reality is much worse
True words spoken.

The thing about any confession to something from 9 years ago means it is somehow relevant today. The past isn't really the past but the present.

Only conjecture but she is probably still in contact with this guy. Maybe he has plans to visit, maybe he intends to make a pitch for her to ditch you and using a threat to disclose what really happened. But whatever it is it is not an issue of the past.

>ended up holding his hand while talking.

it's always worse than what they say and this sounds fucking stupid

Then dumb fuck why would she feel guilty or even bring it up 9 years later?

I agree holding hands doesn't mean shit really. Giving some guilt ridden confession 9 years later does.

she probably gave him head while holding his hand

She sounds fucking bored dude. Put your babies in her.

And she told you about holding hands with some dude 9 years ago why, exactly? I wouldn't mix my genes with the stupid or the mentally ill, but godspeed, you poor fool.

Hand is an euphemism for dick

There’s more to that story user

Dude forget about it, holding his hand?!!! Now if she had been holding his dick.......


Why the fuck would someone mention holding hands with a friend 9 years later?
Something is not right here. If that is all she did, who gives a fuck? She might have wanted to leave you for him 9 years ago and that's what makes her feel guilty about it but she chose you. If she fucked him 9 years ago, that is a different thing.
Let's assume she kissed him instead. Would you still be okay with that?
She must be old as fuck now, why doesn't she already have your babies?
Time is running out, is she the one or not?


If it gives you any insight, OP, hiding something like that from my fiance would bother me so much that I would eventually confess too. Thinking about touching another man makes me feel sick - but I'm an extreme case. In my mind, showing him how open I am and how serious I am about even little steps over boundaries would hopefully show how he has nothing to worry about. And likewise demonstrate that the same is expected of him (confess any tiny threats to boundaries/relationship).
Why did she confesses though, were you having a heartfelt conversation?
The reason she likely didn't do it immediately, is because the relationship didn't mean as much to her as it does now.


Obviously don't jump to conclusions that you have no evidence for. Sure, something more could have happened but you don't know anything. There could be a multitude of reasons why she told you 9 years later. She's your wife, don't jump to any crazy decisions. You're married which means you must solve these things.

Of course, it could be worse, and she should understand that you trust her slightly less now. Prod her. Ask her questions about it. See how she reacts to them. If she appears completely open and willing to talk about it, then talk to her until you figure out how she feels. Listen to her and see if she's listening to you. Pay attention to her when you're having the conversation.

If she doesn't want to be open and talk more about it, then maybe something's up. Who knows. You'll have to figure it out.

I'm not married and never have been, but from my perspective it seems logical that only conversation and truth can provide a potential solution.

OP this is called trickle truth. She fucked him but only reveals the truth gradually. As other posters mentioned, if the dude doesn't get shot by Mohammed while on duty, he WILL come back to reclaim your wife, and odds are, he's already back home ready to fuck.

Other retards on this thread, most likely married themselves, are telling you "not to worry" and "trust her word". These are the type of men who have had both balls confiscated by women in their lives. First their moms, then their teachers, their gfs and finally their (dreaded) wives.

Those men are pic related, and so are you OP, if you don't divorce your wife (owner) ASAP.

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who knows why she told you now. maybe she is just trying to make you jealous. One thing I've learned is that adv gives shit advice and most advice givers have no life experience to back it up.

Leave the thot
I'd rather my wife fuck 11 guys that she doesn't care about for a physical sensation rather than have one truly deep emotional connection so strong that she felt compelled to hold his hand.

Held hands while they were talking... I guess moaning each others name in ecstasy counts as talking.