25 years old male

>25 years old male
>Married with a little kid, wife is like 30 and has no time for sex cause of our kid
>Recently started chatting randomly with a girl on the street, turns out she's 19 and a cute Asian college student
>Took her out on a date to have a few drinks
>She's really into me, lied her that I live alone, but we didn't do anything physical yet
>Really want to fuck her and she seems really into me
>Plans to meet up again for drinks again soon
What should I do?

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Don't do it user. I know the temptation is great but you should work things out with your wife. Think about your child and how this could affect their life.

Doesnt matter what we arę going to say, you will still do it. Just be sure to use fake name and burner phone. Go to her place, be untraceable.

Help your wife with the child so you have more time together.

Not sure going to her place is even an option. I don't even need the sex. I just wanna like touch her tits or something.
I've been thinking A LOT about hiring a prostitute (we're in Asia so lots of prostitutes) just to feel her tits and maybe get a handjob or something. It's weird but I really want to do that.
I can't really help my wife. She's not really that busy but she just always says she is and complains. We always kind of fight and I am always legitimately busy, except if I make time for a few hours to go on a date or something like this. House feels uncomfortable to be in and my wife feels old (been married about 5 years now).

19 year old pussy looks so goddamn enticing. Fucking hell I want it so badly. But now I actually feel bad about lying to the 19 year old girl. She genuinely seems into me and excited to see me and flirt with me and I'm just kind of leading her down this path.

If I take one night out go "go drinking with friends" and meet up with this girl, maybe get in and kiss her, and then a few weeks later maybe meet up and have sex once or twice, how would that affect the future for my kid? I would literally never see this girl again. I don't know...

Obviously she can't come to my place with my wife and kid at home but where we live sex motels are everywhere so that wouldn't be too hard. She likes to drink.

Why would you even risk getting divorce raped? The only upside to pursuing that relationship is that you'll get sex, while the potential downside is catastrophic.

Stop thinking with your dick. Fix up your marriage so you can have a happy environment at home, instead of trying to chase happiness through an affair.

Not to be a moralfag, but if you have any integrity, you'll break it off with this chick. Like another user said, I know a hot 19 year old piece of ass sounds pretty enticing when your 5 years in with someone you aren't passionate about anymore, but you know it's wrong. I'm not trying to shit on you or shame you, just please think about what you're doing, user.

This is a mistake you’re gonna live with for the rest of your life. It could get bad for you. Wife could divorce and take custody of your child. Is it worth pussy

Just fuck her op, you love your wife and the girl is just a fling so it doesn't matter.

I was thinking about that today. It's the kind of thing I'd still be thinking about in 20 years and that bothers me. But what about just jacking off on a prostitutes tits or something? I don't know.. there's a lot of young prostitutes here.
I actually feel a little bad lying to the other chick too. I've gotten a handjob from a childhood friend since dating my wife too, but never told her about it. Wouldn't kiss or fuck her though. And that was before we got married.
I hear what you're saying but I 100% think her finding out about anything I do would be out of the question. I'm just considering this with that assumption in mind.

Your dishonor your wife and family user.
End this suffer the shame you bring by an hero yourself.

Seriously user, you sound like an indecisive beta bitch. You married a lazy older woman who doesn't want to fuck you, lies about it, blames it on the kid, and thinks you're stupid enough to believe it, and beta enough to not do anything about it. I'd say you should rage fuck your wife against her will, but I don't want you to risk bringing a kid with down syndrome into this world.

Why would you marry before 30? And why would you marry a woman who's older than you. If you wanted to slay young pussy like everyone else you shouldn't have married in the first place. Don't cheat on your wife. You look like someone who'd spill the beans if he did and you'd ruin everything.

why u acting like the kid is not your responsibility as well?
also "like 30" you sure u know how old your wife is?

I can't tell what your post has to do with the OP.
Kid is my responsibility as well. Ok..

I wouldn't spill the beans though... I mean I fucked a prostitute within the first month of dating her. But still never told her.

Do it but tell your wife beforehand. You don't deserve to be married and have a family.

>I can't tell what your post has to do with the OP.
Of course you can't you little beta bitch. You married "like 30" woman. So I guess that means she's in her 30s? More than 5 year age gap?
Anyways, all the posts you made are pathetic. You admit your wife is old, lazy, and makes up dumb lies of not wanting to fuck you and thinks you're beta enough to do nothing about it. Like I stated earlier, you should rage fuck wife and reclaim her pussy as yours (do you even know if the kid is biologically yours?) but you run the risk of down syndrome.

>I've been thinking A LOT about hiring a prostitute (we're in Asia so lots of prostitutes) just to feel her tits and maybe get a handjob or something. It's weird but I really want to do that.
>But what about just jacking off on a prostitutes tits or something? I don't know.. there's a lot of young prostitutes here.
>I mean I fucked a prostitute within the first month of dating her. But still never told her.

Now you're just full of shit.

Western women are very arrogant.

Why any woman would believe a guy will ever grow up is beyond me.

The unfortunate thing is this child will grow up with no father present, no financial support and the mother will be branded an untouchable because of no fault of hers, a single mom.

>now you're just full of shit
Trying to give as much information as needed to get the best advice here. Consensus seems to be just hold my urges in and focus more on the baby and pretend I don't actually want this. Great.

Guys slamming you are just jealous that you have a shot with a girl that wouldnt even ever look their way. As I said before, noone here is going to change your mind. Just be wary of the consequences. Also be wary that you will hurt the girl. Maybe go with the escorts. And for the love of godzi sonething about you wife, it looks super suspicious to me.

No, you're making up shit.

>You will hurt the girl
The 19 year old girl? I actually do feel bad about this. She'll feel like she had a shot at meeting and spending time with a great guy cause she thinks I'm genuine, but when she realizes I'm married or I just break it off with her suddenly she'll feel hurt and lied to, right?

Is paying an escort to basically just take her tits out and let me feel them and maybe jack off on them the better option, then? And just stop texting the 19 year old? Ghost her?
>for the love of godzi something about your wife, it looks super suspicious to me
I genuinely don't understand what you're saying here. What do you mean by that phrase?

Stop talking to the 19 year old.
Tell your wife you are not happy. Don't just ask for sex and say "ok" and slink off to jack it in the bathroom. Come out with it and say that you are unsatisfied at the moment, suggest a night together without the baby, see what happens.
If nothing changes, can you really deal with the rest of your life in this unsatisfied state? It'd be better for you both to break up now so you're both free to find someone more your style.

You were the one that decided to father a child and get married too young. There are consequences and you have to pay. You are pretending to be a victim of others but you did this

>Guys slamming you are just jealous
nah, I just hat cheaters of all sorts

>noone here is going to change your mind
that's true though, he's already made up his mind, and now just trying to justify it

I haven't been happy with her in like 2 years honestly. We just fight. It's just constant arguing 24/7 until I slunk back in here to post on Jow Forums. Going out to drink with people from work is the only time I feel happy and I happened to meet the 19 year old on one of those nights. That's about it. I hate myself and feel trapped in my life. We've talked about seeing a counselor but she only brings it up in the middle of a fight, so every day, as one of those "you're so fucking stressful to deal with you need a counselor!" kind of things.

Again I'm just saying my honest, deep feelings/thoughts here. I always thought that's the best way to get advice.

If that's you're situation, I'd recommend just getting a divorce desu. If you aren't happy with where you're at in life, it's never too late to change. Just dont be with two women at the same time.

So why robt you make an appointment with a counselor? What's stopping you? It wont get better after cheating. She will find out eventually because you wont stop after getting a taste of teenage cunt and then you come back here crying that you are losing your child or some shit.
Grow up

So just abandon my craving for 19 year old sex and get a counselor.

Please don't do it user, at least not behind her back. Be honest and gentle with your wife and tell her how you feel, and ask her to work together with you to fix this. That would be so hurtful to do.

Yes you mongoloid. But you wont. Because you dont actually want to fix your marriage. Get a divorce and then pounce on teenage girls but not when you are still married.

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My wife is the type to give up easily and hold a grudge for a long time. I'm not... She's not the type to think "well at least you didn't do it and told me about it. Now we can work through this."
I genuinely will get a counselor. My body is still telling me to go drink with the 19-year-old Asian and just not fuck her though, but lead her on like a friend for months though until she gives up and ghosts me or something.

So what's stopping you from getting a counselor? You said before it has been brought up many times. Once you came balls deep in that tight asian snatch it's too late. Probably shouldn't have married that early.

Procrastination I guess.


So do it and dont meet up with the Asian. You know very well that once you are alone with her that things will get spicy. Dont set yourself up for failure.

>I would literally never see this girl again. I don't know...
unless you know, she freaks out when you try to ghoste her and threatens you to tell your vife everything, or drops by your house/workplace to talk or something like that

The irony is that if sex is important to you then you shouldn’t have a kid.

>tell your wife how you fell about sex and everything you told us about your marriage
>try to make your marriage work (for real), maybe see a therapist or something
>If it still doesn't work divorce so you can fuckk all the 19 y/o you want without guilt
You can just jump to the last step but give mariage a try at least for the kid. Cheating now is more risk han reward, you might think you won't get caught but it depends on a lot of things out of your control

>tell your wife how you fell about sex and everything you told us about your marriage
She knows that about this marriage. We are mostly together cause I don't want to divorce and for the kid. If I told her how I feel about sex her response would almost certainly be "do it then and I'll do the same thing," which I'm not able to handle.
>try to make your marriage work (for real), maybe see a therapist or something
I intend to do this.
>If it still doesn't work divorce so you can fuckk all the 19 y/o you want without guilt
I don't foresee me getting laid often or again really. This is the only time it's happened like this in 5 years and I actually hate going out at all normally. So I don't like this option.

Go do it then. I'll wait for the inevitable thread where you cry how your life is all fucked up now.

>I don't foresee me getting laid often or again really
then why doing it even once? Either go all the way, get a divorce and fins someone that suits you better or try and hold on and fix your marriage, this halfway solution you are seeking will only make everyone involved (you, your wife, your kid, even the other girl) more miserable in the long run

Fuck her in a motel then ghost her and don’t tell your worthless wife

Get a hotel and fuck her silly,

Also file for divorce.

>how would that affect the future for my kid?

Because if you do it once and dont get caught you have broken a barrier and will do it again some time, maybe not with her

Then your wife finds out, she divorces you and takes the kid, the house and the car and you are left alone, bitter and broke

Also it makes you a piece of shit

>Be OP be 25
>Think you are mature enough to marry and have a kid.
>Starts having issues with wife, she apparently doesn't want to have sex.
>Instead of talking to your wife and figuring it out start messing around with a rando 19 year old girl.
>Start lying to the girl for obvious reasons.
>Obviously lying to the wife aswell for obvious reasons.
>How do I proceed with the cheating guise.

Gently fuck off and hang yourself OP.

>has no time for sex
lol. no such thing. either way, you're screwed, so you might as well do your thing while you're at it

>don't want to divorce because of the kid

user, unhappy parents don't make a happy child. You'll just fuck the kid up more.
Divorcing now means it will be more amicable than when she finds out you've been touching asian tits.

Never cheat with someone who has less to lose than you

My god OP listen to yourself, seriously. You're going to bang this late teens girl to fulfill your sexual needs when you already have a wife and kid? Why don't you try harder to have sex with your wife, you don't feel sexually attracted to her anymore? C'mon man, try.

Now that is probably the best advice i've ever seen on this board.

>25 year old male
>married to a 30 year old

what the fuck is wrong with you

you should fuck the 19 year old. if your wife isn't giving you sex I don't see why you wouldn't get it elsewhere. if the genders were reversed people would be cheering you on to cheat on your husband

Agree with this. OP don't be a retard. If you aren't happy with your marriage, leave and fuck this young thot that will leave you one day anyway. At 19, she is still pretty retarded and doesn't know what she wants. Good luck.

fuck her ofc, she's 19 and definitel not a commit material (since she may be already westernized). Also, remember: never fuck her in the vicinity of your wife, NEVER.

>wife is like 30 and has no time for sex cause of our kid

She's definitely fucking other man, and you're a blind cuck for not seeing it sooner.

If you want to be a disappointment of a husband and father, then go ahead, you weakling.

Holy shit man you care more about the feelings of some hot rando teenager than you do about your own wife

Do yourself a favor and get a divorce because that's obviously what you really want

Just divorce now man. It's better for everyone.

>if you're not adulterous garbage like me, you must be jealous lmao
No, I just think all of your kind need to be lined up over a ditch and shot.

How about you be a man and remain loyal to your wife?

>divorce raped?
Not a problem where he is

This. Sounds like age old marriage problems try talking wi her about wanting to be intimate more so you both can try to make time for it.

Where the fuck did you meet a 19 y/o Asian girl, dude?
I'm 24 and am searching high and low for this shit and you just stumble across her randomly on the street to talk to?

Dude, just tell your wife you're horny.
Help her with the baby, hire a baby sitter/leave the baby at your family and take her to a dinner.
Give her a sexual massage.
Start sexting with her.
cheating is the easy way to ruin a relationship.
Have her do any of theses tests
I had trouble with my wife after our second child, went to marriage therapy and made it work out.
I discovered she wasn't sexually satisfied with me, but a little purchase fixed it.

If she doesn't find out, then it never happened.
You should do it user, why waste good pussy?

Work things out with your wife first. Let her know that you need sex, and that she will have to take time for that. Compromise. Maybe you can be quick, or maybe you can set a time and plan for it.

Don't sex the new girl unless your wife tells you that she won't give you sex.

The correct thing to do would be getting a baby sitter to look after your kid while you take your wife out on a nice date followed by sex. It would be better for both of you.

Not gonna lie, I'd fuck the asian chick anyway,
but you could maybe get your wife to agree to let you sleep with another woman every once in a while?
That way, you'd stop pestering her for sex, and you can still be a good dad for your kid in a somewhat intact home, even though you are not banging the kids mom.

>but a little purchase fixed it.
what did u buy?

What this guy said. Seriously.

Not going to lie user. I read the thread, and you should never have gotten married in the first place. You should be divorced. You fucked up already. You're going to do what you want, regardless of what the suggestions in the thread state.

why are all these people in this thread getting so triggered by this? Why is there no moral consistency on here? it's like you do anything immoral but if it involves women it's literally the worst thing ever. How is it wrong to sleep with a side girl if you're not getting any from her?

There's nothing wrong with starting a family young, but it HAS to be with the right person. user is not with the right person.

Worst case? You knock her up and your wife leaves you. You end up paying 2 lots of child support and no other girl will look at you twice.
Don't be a piece of shit, if you want other pussy then split with your wife and start paying up. You'll regret it though, your relationship problems are mostly your fault anyway.

fuck her
if your wife doesn't want sex, this is the result
why would you even marry a hag who doesn't want sex

honestly the wife would say no this his ragefuck and he knows it
just keep her thinking he's a beta
meanwhile he's grabbing asian pussy on the side

she should have sex with her man
>be wife
>have only pussy in relationship
>deny husband said pussy
>he finds pussy elsewhere
>oh woe is me how could this happen

Believe me, a counsellor can help. Instead of fighting you both need to learn how to tell the other person how you feel, what you want and decide together how to deal with it.

because if I find a wife I'll never cheat on her
but at the same time if the wife changed and became this sexless hag, I'd start looking for Asian pussy on the side aswell

This. Unless she's developed some medical condition that keeps her from having sex with you, you've got greenlight to fuck whoever you wish. "I don't have time", "I have a headache" doesn't cut it. You didn't get into a lifelong relationship with a member of the opposite sex just to stare at the walls, pay for her shit and become an eunuch.

fix the sex issue with the wife, everybody has needs, if she wants to make things work she needs to do her part.

if she doesn't want to have sex with you anymore I bet my money there's something else going on and it's serious business.

try to fix things but give yourself a timeframe, if she doesn't cooperate then divorce.

the fact you're seriously considering some side pussy means that you're experiencing a lack of something in your relationship, it's an alarm bell.

confront the wife.

It is like this weird switch that flips when having children which sometimes doesn't flip for some men. You start out thinking that you are supposed to number 1 in the eyes of your partner. That she should support you, satisfy your physical needs. You need owed this like it is an obligation that comes from the confines of a relationship. Your ego demands that they submit to you because you've submitted to them by maintaining loyalty. Women go along with this because they like getting free shit and they are wired to seek comfort and safety and to be provided for and then have a fucking baby. At which point they transfer everything over onto that baby because they are about protecting and raising their young now. You were a tool to bring that about. The switch flips in you as well and you realise you are no longer about the two of you, the couple, she meets your needs, you meet her, instead it is the pair of you raise and meet the needs of a child. The stability of relationship is about meeting the needs of the fucking child now. Don't give a shit if she is happy, if he is happy. If she needs to open her legs occasionally to keep dad in the scene then she opens her legs. If she can make it without dad then ditching him is an option. Dad? Clearly your switch hasn't flipped. Your partner is not the same as she was before, it is about the baby now. You aren't number 1. Your priority is to care for the baby. Your needs? HA HA HA.

what a crock of shit.

if one doesn't take care of himself, he can't take care of others.

the stability of the relationship is making the parents happy enough so they can care about the child in an effective way.

and they should consider their happiness an important thing because the welfare of the child depends directly upon it.

Also if you think it is harsh to have your needs ignored think about what you are proposing.

You want to shit on your child because you aren't able to handle not getting your needs met. You are prioritising your own needs over your own child. A literal child who cannot do anything for themselves who you are responsible for.

Duty. Integrity. Honour. Respect. These are characteristics you should exemplify. If you can't handle that? What the hell are you?

You don't like your wife. But she cares for your child. Focus on that. She doesn't meet your sexual needs at the moment. But she is a kind and attentive mother who clearly is doing something (sort of badly) to the best of their ability.

Why are you always busy? Why is you being busy automatically important and worthwhile? She probably says she is always busy because she is competing against you, trying to justify herself because you both value the idea of being busy and bicker about who deserves to make more effort. Easier to bicker than make the effort.

Anyway man. I sort of get it as well. Despite what I say I know that a lot of women are poisonous snakes with tits who complain constantly about everything which they have to do as if doing things is some terrible torture and ideally, they'd be floating in an infinite abyss of absolute nothingness at all times until death claims them and the nothingness is complete and unyielding. It is a bad attitude and probably born of insecurity and fear of looking like you are trying because of a fear of failing and it sucks to be about because it drains your fucking soul. It doesn't matter so much when they are hot and they drain your balls frequently because they at least have a purpose, but once that dries up you are stuck with a bitchy emotional fucking vampire.

The problem is you've got a child and maintaining a stable home is part of the burden of being a good father and you've got to be a good father or else you are ... a piece of shit.

It isn't a crock of shit. You can perform all the mental gymnastics you want but when you have a child your partner is going to prioritise the needs of the child over your needs and mostly, but not always their own needs and this is right and normal and you should feel the same damn way and you can't really resent them for it. As part of that they might take a big picture look at the situation and decide that submitting to mediocre sex once in a while is less effort that arguing, cheating, divorce and breakup, but they might not, especially if you are a whiny bitch about it. Many married people with children have failing or dead sex lives which took a back seat to raising children, careers or looking after the stupid fucking house. Choices were made, some doors opened, others closed and husband complains about wife having a headache again is the oldest fucking joke there is.

Your wife is likely lazy and unmotivated and stuck in a rut and finds it easier to butt heads with you than pull herself out of her rut. She doesn't want to sit around all day being bored and having a sexless boring relationship where she is an old before her time mother. Do you have what it takes to lead her? Can you be bothered? That is the unfortunate reality. Are you man enough to lead and inspire her and do you want to or do you want to whine about it and find what appears to be an easier route? Seemingly disposable sex in the form of fetishised teenagers who represent the time in your life which has now passed you by?

>but not always their own needs

that's exactly was I was talking about, the child is important, but if something is not working out and you need it, you'd better solve the issue fast unless you want the situation to spiral out of control and looks like the sex issue is an indicator of such a situation.

>Are you man enough to lead and inspire her and do you want to or do you want to whine about it and find what appears to be an easier route?

the issue should be solved by both partners, if he does all the work then he will grow resentful and she won't change.

Either somehow reconcile with your wife and found out how things became so bitter or get a divorce (or separate). Those are your only two options. Your child comes first though. Keep that in mind.

In my experience women rarely change in any meaningful way except in the short term and you spoon feed and push using every trick to make it fun, engaging and rewarding. They'll mould themselves and adapt to fit in around a man, but usually they renegotiate over the long game and drag the behaviour back. A lot of them lack whatever it is that gives that spark of forceful individuality, probably something horrible like learnt submissiveness because we teach that men hate women with ideas and ideas are dumb, probably because they are better at non-violent confrontation and more comfortable with using black art diplomacy to reach a safe and stable middle ground where all parties can exist, if not thrive. Resentment is innate and inevitable.

Nothings wrong with that but you discuss these things first like adults.

Sounds like children and women arent worth it.

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>I've been thinking A LOT about hiring a prostitute (we're in Asia so lots of prostitutes) just to feel her tits and maybe get a handjob or something. It's weird but I really want to do that.

I did this in Japan (exact same situation as you)

It was kinda fun the first time. Second time it felt like a waste of money and I regretted it. I'm not rich enough to be spending hundreds of dollars each time

who's more important ur kid or ur sex life?
if it's your kid than dont do it,
if its ur sex life than go for it.

im not here to give you my opinion it's ur life your choice im just helping u make that choice.

Women change to adapt and being abused emotionally and psychologically by men to fit this imaginary “mold” guys want us to be in to please their biological nature eventually disgusts them and they decide to do whatever the hell they want because they’ve realized they’re far happier being single, not caring about what dicks want. There’s too many selfish dicks and not enough satisfied pussies in the world.

>sounds like people at large aren't really worth it
If it takes you twenty-five (25) years to learn that people are by the mass expendable idiots and jackoffs, then it may be time to gauge how you view things because that is one slow uptake on a very painfully obvious lesson most people pack away in pre-teens or early teens, as far as I can see.

I'm an emotionally stunted isolated guy in my 30s. I'm not OP