Controlling my horniness

My GF and I have sex very regularly.
Yet I have realised that when with my GF (especially mornings and evenings), I tend to become very horny to the point I feel I become irrational and pushy.
I start touching or grabbing her, at times without being actively aware of it. Stupid sex related talk often is part of it. That happens almost every time we meet.

Once I have had sex/cum I feel like a veil has lifted and my head is clear again and I am my normal self again.

I don't want her to start having sex, just to 'bring me back down'. I am worried it might become detrimental to the relationship.

>How can I get myself back into a rational state of mind during such times?
>Any similar experiences?

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just fuck her whenever you wana
tell her you find her very hot and you cant think straight without coming inside her, or coming or whatever if you do rubber

atleast this is what worked for me, usually couples do stuff togather then do eachother
we do it reverse, we fuck then we do stuff, then fuck again sometimes

Just make sure you turn her on properly if you're gonna try and dick down every waking moment. I have the same issue as a horn dog myself. It's only ever been an issue for me if I skipped foreplay or got pushy when turned down. Def don't do that shit especially to a good woman. Good luck sir.

Women like foreplay, they also like a man who takes what he wants, and women like how they can be irresistible to their man. Just go for it.

You are basically a coomer

Foreplay isn't an issue. My horny grabbing usually involves foreplay activities (e.g. fingering/rubbing her/eating her out randomly). But often it feels unwarranted and even when she says 'no' (she tends not to be very firm in her words in general), I tend to march on or stop with the distraught horniness remaining (which makes her possibly feel guilty).

In retrospect I often feel very guilt about it.

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>irrational and pushy
well thats a dick for you, blood rushes to your penis and you don't care about anything else.

men are a menace

Feel guilty for what? Fucking a woman you enjoy spending time with?
You should be having a shit eating grin the entire time this goes down and soldiering on.

Yes, but I have started feeling that in some cases she just has sex just to get me back to earth (i.e. because it's necessary). I don't think that's healthy.
Furthermore I just dislike that it makes me so desfunctional. I am a guy and know how it is like to be fucking horny. I just want to be able to place it better.

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Have her get you a sex slave you can chain in your basement, and take out all that sexual frustration on. Make sure she's small enough to fit inside a car trunk too.

Seriously though, having sex 1-4 a day with a woman is great. You need to find a woman who's into it as much as you are. FWIW, women can be just as horny as men.

Maybe that's also part of it. My GF doesn't seem as into sex as me. She can be properly turned on and 'into sex', but those occasions are somewhat rarer and often coincide with not seeing me for a while.

But I like her and am trying to get this sexual curiosity out of her. This takes time. But I feel this is a somewhat separate issue.

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You wouldn't be here right now if we weren't

your gf might not be good for you or you need to be less afraid of doing what mama nature is designed you to do
it is OK wanting to have sex, if she doesnt want to then find one which does

I'm not afraid of having sex, I just want to find ways of placing my horniness in better places and not like a horndog having to grope my GF every time she comes through the front door.

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hug her and grope her. I grab my girls butt EVERY time i hug her and usually kiss her as im doing it. theres nothing wrong with having sex on the brain all the time, but sometimes you just need to chill and enjoy eachothers company. If shes into it though why give a fuck? also NEVER discuss any of this with her or else she'll drop you instantly.

Dude enjoy it while it lasts, when you hit your late 30s that shit will be gone

Honestly you're probably going to kill the vibe for her. If you randomly have unwanted sex with her she will begin to hate it. Next time try to completely supress it, when you feel like grabbing that cooch just think of something different, maybe even something disgusting. Also stop watching porn, meditate if you have to. What you have done is gotten your brain into a routine so you always have to relieve yourself. Honestly once you are able to supress that shit you will feel so much better after not doing it rtather than if you had.

If you can even supress it once, the next time will be much easier and then try to make sex more of a special thing and not a needy thing so she can enjoy it too. Keep that relationship healthy.

Sex will also become much better since you are both going to be passionate about it and it won't just be an everyday thing

That's what I have been thinking about as well. I really don't want to kill out vibes.
Have you experienced something similar? How did it go for you? Suppressing that shit is hard.

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I relate to this so much, I still do this but I basically just wait till I think it’s the most appropriate, I also watch her mood carefully

I commend your self-control. I usually am very contained, but what this horniness does to me is very annoying.

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Get your testosterone levels checked you might be low. I used to have this same hypersexuality problem. Now that I am at normal testosterone levels I feel clear headed and am 1000% times more productive. I sleep better at night and have no problems turning down sex or women for somthing more productive. Still like sex and do it regularly, its just not a compulsion anymore.

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This thread
>im a cum filled teen boy and my girlfriend puts out alot

No means no dude.
Arousal doesnt equal consent. You have raped her repeatedly.

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Just jerk off twice before she shows up.


no man, they obviously have a healthy sex life, he cant just jerk it before she gets there or else he wont be as horny for actual sex which decreases the pleasure gained.

There has to be a better way.

>raped her repeatedly

Fuck off you prick. Women are just as capable of being firm in their lack of desire to do something as anyone else, and you can't expect people to be mind readers.


Women love when a Man pushes to sex user. It's the best way to arouse them.

Yes, but they need to feel like they're sexy, not an object

congratulations for your strawmanning.

Look user, all this talk about "dont objectify me" happens in a certain circumstance, and it is when her reputation is at stake. By that i mean "if being labeled as an object will make me feel rejected by my peers or by my feminist friends, then i dont wanna be labeled as such". HOWEVER, on a bed, free of judgement by her peers, is a whole different story.

You could try jerking off before you hang out with her? Might help get the hormones down a bit. I had a very similar issue as you a couple years back and that helped me at least for an hour or so

Lol faggot.

Unless she's screaming, no means yes, and yes means anal. She likes feeling desired, but girls can't give it up that easily.

Her saying "nooooo" relinquishes her responsiblity, and lets herself be pounded as she actually wants to be without feeling like a slut. Lemme know if I can help out sometimes, OP, whenever you get tired

try nofap