How do I know if I my girlfriend is cheating on me? what are signs of it?
how can I make her confess that she is in fact cheating on me?
I don't know what the fuck to do Jow Forums
my heart has sunken to it's lowest lows.
been really considering hitting the bottle again after the last few weeks.

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She will never confess, that is against her best interest. What usually happens is she break up.

What is she doing that makes you wary?

If she wants to cheat, she will cheat. You can't fully control her. She's just a girlfriend user. But if you notice a difference in the way she communicates with you, that could be a sign. Or when she starts to avoid meeting or going outside with you. Some people are good in hiding secrets, though.

I noticed the lack of communication yesterday after we had a huge argument this passed weekend, she told me to give her space for a day or 2 so respectfully I did.

>finally messages me asking to go out with her tuesday night to the movies
> I agree cause I missed her
>fast forward to last night
>I call her after her work shift
>she answered the phone asking " who is it, who is it?
"I don't know if it's just me being very paranoid but I thought it sounded like someone saying "me" over the phone.

how can you tell if they are keeping secrets?

Men rarely notice in women. You lack the intuitive antennas we have. Unless she subconsciously wants you to know and doesn't care about covering her tracks up properly.

elaborate from a woman's perspective ?
what should I look out for?

Hm, hard to say. Women usually cheat with men in their close proximity, usually co-workers or men they meet at the gym, in courses, friends-of-friends, hell, a former acquaintance cheated with a homeless guy she met in the streets.

The only tell-tale-sign for men is the memefied "he's just a friend, not to worry about", when as mentioned before they don't even care anymore to properly hide their tracks.

Well to start....2 weeks ago I was at her place sleeping there. we had insanely great sex and we both fell asleep...she woke up and snooped through my phone and saw I still had a picture of me and some slut from 3 or 4 years ago and she set it as my wallpaper...I woke up in panic cause she wasn't in bed next to me..I went searching and went to check the time on my phone and saw the picture. I had honestly totally forgot about it.
I reassured her that it meant nothing and she saw I talk to no one other than my best friend/family and her. so her trust was still there.

>fast forward a week from that snooping incident I decide to snoop through her phone I don't really see anything that should set me off except for some dude hitting her up on instagram but at that I overreacted

>fast forward to last friday I was feeling very unhappy with myself and her, I decided to pick my stuff up from her place and break up.
>I walk in she greets me with warm hug
>I tell her I'm here for my stuff
>we start arguing and I left with my shit

>sitting in the lobby of the apartment I had a change of heart I go back up and bust in through the door and told her I'm not leaving, we spoke all night.

>next day I go out to the casino and call her
sounds like she's out of breath and sounds like someone is banging her while she's on the phone with me
>start being a paranoid cunt yet again and started panicking and leave the casino leaving my family and friend behind
>drive away put my phone on disturb
>have 30 missed calls from my gf
>next day she told me she wants a day or 2 to breathe from me
>2 days pass by and she invites me out to the theatre to watch a movie.
>everything seems well but since tuesday we haven't been speaking much

Check her pussy for cum

Bro, she was mad because you had an old picture with another girl in your phone. I don't see why you're even worried if she's cheating on you, you should have broken up with her on the spot after that little tantrum.

she stated that she wasn't mad, just confused as to why I kept the picture, I said my honest truth and said

>you made me forget about a girl who haunted me for 7 years of my life, you think I'll remember a photo of some slut on my phone from 3 years ago?

the worst of all this, I shoot her texts and I see her on instagram active constantly and only get responses an hour or 2..3 later ?am I just overthinking this shit?

That's not the main problem, she didn't trust you enough to not check your phone in the first place and then you proved to mistrust her just as much by snooping on her phone.
This relationship sounds like a big bust to me.

her reasoning for snooping through my phone, which she's expressed countless times was because her last 2 ex boyfriends were supposedly hitting girls up on IG and telling them they were beautiful or you'd look better naked on me or some stupid shit like that according to her.

Doesn't change the fact that she comitted a crime in the form of invasion of privacy. If you're OK with it, that's fine, but this is a huge red flag.

well I asked if she wanted to do something yesterday she declined....asked for today....declined says she's seeing an old friend from elementary school.

>I got in a fight with my girl guys
>she sounds like she's fucking around
>she's digging through my phone and projecting her own crimes
>she freaks out over photos of people I haven't seen in years
>she's always active on IG but never responds to me

Literally do not pass go, dump her ass now before her bullshit escalates into full-blown psychological abuse, if it hasn't gotten there already.

That's a nice way of saying "I was scraping for evidence so I have something to go to my friends about how all men are pigs, because I get off on feeling like a victim."

If this is a dealbreaker to you, you should quit dating women. Every single female I've been with in a more-than-fwb way has done this exact behavior, which always leads to problems.

The cycle of every single substantial relationship I've been in:
>things are good for a few weeks/months
>wah user why do you have so many female friends
>waaah you shouldn't talk to your friends
>waaaaaaah you're cheating on me aren't you?
>waaah why didn't you tell meeeee
>why don't you trust meeee
>if you've got nothing to hide it's fine riiiight?
>why does your phone have a passcode on it now?
>fine I'll just go fuck someone else then

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Why do you guys not understand all women cheat? There used to be a time where the situatiom was the reverse. The point is humans are not made to stick to 1 person their whole lives.

OP you are not being paranoid, those are overt signs of infidelity. As the alleged "femanon" said, good luck trying to catch her cheating. It only takes a 30 minute trip out the house to fuck someone and come back, with the aliby of grocery shopping. And you'll never know, because she actually brought back groceries, do your senses won't suspect shit.

Point is, you're retarded if you keep going out with her. Now your quesion was to know how to catch her. Simply "fake breakup" with her, saying I can't be with someone whoncheats on me. She will deny it many times, but insist, and she will break down and confess in hopes of keepimg your castrated ass.

Better yet, get your balls back, dump her for real and become a man.

It's over dude. You know there's too many red flags to ignore but you don't want to believe it. Just break up with her and start the recovery process.

I did fake break up with her on friday past, I went back to her room to find her crying in her bed

you caused this whole shit show by pulling the break up move trying to shut her up. you're the one that still had a pic with you and the slut and she should say something I can guarantee you would have flipped your shit had you found something similar on her phone. you get what you deserve

a very childish way to mind fuck someone you say you care about.

I agree that he is responsible for this mess but her going through his phone like that in the first place is a redflag. Plus one picture that is years old? Come on man. No one same would bat an eye.

If you have to question her faithfulness then she is cheating, but at that point what’s the difference?

If her pussy smells like my cock shes cheating bro

Its only a red flag if you get caught. Check that shit and make sure another mans balls isn't viciously slapping against her chin. Remember, your kissing that at of the day

But she did get caught. Either you trust your partner or you dont. And she clearly doesnt.