Would getting rid of my sex toy motivate me to interact with girls?

Would getting rid of my sex toy motivate me to interact with girls?

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Depends on how hard you try.

No but chopping your hands off might help

Is this ironic?

Did you actually just asked that

coomer tier

go back

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What kind of toy is that? Why does it have a slinky skeleton?

It twists as it slides along my cock.

That is only a fraction of your problems, friend.
Just look at your house, bitch you live like that?

Yeah, where are your sheets if you can afford a place to stick your dick?

Yeah, it's not that bad though.

I'm a man, I don't need soft silk covers for my feminine skin >:)

You're right because you're a bum that is delusional thinking that they can get a woman to lie with them on that.

Ok tranny

No, it's much worse than that. You are no more fit to find a form a relationship with a woman than a 3 year old still shitting his pants, and smearing dog shit on the walls. You're a fucking overgrown child, thinking he should buy a house because he likes how his lego mansion turned out.

Take your nasty ass scrotum and get the fuck out of my thread, freak. I'm sick of you.

Nigga I could clean my room in like 20 minutes. But it gets dirty so there's not much of a point.

But you don't. You do not take care of yourself. When was the last time that you washed your clothes, took a shower, and got a haircut.

THat's my fucking point. You're waiting to get a girl to change, and to get a girl you must change first. You're just too lazy and pathetic to change.

I actually have decent hygiene, but I don't care to clean the room. I've been working out for the last u years and am now starting to see my abs and jawline. I'm getting smiles from women, but since i'm not use to it I'm not sure how to go about it.

Ok look, women are extremely concerned with the whole picture of a person, and if you do land an opportunity with a lady and your place looks like that, she will turn around and bail.

Start picking up the pieces of your life one by one.

And yes chuck that sex toy in the trash and watch less porn.

Good luck.

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Stay salty, crusty niggas.

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You live in a pigsty surroundings, ewww

I sleep jist fone

That toy looks interesting. Does it feel like a blowjob where the woman twists her head while sucking?

Yeah, it even makes sucking noises. Definitely the most pleasurable toy i've owned.

What's wrong with the room? It looks fine besides no sheets on the bed.

Where did you get it?

How your house looks has no effect on whether you get a girl or not.


Hook me up user with the link

I own a Tenga Fliphole.

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Just type in tenga egg spinner. Bout 20$