Roomies gf moved in

My roommate's girlfriend essentially moved into the apartment. Sleeps here every night, made a key for herself, comes here directly after work, takes up half of the room in my roommates closet with her clothes, showers here, etc. The problem is since she "moved in" she periodically decides to buy things for the apartment. New pillows for the couch, blanket for the couch?, candles, an air fryer, etc. I'm in a place where I think she's coming from a good place trying to buy shit, but she's not asking me how I feel about the things she buys, she just goes and gets whatever color/style she wants... I would like to be consulted before anything that's going to take up space, or change the look of my kitchen or family room is made. How should I go about saying this. Should I talk to her directly or to my roommate?

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I am just waiting for the shitposters telling you to fuck her

Talk to your roommate first, he can have the conversation with her after.

How well do you know her/get along with her?

Read this post to them out loud, except the last two sentences. Sometimes being direct helps. Don’t hesitate to fight if they lash at you.

You have a legitimate basis for suggesting to your roommate that rent now be divided three ways instead of two.

IT's their apartment now. You're the bitch in this situation. Deal with it or move. Also fuck her sister.


>an air fryer
user NO

You're getting othered now OP. You can never win when it comes to couples; they will always side with each other and not you. If you complain about this it will just speed up the process of them kicking you out.

talk with both of them at the same time, don't talk to one and hope he relays is perfectly to the other or you'll regret it

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She does pay rent though, right? RIGHT?

honestly i dont even know what an air fryer does. im moving out in 9 months
i'll prolly do this cause i don't want to talk to one and have them lie about what i said or how i said it to the other
no she doesn't pay rent i feel like she should be chipping in something. not sure if i want to combine that talk with this one.

this is the problem. i get along with them fine.. they are nice people. i just agreed to LIVE with one of them. not two.

>honestly i dont even know what an air fryer does

>doing it for free
You are worse than Jow Forums janitors. Sit down with them and tell them that if his girl wants to live there she has to pay. Dont let her be a leech. Jesus christ user. And you complain about her decorating the place when she doesnt even pay her share.

air fryer is just like the oven in a stove, but smaller

you have to get the freeloading bitch out by subtly making her feel she's going insane
>rearrange decor every time she makes changes
>keep empty bottles in the fridge
>remove random bulbs around the house
>eat all of a particular food item and complain when you're out of stock
>steal her panties, blame it on rats
>change the locks
use your imagination

sad but true

That is a very good point. She needs to pay her share. The bitch cant be living there for free and decorating the place with her shit. If shes not paying its not hers to decorate.

If you’re moving out in 9 months why even give a fuck what she’s doing lol don’t be a petty asshole, just tolerate it and be glad when you’re gone.

If you like them enough then this is the answer. The only "if" I would add is if your name is the only one on the lease. Then, as you said ("look of *my* kitchen or family room") it's YOUR place and she should not make changes to it.

She should also contribute to the rent if she is living there, eating food, taking showers, using the laundry. Maybe not 1/3 but something.

Dont be a beta bitch and finance another guys gf living in your place. What the hell is wrong with you.

>You can never win when it comes to couples

Not always, wait til they're arguing and encourage him to throw her ass out. Worked for me before.

OP you retard. It's free stuff for you and plus when you bring a girl over she will be more comfortable. And do you really expect to live there the rest of your life? Fuck no. So who gives a shit. As long as they don't charge you and don't touch your room/belongings.

You honestly sound super feminine as well. "They haven't considered MY feelings!" You sound like the women in my family/the ones I date. And it's fucking anoying. Even if you were a woman this level of petty is unacceptable. The spartans had women more respectable than your sorry ass. Might wanna look into it.

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Lure her in to your room by saying can you help me how to design my room nice? Then you swiftly push her into your bed and cover her mouth and say, "listen to me btxh, this is my house don't be fucking with my shit." Then you take off your pants and show dominance.

Move out dude, fuck your roommate for letting her live there without asking. Do what you have to do until you can leave. Roommates aren’t worth the fucking problems. Get a girlfriend.

search for a new place, never live under the same roof with a woman unless you are fucking her or she is a relative

Her paying rent is no concern of you.

If she splits a room with someone else, that room is already paid for. It's up to whoever she splits the room with.

HOWEVER, she does use electricity/water/food, she should participate in that.

But don't suggest she pays 1/3 of the rent when the rent for that space is already paid for.

She also uses the kitchen and living room. Its not just the bed room that is covered by rent. They need to figure out a way to split rent.

She isn't only occupying that space dipshit. She should definitely contribute.

OP, I know it's hard to stop being a faggot for you but Jesus Christ get a grip. Talk to the guy about it and figure it out.

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