Girlfriend gone off to uni

Sup Jow Forums, I've had a wonderful relationship with my girlfriend for 2 years now, she worships the ground I walk on, is intelligent and loyal (so far), everything I could ask for. BUT this year she has gone off to university whilst im doing an apprenticeship at home and I'm not gonna lie it's pretty sucky. She's out partying every night with god knows who whilst I'm just throwing myself into my hobbies like lifting, guitar and martial art.

Should I leave her even though I love her? It would break me and probably permanently damage me if she cheated and even worse if she cheated and didn't tell me. Help me out guys.

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You sound extremely insecure and already damaged

I do? I dont control her in any way shape or form and let her do whatever she wants, just because I have some negative feelings that I keep to myself doesnt mean I'm damaged. I have been on the other side of the stick, I know what women are like especially when alcohol and distance is involved

If you're not regularly fucking her, you're just friends. If you're just friends, she can fuck who she wants.

Well I only see her once a week so that's all we can fuck

Every relationship is different. It’s very hard to know. Take the time to think this through.

To be honest talk about it with her and talk about cutting it off and being friends. You should get back out there and find someone new after some time of letting this go down, move on from her.

Ay man. Leave her. Better than risking it all on finding out one day she cheated. If the idea that shes out partying and shit doesnt sit right with you, dont put yourself through that. It's for you, not her

this. people change man. especially when they're surrounded with other people doing weird shit like how it is in uni. dont cuck yourself for some bitch whos out partying. you're better off without her user, love ya

give it a little think, listen to some music, go see some wonderful views, hang out with some friends, and see how you feel. if you think you'd be happier without the worry in your head that she's with somebody else, get out of there and go find someone who'll stick with you

Cheat on her first

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She's already abandoned the relationship. Just block here number and move on with your life.

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dont risk your sanity for her, bro :)

Is she in your city?
If not, you're fucked.
Trust me, all the girls i've meant who had a ldbf in first year either cheated or dropped them.
The amount of infidelity in uni is crazy.

she gon' suck the soul out of you man

45 minutes drive from my city

hate to tell you bro but you gotta leave her. for you

Once a week really is not that bad dude. Chill the duck out.

dookie head

Couples make it work with seeing each other once a week due to different schedules. I dont see the big deal. If she stops making time for it then I'd think about breaking it off but not when things are still good between them.
Right now OP is an insecure little bitch with trust issues.

>she worships the ground I walk on
And you think that's a good thing? Your whole post sounds like an insecure child.

Stay with her if you love her. If she cheats, that’s on her and you can cut her off and fuck some other girl. Women come and go, especially when you’re young. Don’t let fear and insecurities fuck you up, handle your faith as it comes. Don’t put yourself through it twice, essentially

That's tricky,
If you truly lover her try, if not drop it.
Knowing you're like 19, id say drop her

Thanks boys I'll see how I'm feeling over the next few weeks and I understand I cant control her actions so theres no need to worry about it
It's on her if she cheats not me

Good lad. Just enjoy the time you have together.

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Seeing her once a week is fine. I did that for a long time with my ex, no problem.

Make extra time to see her. If you're really paranoid - try a few surprise visits to see her, to put your mind at ease.