Simple Question how much rope do I buy to hang myself

I'm thinking roughly 3 meters? There's a woodland that's about a few minutes walk away and I plan on hanging myself there. I don't exactly know how much rope I need though, I've been looking up lost all hope and while they suggest the thickness of the rope and where to tie the knot they don't specify how long the rope needs to be?

There isn't a good place to hang myself in my room nor anywhere in the house I'm living with at the moment. I've tried suicide attempts before and it cost me greatly I can't afford to risk failing this time because I don
t want to end up hospitalised like before and end up with a section. I figured the best way is to hang myself in the woodlands. I'm too scared to jump off a high place and I don't want to run infront of traffic or trains. I posted before but can't find the archive so I'm making a thread instead. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

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Wow, i wouldnt hang myself, i am too muck of a coward, but your existance must be terrible if youve tried it before, i feel your pain

Why aren't you in therapy?

Why dont you just od on insulin?
I've been concidering that option lately and insulin is so easy to get a hold of..

Why do you want to die?

So why do you want to kill yourself youngster you got a lot to live for you can do a lot of things your free and there are a lot of people who don't have that freedom anymore like a muthafuka doing time in the pen when they get hit with a life sentence don't you think they want to kill themselves but they don't they just stick a muthafuka with a homemade shank and participate in riots I can vouch for this did 10 years in the feds

Razors pain you;
Rivers are damp;
Acids stain you;
And drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren’t lawful;
Nooses give;
Gas smells awful;
You might as well live.

20 ft

Sorry but that is shitty advice.

I honestly don't think you know how it feels to have it like this, everything hurts, you don't eat you puke All the time your life is Coffee and 4 pieces of fruit everyday, you cry All the time
Nothing makes you happy it feels like someone is pushing a knife in your stomach everyday..

And All people say is "feel yourself, do what makes you happy!

You know what? Fuck you All I am feeling, and it ficking hurts!

I've been in therapy for a long time, been on medication tried Cbt, the works, it's true that there are probably things I haven't tried though you can't get much lower then being in a mental hospital and rebuilding your life from rock bottom. I wasn't sectioned but what I experienced there made it very clear.... for me personally... I do not want to live my life and stagnate in a hospital under a section, frankly I consider it is a waste and I would rather be dead then be in hospital again.

People consider me a fighter, some have even admired where I have come from. But the reality is that with each set back is a grim reminder that the only escape from you're demons and mistakes is to put a final end to it all.

Prison has similarities to being in hospital, you've lost the freedom to end things on your terms. My wish is to use the freedom I have left to grant me what I desire the most, the end.

However I'm too inexperienced hense posting here. I suppose the idea would be mute because those who knew the answer to my question are no longer on this earth. The truth is I'm not desperate enough to irrationally harm myself if the result doesn't end in my death so I need to plan my steps carefully if I truly intend to successfully do it.

That seems ridiculously too long?

To live in fear seems like a pointless way to live no? "I might as well" is a rubbish motivator that will only lead you stagnating and falling further into the abyss until you disagree with every option you just said.

I will look into this though I'm from the UK so I wonder is insulin common to get here?

>That seems ridiculously too long?
Well then you have no business trying to do it. Are you trying to save for a rainy day?

Insulin is used as a Quick slim "cute" so it should be pretty easy to find!

Oh i know the feeling "you Are so strong, you can do it bla bla"
I am honestly truely sorry you want to take your life, but I Also feel you so bad, i am SO tired.. I've started drivning without my seatbelt, driving fast without lights in hopes something Will happen..
It's horrible but i'm so tired, and I dont want my family to think i don't love Them and left Them..

I just struggle to see how I can carry 20ft of rope which is double then what I assumed I would need. What is I use it and then it's too long to hang myself? I am only 5.4 (so way smaller a manlet isn't that enough to kill myself? ) I'm greatful for the reply but I would like more then just a number, a reason to justify your point would have been ideal.

You asked a simple question in OP. You need 3.5 arm lengths to tie a propper noose. At least 2 body lengths to snap the neck falling from 8 or ten feet pr two and a half metres, whatever. This only leaves about a meter for securing around the structural member. I suggest a constrictor knot.

Anyhow don't kill your self. That's cheating.

Hi OP, I'm British too, I've been sectioned. I'm guessing you went in voluntarily, since you say you were in hospital, but not sectioned. In fact I've been sectioned multiple times at this point.

I have also thought about suicide by hanging, it's the most popular method in this country apparently, I think over 50% of suicides in Britain are done by hanging. Personally I was thinking of a train or high building. I still think a high building is actually probably less painful. You jump off and that's it. Brace for impact, and then you probably die quite quickly. The problem with a building is getting roof access though. Tall office buildings have security; tall residential buildings could possibly work, but the roof access could be alarmed or something.

Anyway. Yeah life sucks. I think that society should offer a safe method of suicide. It would be better for society, because 1) it means people don't end up dependent on taxpayer payouts for the rest of their lives (I have seen people like this since I've been in the mental health system), and 2) it means people won't jump in front of trains which causes train delays and causes PTSD to drivers.

Anyway. You should probably try and live. And so should I, probably. But yeah, life sucks sometimes. You're definitely not the only person to have gone into mental hospital though.

>At least 2 body lengths to snap the neck falling from 8 or ten feet pr two and a half metres, whatever.
Mate, most people when hanging themselves aren't going for the old neck snap. They die from blood constriction to the head, not from neck snapping. Neck snapping used to happen when they would drop people 10ft from the gallows. But almost certainly the vast majority of hanging suicide deaths these days will be due to strangulation, not broken necks.

The trick is to hang yourselff in your closet

Ok but those dudes suck. I bet they changed their mind as soon as it was too late to change mind.
Get into that strangle while masturbating stuff and it'll eventually happen by accident. Might as well make it fun. But don't kys on purpose.

You clearly have no experience or knowledge of this topic whatsoever so maybe it's best if you just don't post at all.

Flip a coin and if the coin lands it means you can't commit neck rope. Sorry pal, those are the rules.

How is that clear? I do have knowledge on this topic. If you are op and want me to fuck off, I shall. I already did but, then you gave me a (You.) I am here for Op, not for user's upvote.

No I'm not OP, I'm the other person with the long post you replied to.

>I bet they changed their mind as soon as it was too late to change mind.
I bet many didn't. Do you think people kill themselves for no reason whatsoever? People only turn to this option when their lives are SEVERELY fucked up, to a degree that most people can't relate to because they've never been in those situations. ALSO, if those people WERE in the same situation, they would ALSO think of suicide - they would ALSO deem it a situation so bad that suicide is probably the best choice. But they don't want to admit this to themselves - they will think to themselves that they will always fight to live. Because that belief is what gets them up in the morning; it's a perfectly normal and healthy attitude to have, really.

People only think of suicide in very very bad circumstances.

Are you asking me questions or should I fuck off? Dude, you'd be surprised at how many people can relate. Thinking that we are alone is folly. I have been battling a painful diseases for a long time and have lost my income because of it. I wouldn't fault anyone for making pragmatic decisions about themselves. Misery loves company tho. We are in it together and we all die alone no matter who's around.

>Are you asking me questions or should I fuck off?
It is up to you, perhaps I was too quick to judge, I thought you were being flippant with the remark about masturbation shit, but yes maybe I was too quick to judge.

>I have been battling a painful diseases for a long time and have lost my income because of it.
That sucks, sorry to hear it man. I lost my income by quitting my job and doing fuck all, which is my own fault. Then I ended up getting myself locked up in a psych ward, due to this unemployment sending me crazy. But yes, it's my own fault ultimately.

>Misery loves company
It does. I guess there's an evolutionary reason for this. If you can find people in the same position as you, maybe collectively you can do something about it. However, some people might not ever do anything about it. Perhaps sometimes misery can be unproductive.

>we all die alone
Well, some people die together. Like people in suicide pacts or whatever. Or soldiers who die besides each other in war.

I mean the feeling of alone not actually. Ive been close and nobody can really be where you are. Maybe that's just me. But we're cool bro. I want us all to be here for everyone as much as we can.

Depends. How high is your roof? You will also need a good ceiling support and noose.

holding your weight is more important, look for a utility rope.

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