I took a WAIS–IV IQ test and was told I have a full scale IQ of 88. 80-89 is below average, 90-109 is average...

I took a WAIS–IV IQ test and was told I have a full scale IQ of 88. 80-89 is below average, 90-109 is average, and above that is superior. I was also told that I have severe depression, anxiety, and some kind of brain injury from numerous altercations and accidents. I swear I'm not this fucking stupid, could my mental illness be making me this way? I'm in college taking IT classes and getting almost all As so I don't understand how I could be doing so well If i'm this dumb, especially on the essays. Also, when I took the test, I had only slept for 2 hours and hadn't eaten breakfast. I wasn't even expecting a damn IQ test.

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I had an IQ test by a doctor too and got 79(borderline retarded), HOWEVER I took an online test and got 129. Just goes to show you on who to trust.

youre not retarded, stop worrying

As you get older, you'll realize that, even if your IQ is pretty high, you should never rely on it for anything anyway. Your "go-to" first strategy should always be focus and determination, because that's what you can control.

>online test
yeah, trust your doctor
grade A coping, you don't even follow this advice as much as you would if you sincerely believed it. everything to a person's attractiveness, intelligence, success is either innate or set in stone by the time they should be cognisant enough about it to guide its development

>grade A coping
I've always seen giving up on yourself as the real cope.

Those waiv tests are way more in depth than an IQ test. An IQ test might measure specific skills and knowledge you have any you'll score high. But a waiv scores everything.
And between accidents and altercations, you can bet some of your cognitive skills will have been damaged. it's picking up on them.

Ayyy lmao.
Surely this has to be administered by a professional and not online, though...

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Mine was administered by a professional.

Obviously. I'm just being a jerk. I'm also . And I mean it.
So your math skills may be impaired from injury.
Doesn't mean you're dumb.
I have a friend who's literally the smartest guy I know, highly successful, university grad with honours, employed in IT, travels all around the world for business.
He can't fucking spell or string a sentence to save his life. I wouldn't worry too much about a full scale IQ test being low.
Firstly it doesn't matter how smart you are if you can do something for your quality of life, and secondly, all they're saying is "yeah looks like your accidents did stuff."

I have a neurodegenerative illness and I have been aware of losing my memory for 4 years and 5 months now. I asked for IQ testing to screen for memory loss and I made it into MENSA with my scores.

recently I have been unable to focus on even the simplest tasks and I cannot even finish oner homework assignment for college chemistry or even watch 1 20 minute TV episode without closing it early, I cannot even play video games anymore because I cant focus enough and it is not enjoyable.

actually planning out suicide now because my brain is so fucked.

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Can’t focus on anything but you can plan a suicide. Go get help.

Where do you live?
In my country you'd probably qualify for right to die. If you were to be approved for that program you'd be euthanized in a hospital at your will. I know a few countries have that but have a feeling you're in the states and I doubt they have that.

I think you need to understand the word degenerative user.
The user you're replying to will only get worse and he's losing his quality of life as we speak. There is no help. He'll just slowly become a vegetable.
I'd be planning suicide, too, while I was still capable.

Sheii. Looked it up. Legal in 9 states but you've gotta have like 6 months to live.
Here in Canada you just need to have an irreversible condition that reasonably hinders or will degenerate your quality of life in a way that cannot be acceptably accommodated (by your terms of what's acceptable).
So if you happen to be a canadafag, well, I'd say apply my dude.

I’m in California, so I may never qualify

I already have POTS and heart rate issues I suddenly acquired it last fall and I have improved slightly since then.

I assume it is like in multiple sclerosis where there are relapses in the disease and you can have sudden attacks that will gradually improve

>tfw someone with a neurodegenerative illness scored nearly 40 points higher than you

IQ fluctuates based off of stuff like blood sugar, how much sleep you're getting, quality of sleep, your mood, stuff like that. It's also not really a rock solid number. Intelligence is sort of nebulous and in some ways cultural. They're not full on bullshit but it's also incomplete and somewhat imprecise.

I wouldn't put too much stock in it unless if someone w/ serious brain problems like myself or in which case idk what to tell you b/c we're just kind of fucked unfortunately :\

It's hard not to let stuff like this get under your skin, but it's just not really much of anything. My advice would be to work on the depression/anxiety thing before you work on anything else b/c that's the thing that's actively hindering your life. If you're doing fine academically, which you are, then your scores don't really matter very much.


>tfw everyone thought you were smart when you were young but you just continued to get more and more retarded as the years went on and now you can barely function

Why does this happen? Is it because we spent too much time isolated and depressed

No, it's because you were never smart to begin with.

nice projection

I suppose it's possible, but I'm sure I had better comprehension when young in school than others


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Well, I have bad news for you. That simply means you peaked in intelligence and there is no more growing space for you if you feel like you're getting retarded as the years go by.

>Conan has the same IQ as Stephen Hawking
I did not know he just acted like a retard

I'm pretty sure if you had sleeped enough and wasn't hungry and/or thirsty, you would have scored better if you didn't had some kind of mental impairment. And anyway, I.Q. tests aren't some kind of messiah. Alot of stuff can alter our mental state at the time of the test, just like you previously pointed out.

this isn't even the same test and i highly doubt you scored that high anyway