What are some red pills about male nature I need to know as a woman?

What are some red pills about male nature I need to know as a woman?

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A guy will never truly believe you like/love him until you cum with his dick in you.

Our sex drive and sexuality. We have emotions. Male conditioning/pride.

We both need each other for different things

Almost every guy you know wants to fuck you

Can you explain mailed conditioning and pride more? Say you're strong?


I'll be honest with you and I'll give it to you straight.

Redpill 1
>Yes we all want to fuck your friend with the huge tits
Redpill 2
>Chances are, you are probably not the girl we think of when we masturbate
Redpill 3
>We get rowdy when we try to impress a girl because drives our instrincts to be better than other guys for our ego
Redpill 4
>We all prefer women with lighter skin and a feminine body
Redpill 5
>All those guys messaging you on social media only want to use you as a sex doll
Redpill 6
>We prefer younger women over older women and we will always find younger women attractive
Redpill 7
>Being engaged and being loyal doesnt phase us at all. We all want to fuck a different girl every week
Redpill 8
>If you have a male best friend, chances are hes only your friend as a means to fuck you
Redpill 9
>Your father has probably dreamed of being with a different woman other than your mom
Redpill 10
>When we cum, and if we find you disgusting after wards, then that is our true feelings only because our sex drivs got the best of us
Redpill 11
>We will always see you as inferior
Redpill 12
>The only reason why you have higher up positions is because your boss probably wants to fuck you

pretty much

Holy shit don't listen to this incel, OP


Seethe more soiboi you know its the truth.

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If you consider number 9 as a redpill, you are a fucking incel.

back to r9k

Men are starved of positive reinforcement. Sometimes it takes only a minor act of kindness to make us feel validated - which is why so many men will "fall" for you even though you're just being friendly.

2) Even your legitimate male friends, who would never dream of a romantic relationship with you, have fantasized about having sex with you.

I directly supervise 27 employees, 11 of which are females. I promote the ones that do the best work, not the ones I want to fuck.

Show me fathers who have never watched porn in their lives or have never had a sexual fantasy. I'll wait.

>Men are starved of positive reinforcement.
one of the most true things ever said on this board
also the "all guys want to fuck you" thing too

Thank you for not being an animal ruled by your dick

The logical sex

You know how women are stereotyped as being more emotional? We are equally emotional, we're just conditioned from birth to stuff our feelings down and focus on the task at hand. It's why men get so exasperated and impatient with grown women who throw temper tantrums and cry at the drop of a hat - the emotions are not foreign to us, we frequently might feel the same way, we just exercise more control over it. And there's good reason for it, a man showing unrestrained emotion freaks people out, he could be dangerous.

>I promote the ones that do the best work, not the ones I want to fuck.
Aka hire the attractive ones willing to suck your tiny dick.

Can't argue with statistics.

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>15% Of Women Have Slept With Their >37% Of Them Got Promoted For It
Oh well look at that

>Can't argue with statistics.
Obviously never taken a statistics course.

My work is in aviation, specifically aircraft weight and balance for a private air cargo company. I supervise the team of load-planners at one of our main hubs. Some people have a knack for this job - they have the spatial and technical knowledge, including the flexibility, to properly plan aircraft under what is seriously unpredictable conditions. Others don't - they're too rigid and by-the-book.

When people don't plan planes well, we burn too much gas and/or we fall out of the sky (See 747 Kandahar crash). If that happens I get chewed out. When my loadplanners do well, I get bonuses.

I have kids in school, I only give a fuck about 1) the safety of the aircrew and, 2) the money. So I promote the people can do those two things well, time and time again. It really doesn't matter if they have an innie or and outtie, or if they want to use it on me or not.

Just do the damn job.

If you have male friends, than it's very likely that at least one of them has masturbated while thinking about you.

"Want" is a little strong but 80% definitely would.

% Of Women Have Slept With Their >37% Of Them Got Promoted For It
The article said 15% of EXECUTIVE women have had AN AFFAIR. So 3/20 higher-ranking, white-collar, women have had inappropriate sexual affairs in the workplace.

37% of that 15% said it was for advancement. So 1/20 women executives are have sex with higher-ups to get promoted.

Thats a grand total of 5% of executive women. Really kinda destroys the image of sex ruling the promotion rating, huh?


Just because someone has the skills to do the job doesn't mean they can't sleep their way up, retard. Also,

>Conducted by career site Zety, the survey dives into the rationales behind a tryst with management, as well as possible pros and cons. Results found that most people have not slept with their bosses; 40% of more than 1,000 employees who were surveyed admitted to having been attracted to their workplace superiors, though they did not turn their desires into actions.

>Some people crave power, and 21.8% of respondents who slept with their boss said they did so for the simple reason that they found power attractive. But power also means managers and other superiors can bestow or take away privileges. When some employees decided to become sexually involved with their bosses, their motives were pretty selfish: 12.1% wanted a pay raise, 11.2% a promotion, another 11.2% a larger bonus and 9.7% additional vacation or sick days. Some people were more altruistic: 8.3% did it to help a colleague get a pay raise, and 7.3% were trying to get a friend hired. Then, there were the truly dark souls: 8.7% said they went through with it for the explicit reason of blackmailing their boss, which is truly next level.

>58% of employees said at some point in their career they knew of a colleague who had slept with their boss, and a majority (64.5%) said they were inclined to do nothing if they learned of such an affair. But there’s always someone looking to stir up trouble, and a whopping 16% said they would share the news with a colleague, while 4.2% and 3.2% said they would use the information to blackmail their boss and the involved co-worker respectively.


So yeah, your little LARP fantasy doesn't disprove what I said. Try again

And that accounts only for the small percentage of female executives who took the survey, and out of those it accounts for the ones who answered the questions honestly. So really the statistic is almost entirely worthless for either side of the argument, like most of these stats/studies are, it's just meaningless clickbait.


>your boss probably wants to fuck you
Your 1st grade level math doesn't disprove what I said, also since I posted it only confirms what I said thus by saying only 5% executive women do it is absurd and retarded, not like you can do simple math anyways.

Nope, you simply did the math wrong and are probably too retarded to reason with.

All you've really done is display information saying that approximately 53% of people who DO sleep with their bosses are doing so for personal gain.

You're right, my personal situation doesn't equate to the rest of the world similar, but you have still failed to demonstrate that

>The only reason why [females] have higher up positions is because [their] boss probably wants to fuck [them]

Word, for word:

>15% of women at the director level or above admitted to having affairs themselves.

>And worse, 37% claim the action was rewarded: they said that women involved in affairs received a career boost as a result.

It doesn't tell us how many people were polled. All we know is 15% of all the women said they fucked someone in the workplace. It doesn't even specify if they fucked their boss - just that they did. Then it goes on to say that 37% of them did it and got a career boost out of it.

Lets say they interviewed 1000 women. So 150 women in the workplace are fucking other people. Cool. 37% of those 150 women is 55.5 women.

So on average, 55 to 56 women, OUT OF 1,000 have fucked their boss for career benefit. So 5% to 6% of women executives are getting a boost directly from sex. Period.

Sorry bud, but your OWN POSTED INFORMATION is destroying the narrative that the only reason women advance before men in the workplace is sex.

I am not the same person you replied to before

If we're REALLY into you, you won't have to wonder at all. We'll be bending over backwards to lock you down and make you our girl/wife you.

If you're looking for something serious and ever are having the conversation with your girlfriends that goes something like "I feel like he likes me, but..." then full stop. He ain't your guy.

How can I use this info to make the men in my life (future boyfriends) feel better?
Just be more understanding when they don't want to talk about feelings and don't meme them with mine? Don't make it one-sided? What do you guys need?

Guys just really like to feel supported & reassured sometimes, but they won't come out and ask for it. If he seems off, ask him what's up, and press him a little further when he inevitably says "it's fine." If he's gearing up to do something difficult at work, wish him good luck and give him a little pep-talk, stuff like that. A little goes a long way. Just find ways to show him that you've got his back, basically

Show that you care and show that you understand. That means something different to every man.

For me, it means a lot that my girl made me dinner when I'm coming home after a bad day. It means a lot that she will give me time alone after instead of asking questions and checking up on me every 10 minutes.

Oh, and never say empty stuff like "it will get better" or "I know you can do it". Those empty words of assurance seem to work on women, or at least they seem to like them, but they are completely meaningless to a man. A man knows what he can do and what it takes, and that seems to be very different from women. Give him a hug instead and let him know that you are there instead. Some guys might like sex or a blowjob in those situations while others don't want sex at all when they're stressed.

I’m sure its been mentioned but cant say it enough. Guys will do, say and act anything to fuck you. We’re like mini sociopaths when it comes to this stuff. And we can be great actors, truly gain your trust and love; that we will use for all that its worth. Until we’re bored of you, or you get fat.

Thanks I will keep this advice somewhere to read again in the future, if I ever have the chance to need it

Not me, I would love a girl forever and be loyal to her. But then again, I don't even get dates, so I guess girls themselves aren't into nice honest men like me and prefer sociopaths.

other guys will talk shit about the guy you like until they get a chance to hook up with you

Loyalty is everything.

Then explain kavanaugh and trump getting elected, explain cops not being fired for murdering unarmed black kids or just not being given a badge at all.

The number 1 thing is that we need to feel needed. Actually needed too, don't just try to stoke our ego by faking incompetence in daily tasks. Like, asking me to fix your firefox when we both know all you need to do is clear your cache won't make me feel needed. But asking me to build you a new PC will.

Kavanaugh was appointed, not elected. Trump was elected because Hillary was unelectable, and even Republicans had gotten tired of establishment Republicans. Trump told people whatever they wanted to hear, and fwiw a lot of women voted for him too. Cops actually are frequently fired for unlawful shootings of unarmed people when it's not justified, but in many of the cases you're referring to, the officer isn't fired because he actually did follow protocol and was actually justified in shooting. They are given a badge in the first place because there are a limited number of people applying to the police force, there are positions that need to be filled, and if they haven't shot anyone before or openly displayed racist thinking, nobody can predict what they'll do in the future.

I honestly don't see how any of that relates at all to the post you're responding to, but I did my best to answer

Yup, this is even more accurate
Out of all my female friends, I don't necessarily want to fuck any of them, but if I had the opportunity I'd probably still do

under no circumstance mention your boyfriend or ex-boyfriend
females don't understand but men hate this

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Men can take the truth bluntly: never lie to them, even if you're breaking up. We prefer THE TRUTH. We'll handle the rest.

Men love sex: that is our primary instinct. To us that means emotional bonding as well. We get emotional after our physical needs are met first.

Men DO get angry. You can't take that away from us. So do not try to rile us up or trick us into getting pissed because we will. We aren't women, we don't do well with mind games or teasing. When you need something, let us know so we can fix it- then give us a chance to do so.

Cook for us: it will make us love you. Meals made for a man is definitely worth it material.

Be present: make dates, hang outs, Netflix Chills, lunches, dinners. Men are like cavemen: if cavemen no get something, we mad. Make TIME.

Most of the unarmed black kids where armed. Literally saw a video of a black teen attacking police with a knife and being told to drop it several times before he got shot yet the news reported it as unarmed. Then there is also that story about that black kid who had a toy gun and pointed it at an officer and got shot. Although he was technically unarmed he still presented himself as an armed threat.

This was literally just the news sensationalizing it and making it appear bigger than it was because it was the hot topic at the time. Black kids are still getting shot today just as much as back then but the news doesn't care anymore because it is old news so you hardly ever hear about it.

Being a bloke is just being scared all the time and pretending you're not.

Neither the judge or the politician did anything wrong, just because you disagree with them doesn't mean they are bad people.
As for cops shooting an unarmed suspect, that is a tragedy and the cop should probably not keep his job.
But why is it black kids can't follow directions when a guy points a gun at them? Some of these kids put themselves in a lot of trouble when they don't have to.
If I were a cop, I would be terrified of all the criminals with guns too.

Just be yourself

You don't have to like Jay-Z just because I do. I HATE when girls fake-like stuff

Be genuine. I want to know the real you

>Not me, I would love a girl forever and be loyal to her. But then again, I don't even get dates, so I guess girls themselves aren't into nice honest men like me and prefer sociopaths.
Yikes. You have never even asked any girl out, have you?

we think with our dicks and we lie
if you catch us lieing and let it pass we will lie even more

- We go for looks first, personality second
- We hardly need to warm up for sex, we're already active the moment it starts. We also know right away when we're sexually active or horny.
- What we say is pretty much what we mean.
- We try to solve problems, not listen to emotional stories. That is why it sounds like we aren't listening but we believe we do.
- We hardly read body language or understand subtext, so don't be afraid to be obvious with your advances.
- We would like to approach women, but we're afraid of being harshly rejected or being called a rapist for no reason.
- We're raised with the idea that if we don't cry, work hard, have sex early in life, can support a family, have massive muscles, can do all the work on our own, will never be dumped, don't show anything we consider feminine, and just take all the bullshit society and people give us, we're actual men. This is an ego-shattering farce that we use on each other just to prevent uncomfortable moments.
- We like logical conversations, things that can be answered with a single answer. (What car do you drive? How fast can it go? Whose team is winning? By how much?)
- We often boast with friends but we don't take it that seriously.
- We collect porn for the same reasons you collect shoes.
- There are three types of men: boob lovers, butt lovers, and the rare leg lovers.
- We don't know that women want a confident man, we believe it's because of money, muscles, fame, success, clothes, or looks.
- Yes, we fight with each other and then go out for a beer. It's to show we really mean it and understand intentions. However, kicking someone who is already down or even kicking the head goes too far and is actual violence.
- We don't want to be friends after the relationship is over. It's like your dog is dead but you can still keep him... You don't want to be reminded of what you wanted but can't have.

not all of these are correct

you can always touch a penis. always.
touch the penis. it feels good no matter how many times it has been done.
penis can also be touched pretty hard.
guys love their penis. other body parts are not that important.

>Male conditioning/pride
It was really effective in your case as we can see, you effeminate incel

You wont like her anymore if she let's herself go too much. When you suddenly notice all the slim girls out there while you are stuck with a ham planet.

I purposely not hire hot girls because they would be a distraction to my other employees.

Except, that's the standard view men generally have for women. Not incels.

Number 1 is immediately fucking stupid so I don't see a reason to read the rest of your post.

Attractiveness matters far more than the size of tits. There are many ugly girls with big tits, and many really attractive girls with smaller tits. You fucking idiot.

Don't think for a second that whoring yourself out to a guy will make him commit. It never will.

You autist

I worked hard since I was 15 on my career and I'm now kinda at the top.
But that doesn't mean that stuff doesn't happen or that I don't want to talk about stuff just to get it off my chest.
We all have challenges both in the workplace and elsewhere, not feeling that your spouse or the person most important to you care about that stuff or shows that she believes in you and what you can do feels kinda shitty.

Show interest, and show that it matters to you. Praises from our boss mostly do nothing, praises or positive feedback from someone that matters (you) means a lot.

pretty much. I like how someone calls you an incel ( which is probably because of Redpill 11 ) but you are dead right and during a long marriage stuff like redpill 11 are going to become obvious. Funny thing is that even females realise that most of what you said is true and abuse it.

The Redpill 13 that you did not mention is that even though I want to fuck every woman, I will be loyal ( as much as possible ) to my gf/wife unless she is a bitch and stuff are not working. If stuff work, I will want to fuck her friends, I will see her as inferior, I will see her as basically a sex doll and love her and never try to hurt her. I may not say "honey you stupid" but it will be obvious when I doubt that she can do some stuff and offer to do them instead.

in other words: "men will love you even if you make a shitty man", they want a mother for their kids, not an adversary.

men are emotional aswell never ever demasculinize him he will then resent you and talk behind your back. never ask another man for help without asking for his help first he will think you think is is in capable and wouldnt give him a chance

>I'll be loyal...unless
>I will see her as basically a sex doll
You should be gassed

Are you that stupid to not realise that being sexually attractive to someone does not mean that you will not be loyal? I could see my gf as a sexual "object" and be loyal to her. I want to cum in her and fuck her, but also not hurt her feelings by cheating.

old couples usually have a lot of arguments and debates and tell each other that they hate each other, but....... they are loyal as fuck and are ready to die together.

Out of all of those, 7 is the most dubious. Men naturally want to fuck around, but I hope most men aren't stupid enough to break up a good thing for a one-time-thing.

Men have a lot of very intense and complex emotions as well. Just because they don't show doesn't mean they're not there.
I'll give it a pass if it's a matter of expertise, but if you get Steve from your job to do your plumbing, I'm gonna assume you're flirting/sleeping with him until I know better.

Generally speaking men aren't afraid to commit. If a man really loves a woman, he will absolutely want to be exclusive/marry them. If as a woman you find your guy won't commit I'm sorry to say... he's just not that into you

If a guy doesn’t want to commit to you, he’s out of your league


To keep man happy you have to
>make his belly full (food)
>make his balls empty (sex)
>indirectly praise him (ego)
Thats all you need to know.

The only tricky part is the ego. Some men cant stand women better than them, some just need to hear they have big penis, some need somebody to listen to their massive rant about their hobby and some just need hug every morning.

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You forgot about beer.

Alcoholism is widely spread through whole western world true, but its still less than ~half of population so its still possible to get non-alcoholic boyfriend. Also many people consider alcohol as just another food :3

I have though, you fucking retard.
I already dated a fatty, so that's kinda true. I went out with a fat girl for several months and I pointed out all the skinny girls with a crop top to her, she even started crying once because of it.

And its not like they will get thinner with age. I'd rather get with an active thin girl that has a chance to lose the baby fat after pregnancy than with some chubby chick that will only keep bloat maxing.


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Men are way more romantic and way more eager to commit than you are.


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100% correct thb

Yeah, I dumped her and she's still fat from what I know despite her being on a diet and going to the gym for what must be 5 years now. She also ran a 6 km marathon in 2018 in one hour, kek.

>all the stupid posters in this thread.

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A few from the top of my head:

>regardless of whether or not we are loyal to you, we will ALWAYS fantasize about fucking other women. It's part of our DNA and we can't switch that off. We only get to decide whether we act on it or not.
>Men are at their core, very easy to please. We just want a physically attractive girlfriend, who's loyal, has a caring nature and is pleasant to be around. No, we don't care about your career or any other achievements in your life. Men are not wired to care about anything that is not related to your loyalty or ability to be a good mother.
>Yes we want to fuck your attractive friend. Doesn't mean however we will actually go ahead and do it (ties into point no1)
>We will always be primarily attracted to young girls. So yes, this means you will become less attractive in our eyes as you age.
>Last but not least. NEVER BE FAT. Men absolutely despise fat women and there are no exceptions. The only men who pretend to be OK with a fat girl, are guys who are too low value to pick out a more attractive girl. Being fat is the single best way to be objectively ugly if you're a woman.

disagree with some of these and completely disagree with 7, i fall for one girl at a time and only want to fuck her. even more so if we're in a relationship. i would never even consider cheating on my gf for anyone in the world

Men are deprived enough of attention from the opposite sex you have to do little to appease them

just because a man is sexually attracted to a woman that isn't you doesn't mean he's going to fuck her

>i fall for one girl at a time and only want to fuck her. even more so if we're in a relationship
Either you're lying or you're one in a million.

For nearly every guy out there, desire for your girlfriend will go down atleast somewhat after a couple of months. Doesn't mean you're no longer attracted to her, ofcourse you are. But nearly every guy will reach a point after the honeymoon phase were you fantasize about what it would be like to bang chick X or chick Y.

The only reason why most guys stay loyal to their girl is because we don't want to risk ruining the relationship for the sake of a quick bang with a random thot.

This right here.

I don't need a girl who's some overachiever more than I want one who treats me well, is interesting and fun to be around, and could be a good parent one day. Someone who keeps themselves relatively fit and attractive, at least in the same state I'm in at a given point, is good enough.

We always fantasize about banging other women, your friends, etc etc. We will never seriously consider this unless we're unhappy in the relationship.

As much as men are physical creatures, our emotional needs count too. My ex was great for physical but emotionally distant, and my new girlfriend (while initially perfect) is bad for physical but great emotionally. If you can deliver a good balance - please do. Make somebody happy...

Two things not mentioned yet

>save for a few key aspects, most parts of life are easier for women than men, due to the biases of both men and other women. When you complain that men aren't earning enough or that getting a good job is really easy, while you benefit from HR quotas and horny bosses, all you're doing is creating resentment.

>Similar, but men do not fall for emotional manipulation as easily as you do. When you go off about the starving kids in Africa or whatever, any man agreeing with you is either trying to fuck you or get you off their back. Men are not caregivers, we are hunters and protectors. We, sometimes literally, cannot afford to feel sorry for the whole world.

Thats where youre wrong, bucko, I fuck women that I hate and think are ugly. All I care about is my cock pulsing away inside some bitches pink flesh hole.

>6km marathon
>barely a high school cross country race
are you retarded?

I'm right and you're wrong if you think that tit size is the only thing that matters you fucking moron.

fake and gay unless the guy is a sociopath

definitely true

ish, that behavior gets metaphorically beaten out of us pretty quickly when it goes wrong.

Very true, pic related. Across almost the entire world, men kill themselves at much higher rates than women.

In fact I just had a look, and out of 183 countries, only 7 of them have more women killing themselves than men. Usually men kill themselves far more than women.

Here are some countries, and how many times more male suicides they have than female suicides
>Russia: 6.44x
>US: 3.3x
>UK: 3.4x
>Germany: 2.83x
>Australia: 2.9x
>Canada: 2.6x

So in most western countries, it's usually around 3x as many men killing themselves as women.

Also about another thing you mentioned:
>When you go off about the starving kids in Africa or whatever, any man agreeing with you is either trying to fuck you or get you off their back.
Or they're insane left-wing nutters who have somehow forgotten their own interests.

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Although actually I'll add a caveat. I think life can be hard for women too. Both men and women have social pressures to live up to high standards. To try and be successful, etc. I think both sexes can definitely suffer from problems.

But yes, many men have very shitty lives. It's just that women don't usually hear about it. Because men don't talk about it. Instead they kill themselves at 3x the rate of women (or 6.4x the rate in Russia, and also around 7x the rate in other eastern European countries like Slovakia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland).