How do I stop beating my dog?

How do I stop beating my dog?

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By killing yourself.


Why are you so mean

Everyone on this planet would rather have the dog be safe than you be alive.

I want the dog to be safe too tho
I don't like that I do it

What leads up to the beating? Does he bark? Shit? Piss?

Yeah he does things he isn't supposed to do like shit in the house or chew on something like a cord or tries to jump on the couch or counters. I scold him then he runs away. Sometimes he does this thing where he walks up and nips me and then runs away. I get frustrated that he doesn't understand. Usually I hold him down and slap his head or rump until I cool off (30 seconds or so). I feel more guilty when I slap his head. He doesn't fight back he just tries to run. I considered anger management or therapy but I don't know if I can trust them.

The more you beat him, the more he is gonna do that

The best thing you can do for yourself and your dog is to adopt him to someone else.

>he does things he isn't supposed to do
And you're not supposed to beat your pet. You as a fully grown man can't control yourself and yet you're expecting an animal to? You've set up expectations that he cannot live up to. Your dog will bark, shit, and run for his entire life. Even dogs with the best training are bound to do these things. With you as an owner/trainer I question if he ever got trained well to begin with (well is the keyword here).
Some options for you:
Leave the room when you get angry with him. Go to the bathroom and count until you aren't a raging Cunt anymore. You'd be surprised at how fast anger dissipates when you're counting aloud in the dark.
Get some training for him. Go to classes. Dogs need exercise, so make sure you're out moving him enough (opening your backdoor for him to go outside/run for 5 mins is not enough).
At this point you have a "problem pet" because you've fucked with him long enough, but you can always rehome him and frankly that sounds best for both of you. Please don't welcome any other pets into your home. Good luck.

I have 2 dogs who I love very much and take care of, but once a month or so i do lose my shit and hit them here and there because of misbehaving, I always make sure I don't hit em too hard really

My point is OP, its ok to do it once in a while as a mean of punishment and educating, but when it happens frequently and with a lot of force, than please adopt the dog.

Personally I don’t care about animals at all and wouldn’t have a pet for that reason. Just give the dog away.

You're an animal

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Give him away.

>I beat my dog because I can't control my emotions

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Sell your dog. It's worthless anyways.

>Automatically assume it's a man
I don't beat my animals, don't lump me in with that pos.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Just don't do it. Go punch a pillow or something. Seek therapy. Seriously. Anger management issues.

Bring it to a shelter
Then check yourself into a mental hospital

Whenever my dog does shit I don't like, I just grab him by the collar, look him in the eyes, and loudly yet firmly say stuff like "STOP" or "BAD"

>Everyone on this planet is a faggit dog lover

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Why are you beating your dog