Help me please

How do i deal with anti white shit as a white guy thats one the urge of braking

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Get a swastika tatood on your chest

Get off the internet. Seriously this stuff doesn't exist outside of Jow Forums, Twitter, and Reddit

>Jow Forums, Twitter, Reddit, and college campuses

Stop browsing Jow Forums, Wh*Toid

Its gif i was on you racist dumbshit

>How do i deal with anti white shit as a white guy thats one the urge of braking

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Im not a nazi tho you idiot
Seriously fuck off retard

Kill some jews


>you racist dumbshit
Now that you called me that, I am actually glad you're taking those shitposts to the heart.

They posted of vid of some black guy cucking a racist white dude by fucking his fiancee the posted comments of a bunch of dumbasses supporting him saying dumb shit like
She belong to da streets
And shit like that
Look he deserved it but i dont support this bullshit even if hes racist garbage

Wdym jackass

Yeah. Must be hard growing up having a better advantage than any other race and a ancestry that’s been on top for thousands of years. Instead of being a little bitch when people complain about your skin color; maybe enjoy yourself knowing life is just a bit more easy for you.

why were you watching a blacked porn video

I dont beileve any race is supierior
Thats dumb shit
This isnt elder scrolls
No race has there own advantages and disadvatages
Thats retarded

Yes, we all know that you dumbass. But you still have the same skin color of the people who systematically suppressed other races or straight up conquered other lands. To which blossomed into nee territories control by more white people even retards like you benefit from. But yes, let’s stick to a video game analogy.

How can i avoid it when the fucking threads are spammed 24/7 plus some jackwagon kept spaming my discord dms with it

You sound like you're in dire need of a break from the internet, friend.

So your saying i should feel bad for shit i had no control over especially when i had nothing to do with it
Fuck off thats dumbshit logic

That’s like complaining that you are forced to watch bad tv shows and blame the network instead of switching channels or turning of the tv. You’re like the new generation of same stupid.

Again idc i watched it pissed me off if you have no advice to give screw off otherwise be useful

No. No one said that. The same reason you’re not inherently racist by being born white. History it what it is, we have benefits from it to this day. Does not mean you caused it, or should feel had for it: but it does help to understand it. So you dont get confused. Like now.

If you can’t see the obvious advice here, you are too dumb and beyond help.

I saw it dw i just dont agree since this shit gets pushed in my face all the time

When did Jow Forums get infested with sjw retards?

That's where you're wrong, your skin colour is superior.

Those chicks get paid. Ever been on backpages? Before it went down most whores 80%-90% would put no AA's. No African Americans.
>But- but the amature stuff
Most white people, not wiggers or cum brains, don't go around posting sex videos. White women in general, hell all women in general, are fucking retarded. What they do in their spare time is non of your concern, stop concerning yourself with their actions.
They, being niggers, don't like fucking other niggers. Black women are some of the most disgusting, obnoxious, aggressive, wrachet ass things on the planet. Can you really blame black guys for wanting to fuck white chicks? Would you wanna fuck a black girl? No, not at all. You could also get into Jews at this point in the conversation, but most people agree to keep that shit in Jow Forums.

Get off the internet.

dude I knooow what you are saying. Some black people have a chip on their shoulder... some type of entitlement to act out and say dumb shit to white people as if we personally did something wrong to their ancestors. like fuck off and get over yourselves. so many times I have been called a cracker, or even one black bitch went as far as to say that I have seizures because I'm white. They are wack. Just ignore them.