I want to break out of NEETdom, I feel guilty that my autismbux is not going to a better person who needs it...

I want to break out of NEETdom, I feel guilty that my autismbux is not going to a better person who needs it. I'm 27 and I applied to so many shitty jobs but I always get questioned why in these 9 years I had no job experience.
>tell them the truth about my situation, get denied
>was thinking of lying saying school didn't work out for me
I want to improve myself, please someone give me some sort of direction careerwise.

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Just say you had job experience and make stuff up ez

Lie about your age and get shit off your resume faggot how hard is that
Make yourself seem younger

>tell them the truth about my situation, get denied
What's the truth of your situation? What are you telling them exactly, and is that why exactly you're being rejected?

I don't know where you live but there's for sure government or whatever organizations that help with getting people off of welfare or whatever and back on the workforce that work directly with companies.

or this

Employers check these things you know

unless they want their resume binned forever they'll have to lie to get to start their career somewhere

>user, we contacted your former employers... did you write down the wrong phone number?

>Did not go into university or work because of depression, anxiety and other problems at the time
I mean, what else am I supposed to say?

school+taking care of sick relative+defunct company

Say you worked sub-contracted labor under your father and don't have record of it. Get your dad to vouch for you.

I don't understand why people think telling the truth will get people to help them.

That'll just get you kicked to the curb.

Why would you want something like that?
Are you retarded?

This would cover a great deal of time.

Also, what kind of work are you going for? When I worked retail no one ever checked my references. Just put down whatever jobs / companies and add the numbers of family.

Is that legal? I might try and do it.

I thought people would be sympathetic.

How else am I going to get a better job afterwards? It's not realistic for me to go to university because I can't afford it, but at least with a job I can move up in some position or learn some new skills

Applied for call centers, hotel receptionist. Maybe I should work retail but I always heard horror stories and how most NEETs say it's worth it

OP just want to say I'm in a really similar situation. Do you have any friends at all? If they work somewhere with any openings, their recommendation will help a lot even if you don't have any experience.

Why are you on neetbux? If you explain you've been disabled for a few years they'd probably sympathize with you and admire your willingness to get back to work.

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shit, i meant not worth it. I need to fix my sleep.

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Retails not really worth it desu unless you work unloading the trucks which usually is overnight or early morning. Very little customer interaction.

I have "friends" on discord but no one I know in real life.
>Why are you on neetbux? If you explain you've been disabled for a few years they'd probably sympathize with you and admire your willingness to get back to work.
Was really depressed, felt suicidal at times, parents told me to apply to our state's disability benefit program so at least I have my own income where I can use it to get medications or vidya (mostly the latter after I got too comfortable, honestly)

>I thought people would be sympathetic.

You are random homie #2002
The only thing they'll sympathize with is sending you to the door

>Living with my parents at 28 still
>Having troubles finding work
>Tried Bartending School since most college kids are doing that, and Bartending is a fairly decent job
>Still no work, most just laugh it off
>Tried to add in more job experience. Some fake or exaggerated.
>The few jobs I did get I got exploited
>Worked as a barback for 8 months in one place before it shut down
>Owner was "friendly" but its made clear he didn't want me near a serving position
>Had to get dropped due to weather and the location changed. Didn't bother to tell me btw.
>The other guy was cool but he really only wanted me as a dishwasher. Quit after a few weeks.
>Worked at a corporate place where I ended up being a busser but when I asked about stuff like Server I had to jump tons of hoops that will take up too much time.
>They also thought I was a minor
>I went though tons of really odd experiences with managers and interviews that I think even for a normalfag sounds crazy. (Lost applications, technically nailed a job only for the manager to quit, hiring me as a dishwasher because it was the last thing on the resume etc)
>Applied for a movie theater and the manager was ecstatic about me working at the bar
>Only to force me to stick to floor for weeks and I think the manager is exploiting that I put mornings on availability.
>Still worrying about that time my dad brought up that guy who tried to sue his parents for not moving out and how he might evict me
(this is all in a 2-3 year hiatus)

Meanwhile I know others where are my age who worked in walmart or even that movie theater who still live with their parents because.

This edging is draining the fuck out of me.

I know it sounds bad but the places I jumped shit had no room to grow and staying would be pointless. I'm still debating if I should stay on the floor or move to a different place a server. But got this job block is infuriating to me.

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Just lie, those Human resource people are retards and will hire you if you lie well enough

Maybe consider saying that you were pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors and had been somewhat successful. Seems like it would be a violation of privacy if they tried to ask you things like how much money you made or what companies you owned.

Get training at IT. People on the spectrum are generally good programmers or testers and such. If you can't, do volunteer work. They ask why you didn't work in 9 years because they want you to show that you want to work. Volunteer work is unpaid, but shows that you want to do something and is sometimes a small step to gaining a skill that might help in the future.

Get busy learning. Scour the internet for books and sources on social skills, bodylanguage, autism, time management, self management, anything. Your autism is not who you are, it's what you have, you can practice these skills that seem to come naturally to other people, but you do need to practice them.

I recommend the following books:

- The Assertiveness Workbook
- Getting Things Done
- The Bullet Journal Method
- The Definitive Book of Body Language
- The Kinowear Bible
- The Power of Habit
- The Now Habit
- How to Win Friends and Influence People
- Follow Your Heart
- How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
- The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

Look for Improvement Pill and WhatILearned on Youtube. Check your vitamin levels with a blood test for B12. Go to pdfdrive.com. Watch Lie to Me and practice reading micro expressions in the mirror. Create good habits one per month, destroy bad habits once per month. Get enough sleep at the right time, eat healthy, and practice meditation.

You can do this, it's all skill and not talent. If it exists, there is a book about it. If there's a book about it, it can be learned.

Oh, I forgot:
- Recognizing Autism for Dummies
- Tidying Your Home With Mari Kondo (both the books and the show)
- Try to get communications coaching
- No More Mr Niceguy
- Bodylanguage for Dummies
- Learn a new language with Duolingo to get your mental juices flowing

"I had some health problems but I'm better now."

First of all don't post pathetic pictures of cartoons, what the fuck is wrong with you

Second of all, don't listen to these people:
Those people almost certainly haven't done those things themselves. If someone says one thing and does another, it's not a great idea to follow them, is it? They're just making up random ideas that they've never done. They are not relating to your position whatsoever.

Personally I've never lied in applications and I still got jobs. I would personally never want to lie because then you have to keep track of the lie. If you get found out, you lose everything.

However, if you wanted to lie, this is probably the best way to do it. Do you know any retailers in your country that have gone bust recently? You could say you worked there, and nobody would really be able to check, because the company no longer exists. I do know a friend who says he put this on his CV. And I think he has got away with it.

Another option (that doesn't involve lying) is volunteering. Which you could do at a charity shop, or a government-owned park, or something like that. This will give you experience, which is valuable. Then this experience will be a stepping stone to getting a paid job. In my country, NEETbux will still pay out when you're volunteering. So you'd still be able to pay for rent and food. But it gives you experience, it shows that you can show up on time and do a job.

Alternatively of course look into enrolling in a course of some sort. Or teach yourself programming. These are just ideas, it's up to you what you think is best.

If you've got questions I'll try and keep this thread open and try and respond if you post some.

Have you tried Amazon/FedEx/UPS around this time of year? Yes, they'll work you like a slave, but they take anyone with a pulse in preparation for peak season. It was how I got out of the NEET rut after dealing with countless employers bitching about "muh unemployment gap"

Same thing happened to me, some employers won't really understand your situation they'll just assume you were lazy. Did you try every single possible place for work? Any entry level job, someone will be willing to hire you dude you just have to keep looking. If all else fails hit the gym and try the lowest of the low jobs in temps. I hope you don't have to do it though, you need the mind and body for it.

I'm not OP but that's not a bad idea. I'm NEET myself, it's been over 4 years at this point, which fucking sucks. My last job was salaried. Before that I did uni and minimum wage jobs. I used to be normal. Then I fucked up by quitting my last job. Stupid as fuck.

How long was your NEET period?

Find a job agency near you. They can find you work for you and make the process easier .

Say you were self-employed. better than lardo weeb neet

Yeah, you want to break out of NEETdom until you have to wake up every day to a blaring alarm to do shit you hate with niggers that can't speak English for 8 hours a day.

Fucking moron

OP if you're still checking this thread, see what I said here: My advice isn't perfect but it's probably better than a person looking at your thread for two seconds and posting a dumbfuck low effort response

its not a lie
if he made money but wasnt employed, he is self employed.

Did you read the fucking OP? HE HASN'T WORKED YOU FUCKING IDIOT.

define work

I think you should fuck off back to where you came from because it's clear you don't intend to give any sort of considered advice.


>You will not post any of the following outside of /b/:
Enjoy getting banned, you stupid cunt.

>Okay now if you want this job you have to disclose your banking details and income statements
Now I'm no lawyer, but that's obviously illegal.

Fucking moron

Fuck, same boat. Four years. I fucked up by quitting without having something lined up. I have a computer engineering degree but my gpa was so poor and my job record has been dust bunnies bar a few major volunteering gigs.

How will they catch you out? Explain how.

>get degenerative disease during studies
>be forced to take academic leave
>return to uni and finish studies after 2 1.5 years of break this year in april

>apply to countless jobs and PhD positions

>be in same situation as you

can you belive that shit
my "life" situation is abysmal in every aspect

not him but potential employers expect to be able to contact someone to verify that you were employed. In the case of being self-employed, there are very few jobs where one is fully self-employed but even then they expect you to cough up references that will at least prove that you worked doing whatever it is you're pretending to have worked as for X years.

If not they'll assume the worst and think that you were either selling drugs to pay the bills, or you were in prison for 10 years and only recently got let out and you're lying about your ex-con status.

Sharing da entg Dropbox for some ideas para ti.
Also flipping/thrifting goodwill watches/pokemon card decks/handhelds/electronics

You say that they would expect references, but what kind of references? Let's take something like online retail as an example. What sort of proof do you think would be requested?