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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
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Do women get mad at you when you miss hints?

Yes. Women will cast a few brief glances at you across the bar but nothing else and still get mad with you for not noticing.

Girls, when chatting to some random guy from here, what would you like them to ask you?

How do I make a girl cum with penetration?
My gf never cums with actual sex, just oral sex or masturbation.
Am I doing something wrong? Am I not big enough? PLEASE HELP


how do i get a tomboy gf that isn't a nutcase or drug junkie?

Bruh you need to ask her not us. Every woman's body is different. I only come from penetration and not oral/touching no matter how much I try. Maybe you guys can keep practicing to see what works.

>not oral/touching no matter how much I try
So you never conventionally masturbated while young?

so, stupid male user here, i only need a yes or no, not looking for specific details or anything...

are tampons different from pads?

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Will ask her next time were having sex.
Its kinda frustrating for both of us, I want her to cum but it just seems impossible with penetration, and she gets a little bit angry because she doesnt cum, which is understandable.
Is it common for women not be able to cum from just sex then?

Most women can't cum from pure penetration, clitoral stimulation among other things are necessary.

What is young to you?
I didn't start masturbating until I was 16. I'm in mm late 20s now

Just Google it, my man. Tampons are insertive. Pads get stuck to the bottom of a girls underwear

Women, not an incel here just curious as to why women seem to never think about philosphy, their purpose and deeper shit in general? Why does the average female seem so much simpler and unaware than a man? Do you guys ever think about history, the world or things outside of your own life? Is pic related true or no?

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We are bombarded with media where women are simply attractive and men will chase them. Bombarded. All the time. Shit becomes normalized.

Depends on the women you meet, I guess, same with everyone

I like philosophy, follow the news beyond the obvious memes, and read books. Alot of guys I met who read philosophy stop at nietzche and schopenhauer and aren't even self reflective about any of it, or challenge themselves by reading stuff they disagree with. It's a total waste and not actually a measure of anything worthwhile

>men are interested in things, women are interested in people

what does it mean when (usually shy girls) sing parts of songs next to you in cutesy voice, usually whatever goes in radio.

I for one would be little bit hestitant to sing near anyone really because i cant sing for shit.
But girl thats shy to even talk to you and will sing close to you?
or does it mean shes comfortable beig around me.

it happened across few different chicks desu, and im wondering if im common denominator or were those chicks just liking to sing in cutesy voices.

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I think about these things often but I don't talk about them. I think it's because I've always only had myself and when you have nobody to talk to you think more.

Happened to my dad after the first day in Italy. Any ideas what the fuck is this? Should he see a doctor?

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Yes, you fucking retard, see a doctor.
Looks like a simple case or allergic dermatitis, for which he'll be prescribed a steroid cream, but it could be something more insidious in which case you'll be glad you saw a doctor.


>I think it's because I've always only had myself and when you have nobody to talk to you think more.

Guy here, embarrassing story time. I went in for a wax earlier, and unfortunately the lady was quite pretty and had very soft hands. Due to the various sensations and light touches I ended up cumming despite my best efforts. Didn't get a look at her face, so I'm curious: Girls, how would you feel if you were in her shoes? Disgusted, flattered, confused? Hope I didn't freak the poor girl out.

Confused because I expect only very feminine and submissive dudes (or transgenders) to wax.

What? No girls like a hairy shaft or balls.

You fly on a plane? Go directly to emergency, do not pass go.

I used to read a lot and have a bit of an interest in philosophy, history etc. But I realized I like doing, not pondering. Thinking too much makes me anxious and depressive, it's healthier to ignore things out of my control like what's going on in politics or destiny of mankind and be focused on my reality. I'd say I'm curious about world and willing to learn but not exactly a philosopher.

i shave my dick and balls come at me

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Girls, if we get to the point where space hotels are a thing, would you put sex in space / zero gravity on your bucket list?

Do girls find men's calves sexy?
I'm skinny and lean, but do have some muscle definition. I was at the gym tonight, a couple girls walked by and said "Dude your calves are like goalss seriously"
I've never paid that much attention to them but it honestly made my night.

>things that never happened

You could just ask if girls like calves without making up a story to go with it.

Yes, no matter how vague or convoluted it is (when they play hard to get and you just move on, for example), they'll still find a way to blame you.

Girls, what is your favorite porn genre?

fun fact, pregnancy is not a thing in zero gravity

have you ever had a conversation with another guy?
Almost everyone is shallow as fuck and dont worry about that stuff you mention, its quite good actually, you dont really worry about stuff that you can't answer

>Thinking too much makes me anxious and depressive, it's healthier to ignore things out of my control like what's going on in politics or destiny of mankind and be focused on my reality

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I think she is used to it or prepared for that. I'd be okay with it, its something a lot of people can't control.

Sure user, if that makes you feel better about yourself

I don't watch porn.

I did some research and apparently it's not very common to get erections during such things, due to nervousness. And I've never heard of customers just ejaculating out of nowhere. She was very professional about it, though I think I may have heard a chuckle.

this basically

idk about women but when it comes to talking with guys i can count people i actually enjoyed talking to (and had meanigfull discussions) on half of fingers of my left hand

Why do some men orbit and seek women to orbit? Do they know it most likely wont go anywhere?

OK can you tell me if it's ever REALLY that you're too busy with college? Or is it always just you aren't interested in me?

Vids from the girls perspective where the thick long white dick attached to a thin body starts off slow and hard then shoves it all inside and cums as she cums. Then slowly keeps thrusting to get it all in.
I’ve actually never seen a video just like that because guys don’t know how to get women off but the rest is easily located.

Is there something wrong with having female friends to you?

welike to cling to hope, and oftentimes those bitches will give us signals despite never intending to date us.

or us misinterpreting signals.
or us being not aggressive in approaches

if she was interested, she would make time for you bucko. sorry

No, I'm talking about those guys who are kinda needy that keep trying to flirt/ be kinda creepy when you've ,made it clear you don't like them like that and they need to step off. They try to talk to you all day when you are busy and I don't know why they keep chasing.

Because most men are never complimented on anything and it's very easy to go your entire life without feeling like you're attractive to anyone.
This encourages a polarisation in the behavior of lower-to-middling quality males to become either submissively supplicating beta softboys that'll do anything hoping to get laid, and dynamic alpha domineers that command female attention through hard work (bodybuilding or wealth creation).

Yes, people can legitimately too busy to start something with you, yes, that's still an indirect rejection.

I've got a friend who does it over and over with girls out of his league who like him because he's nice to them and I've come to the conclusion that he does it because it doesn't hurt him to pigeonhole himself as an orbiter instead of trying to actually get with them. He orbits, they dole out hugs and late night snaps and cheek kisses on his birthday and he doesn't feel so lonely all the time.

>you made it clear
not clear enough

Unless you say "I don't like you as anything more than a friend" you're not being clear.
Fucking women and their God damn "signals".

My mother has an orbiter like that, he constantly does shit for her and hopes that one day a relationship will happen even though she has turned down all of his advances and has a boyfriend. I think it's a desperation thing, he's always talking about how he can't get any dates Also he's a manlet.

For girls
Is not knowing how to dance a turn off for you?

I know it's a rejection, I just don't know if it means anything down the line

please say yes

Girls, would you ever consider dating a guy that has chronic back issues requiring him to rest every 5-20 minutes?

I was clear, I told him I didn't want a relationship in those words and to stop asking me. Maybe he wasn't an orbiter.

Yes. Initially, don't tell them that. If you have to rest every 5 mins, say that your dick is so big, your back hurts from carrying it around and you have to recharge yourself.

both of these
it's easy to fall into orbit, especially when a girl acts a certain way. The one I used to orbit initially was too conflict-averse to properly reject me, then after she finally did she kept saying stuff like how if she still can't find a guy she'll just take me.

I didn't stop soon enough because I was lonely and she was the only one I could go to if I had to talk about something.
Of course she caught onto that and started milking it for all it's worth; calling me to do things like move furniture for her, then as soon as she got what she wanted she would tell me to leave, and never wanted to hang out anymore when she didn't need something.
Then out of nowhere she started ghosting me and I realized it's been months since we had a positive interaction that wasn't her calling in a favor.

I will take him for hikes like a true femdom

It's not always 5 mins, it varies based on factors such as how well I slept, how much I've been up for the day, how long I last rested, etc. My dick is quite large though so that could be a cute excuse.

doesn't sound like an orbiter, an orbiter would be passively waiting on you to change your mind while trying to spend as much time with you as possible and worshiping the ground you walk on.

I would get eaten by a bear like a true cripple

Going to use this one day so I don't have to wrap it

and please explain why the fuck THEY cant make a semi obvious move?? like if you want to be 'the prize' fine but you gotta make it obvious.

Girls, how do you feel about your genitals? A lot of guys are obsessed with their dick or at least touch / play with it a lot, but I haven't heard of anything like that for women.

Because they want you to do it, and provoking you into doing it would defeat the purpose because they want you to want to do it without being prompted.

Kind of like how most girls lean submissive in bed and will do pretty much whatever you say but would never actually ask you to dominate them.

How to get a good hobby for girls

If you get a hobby with the sole intention of meeting girls it will be incredibly obvious and none of them will talk to you

There's no right answer.
You have to take the most subtle bullshit as green lights but if you think normal behavior is a subtle bullshit greenlight when it looks more obvious than the actual greenlight you're the problem.

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While that's true it's also true that as long as you're vaguely good looking and have strong flirting game you can make pretty much any neutral interest into positive interest. Learn to flirt, learn to pick your moments, learn to differentiate between niceties and someone who is open to being engaged.

Anyone have sucess in getting their guy to stop being a manchild? My husband literally won't do any house chores or pick up after himself unless told to do so. Even then I usually have to tell him multiple times. Then he complains that I'm "yelling" or "nagging." It's stupid frustrating that I have to tell a grown ass man to put his dirty clothes in the hamper or throw away his empty food containers in the first place. He will leave it there until it all piles up if I let him. I'm tired of walking behind him and cleaning constantly. I've voiced my concerns and he just blames it on his ADD, even though he takes medication regularly. It doesn't help that his mom practically wiped his ass until the day he moved out. Is there any hope for him? It's ruining our marriage by causing so much stress

you should stop worrying about it so goddamn much

i disagree
she is enabling him

sure she shouldnt worry about it but i dont think relationship is supposed to be babysitting

Girls how do I get a cute gf whos into weeb stuff?

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Jesus, how am I an incel when even people like this can find partners?

If I don't worry about it, it won't change

I have been enabling it. For the majority of our relationship he's been the one with the full time job while I only worked part time while going to school, so it made sense that I picked up the chores slack. But now we both have full scheduled and he's gotten even lazier. He literally just strips clothes where ever he's standing and leaves them. I have a pile of dishes on my coffee table I've asked him a dozen times to put in the kitchen sink 10 feet away. I've complained about his laziness but he continues it.

People don't change unless they want to change.
Either you need to convince him to fix his behavior, or you need to question whether picking up after him for the rest of your lives is worth staying together.

I didn't meet a guy who could have a conversation about politics or philosophy at the same level I had with my female friends till university.

Because he wasn't this bad at first. I justified the extra chores, but he wasn't an absolute slob when we dated. We got married and things took a 180. Instead pf just neglecting chores, he neglects doing anything. I regret not listening to my friend who tried talking me out of getting married because she said something was off with him. Just find yourself a girl who isn't overly pretty and just got out of an abusive relationship. Apparently we're desperate to cling to anyone who shows affection

That is disgusting, he should at least throw his damn trash away. She is living with this person and should be concerned.

Are you sure there's not something up with him?
My husband will go through phases like this when he's depressed. Just sit down and have a real talk with him.

lol, you mean wife?

I don't think about it a lot just a bit self conscious. I feel like I'm not perfect therefore I have an ugly/unattractive v.

I mean very few genitals are perfect. And the imperfections can often be attractive in their own ways.

When I try to talk to him, he gets super defensive and deflects. He's perfectly happy doing things he enjoys. He still does his hobbies and hangs out with friends. It's like he doesn't want to be a responsible adult.

Then divorce him

>just divorce your husband so you don't have to pick up his trash
You'll all have a great marriage

I gave an answer; what do you want?

In what situations to girls prefer to be approached generally?

Kind of. They'll just think you're not interested since you're not acting on it

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years? It gives you perspective. Some people want to be stay at home mom's, others want busy careers, and some want to be good old fashioned housewives. Or maybe ask what a kink of theirs is? It's usually a fun topic.

Some women just can't cum from penetration alone. Try a bunch of different positions and angles to see which feels best for her. I like riding on top and doing a scootch motion back and forth.

Totally. I don't know how good sex would be in zero gravity though.

It's physically impossible until we figure out a way to make it work.