I really want to talk to her

We used to be friends with benefits and then friends. I wanted her a lot but I didn't date her because of her past. Eventually she got a boyfriend and our friendship imploded. We got into an argument where she started accusing me of stuff and I sperged out and blocked her. I've been stuck on her for over 8 months. I think about her all the time and I'm more convinced that I love her every night. I regret ruining things and I've been trying to get back in contact.

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I feel so stuck. When we were together I wanted to move on and find somebody else. I think if I could find someone else and fall in love with them I could replace her, but that's easier said than done and suffice to say I haven't connected with anyone like I did with her. All of my sexual memories are with her. I feel so stuck like this is an obstacle to me moving forward into the future.

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I've tried sending her messages a few times. I unblocked and messaged her, but I think she has me muted.
>tried talking to her at an event, avoided me.
>tried passing a message to her roommate.
>tried showing up at her house and knocking, no response.
>called her a week ago.

I feel like I've tried a lot already but I don't think she received most of the messages. From her perspective maybe I haven't tried/tried the right thing yet.

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Thinking about this shit keeps me awake at night. I just want to do enough so that I can lay my thoughts to rest at night. I need to focus on building up my resume and getting a job not this shit. I'm gonna be broke.

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I think you should move on bro.
You tried contacting already, if she hasn't shown interest than just move on.

If she was a tinder date I'd be gone, but I knew this girl for 6 years. I want closure and I am hoping that some anons share stories and help me figure this out.

Yeah move on.. Especially if you tried to message her and she ignored you.

>I want closure

Sure you do bro, but you said you already tried 4 times.. How many times do you think it will take her to start thinking you are a creep now?

I'm trying, I just feel like I need closure. I knew her for such a long time I just feel off about it.

>you already tried 4 times
Half those times I don't think she even received the message. I don't want her to think I'm a creep, but I don't want to fail just because I didn't try hard enough. Maybe it will be easier to move on if she tells me to fuck off.

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the closure is her avoiding you

Her non-responsiveness is your closure dude. You can't force someone to talk to you. Also, the closure could come in different forms.

Will she ever talk to me again?

I want to leave her a final message over text that she doesn't have to respond to. I don't know, confessing the feelings I hid back then or saying goodbye. Something

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You're stalking her. Better get used to the fact that the more you do that the less she's interested (unless she could not be less interested than she is now). Move on dude.

If you keep acting like this, she won't. Your behaviour is very offputting. Let her go and stop harassing her.

This has all been spread out over like 8 months and I knew her for 6 years. Unless you're speaking from experience you can fuck off.

Stop indulging in your woe. You're wasting your energy that could be going towards new opportunities.

Your at the stage where asking for her more won't work.

Your only option is to buy her a gift with some flowers and leave it on her car with a note asking for her back.

The most important part here is the gift. Women love gifts.

She clearly needs space from you retard. If she wanted to talk to you, she would. If she wanted to give you closure, she would. It's not happening so leave her the fuck alone.

if you are seeking someone to validate your psycho ways, it won't happen. You are acting insane. When she possibly wanted you and could have given you a chance, you didn't do it because of some past. So when she started dating someone who actually wanted to be with her, you suddenly wanted what you can't have because your little ego has been hurt. You sound like the same type of shit stain my ex bf was. I'm happy I don't talk to him anymore and I'm sure she feels the same way about you.

Y so mad at OP kek

bad advice.
It's been 8 months
Maybe but she just talked to me and I got to say goodbye.

Anyways I guess posting this thread made me think of the right way to approach her over text and I got what I wanted so I'll post my remaining asian photos.

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I know it was shitty of me to not date her when I could have. I felt bad about it the whole time if it makes you feel better. I had barely kissed a girl at the time and I couldn't resist her. She was many firsts for me and I will treasure those memories always.

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anyways she was korean like these girls
>you suddenly wanted what you can't have because your little ego has been hurt.
You know I don't think that's actually true or fair, I was trying to date her before that. Before the competition I didn't realize I was already losing her, but I always loved her.

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This is my last girl. So I'll just say I'm sorry that someone hurt you femanon

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Bonus post.


Op is fucking insane holy shit

this site is garbage, you can't judge me.