Gf thinks we're doing things too fast

We've been dating for almost 3 months now and became an official couple a few weeks ago.
What does it mean to take things slow? Sometimes i feel like she regrets making our relashionship serious and she is using this time to figure out what she really wants.
Whenever we talk about us she never goes beyond the "im happy with you and im glad we're together" while im pretty sure im already falling for her. Im scared im the only one developing stronger feelings here and that this is only going to hurt me.
What should i do? Give her some space? Stop texting her for a few days? Spend less time with her?
I dont want to talk about this directly with her because its just going to make me look insecure and needy.

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I dunno OP, my advice for you would be to take it easy, but you probably have your own reasons to doubt her feelings I suppose.

Just do what it feels best.

>Give her some space? Stop texting her for a few days? Spend less time with her?
Yes, this. Let her come to you. When someone in an official relationship tells you that want to take things slow but is still interested in the relation, it means he/she doesn't want it to become a marriage-like situation.


You're being too:

This is how you lose a relationship. Pay attention bros: never invest 100% into your main girl. Always have female friends around or potential suitors for yourself that isn't your main interest. Your love interest needs to keep being reassured that you are indeed an attractive partner that other women are interested in you. Once you stop this dynamic and just heavily invest into your attraction towards her- guess what happens? She loses attraction towards YOU!

Focus on improving yourself and never chase the woman. Let her initiate things, let her come to you and make plans to hang out. Never beg or ask for time together. Focus on you first because its natural for the woman to follow your lead and be your support- not the other way around. Forget this and you kiss your girl goodbye forever.

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How much time do you spend together in a week? My girlfriend and I started off taking it slow. We only saw each other once or twice a week. Now almost 6 months later we are 4-5 times a week.

Almost every day.

Wont she think im losing interest if i just stop trying to make plans to hang out with her?

Sorry if i seem like an idiot, shes' my first gf.

>Almost every day.
Go read one of the thousands of articles explaining why time apart in a relationship is important especially in the beginning stages of said relationship.

Also, is the relashionship always going to be like this?
Will i ever reach a point where i can just relax and enjoy her company without having to worry about these mindgames to keep her interested?

>Will i ever reach a point where i can just relax and enjoy her company without having to worry about these mindgames to keep her interested?
No because relationship security is a thing of the past. It's always these stupid fucking mindgames.

Please don't listen to this incel. Do things the way you want to. If your partner can not accept you for the person you are, you might as well pay an escort to suck your dick. It's cheaper then all the dates and shit.

Ill try this.
Just have to keep myself busy during the week i i guess.

Not gonna make a thread but
Im about to go text a (potential) gf for the first time in 3 weeks, u got any Jow Forumsice for me anons?

You always need to be busy anyway. The reason she's so disinterested is because you're trying to spend all the time with her.

But if she's this disinterested, maybe your relationship is on a downward spiral and you need to talk to her about it and ask her where you're both at. She could be losing interest- girls who want you let you know. If she's being this way she could be already playing the field and trying to choose between you and another guy.

Im going to stay distant for a while and see how she reacts.
If she's still not showing interest and doesnt seem to give a fuck then i'll sit down and talk to her about it.
I hope things work out, i dont want to lose it

Just a little side note: last night she was talking about a festival thats going to happen in our hometown in a few weeks and how shes looking forward to go with her friends, but i dont need to worry because she's not going to do anything wrong, etc. She never asked if i wanted to go with her.
Then, when i mentioned that maybe i'll be there too she said "i didnt thought you'd want to go. If you're there we'll hang out, if not, then ill go with my friends"
Maybe im overthinking, but its the little things like this that make me think that maybe she isnt into this relashionship as much as i am.

>i dont want go lose her
Fixed it

They play these kinds of games when your younger watch when your older. When looks aren’t a bargaining chip they won’t play these kinds of games. Instead they’ll be trying to suitor you. “Break” psh. You’ll wish they’ll break when your older

Maybe the first 3.
I know i shouldnt act like this but it just that i really like her, i cant stop thinking about her and i wanna be with her all the time.

I have no doubts about this relashionship and i want her to feel the same way. I just dont know what to do.

Communicate less without looking like anything is wrong.

Spoken like a true virgin

For the love of god don't jump to conclusions. Tell her you want to be good for her and then ask what does she want moving forward.

Dont make your life revolve around your relationship. Stop worrying so much and just live your own life. Dont make her such an important part of it. Shes just a girlfriend, not a wife

Ask a couple friends to go with you if you have any and then just hang out with them there maybe meet up if it lines up and dont make anything happen if she wants to meet up she'll ask you too. Or just dont gove a shit cause she just proably doesnt want youto hamg out woth her peoples yet.

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