My girlfriend has Crohn's disease and pretty much never has sex with me...

My girlfriend has Crohn's disease and pretty much never has sex with me. I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt and assuming it's in virtue of her disease and not any other reason.

We had planned on fucking tonight but - of course - her disease triggered just prior. I know she's not faking it because she's on the toilet right now shitting blood. However, I am a 22 year old guy that wants to fuck and I haven't had sex in about five months.

What should I do? I'm obviously a total cunt if I break up with her, right?

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Is that even real?. Tell that bitch to keep food diary or just write on calendar. Food, feeling, poo. Grab a boob and jerk off.

Fuuuuck thats really tough. Ask her about polyamory, thats all i can think of short of breaking up

Quit your job. When she asks why you two are always broke, tell her you are allergic to working. She'll ship out on her own.

Either that or break up with her. If my gf withheld sex from me for five weeks she'd be gone, let alone five months. Don't care about the reason. I am a selfish asshole, but life is short

don't listen to these fucking Jow Forums idiots. yes, you'd be a cunt for breaking up with her, especially if it's just over the disease she can't help.
obviously the thing to do is really think about what the consequences would be for leaving her or staying. would it leave you with a lot of guilt if you left? can't you just talk about it with her? is there anything that can help out with the form of crohn's that she has? (medicine, etc.)
don't jump to polyamory or some bullshit, don't assume that you'll never be able to have sex again, etc. no half-ass measures or chickening out. you gotta talk this one over and give it an actual think.

Fuck off, pussy

lmao @ the dipshit who thinks manning up and handling problems for yourself is "being a pussy"

Crohn's is easily treatable, I know someone who controls it by just adding onion to her diet.

lmao @ the pussy who thinks letting people literally shit all over what you want is a way to get anywhere in life

your gf is jewish?

> Crohn's
> literally shit
i see what you did

I had sex with a girl that had crohn's. It just means no anal. She can have sex with you my man

Does she even take measures against it? She can also still blow you.

Can she not eat healthy for more than a single meal?

Does she eat a bunch of dairy like icescream and peanutbutter?

I have Crohn’s and yeah. It happens buddy. Not a thing she can do about it. If you can’t handle it break up with her but don’t tell her why.

Crohns is variable in severity and manifests very differently depending on where in the GI tract it flares.

>Peanut butter
You are a complete moron.

>be user's gf
>tell him I have Crohn's disease
>literally make him edge for 5 months
>guilt-trip him into a sexless relationship
>fucking idiot believes me
>eventually I'll let him fuck me after he can't take it
>as soon as he's about to penetrate, I'll shit myself
>mfw my plan to sabotage his arousal via trauma is flawless
>mfw here comes the gravy train and the retard is pulling the cart himself
>life is good. Thanks Crohn's!

If she's shitting blood, and isn't lying and it's true that she can't have sex then, you'd be a "Complete Cunt", to dump her.

Wait... She can still give you like a "Blowjob", right?

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Is her name Tiffany?

As someone with Ankylosing Spondylitis, I can pretty much relate with her, to be honest, any sane person with these types of diseases would just exclude themselves from society, that's what I did, so my advice to you is to find a healthy person, these auto-immune, auto-inflammatory diseases aside from their effects bring a ton of side effects, depression , anxiety etc, also the meds are aids as well, if people like me and her would stop reproducing , the world will be in a better place healthwise, maybe i'm just blackpilled beyond help.

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there is no cure
but there is treatment

You can't stay with her forever out of guilt, OP. I understand you would feel shitty about leaving her for something she can't help, but you can't be held hostage forever. It'll get to a point where it's not even about the sex anymore, especially if you want to have kids one day. If you break up with her, i'd honestly just use any excuse you can find that's somewhat believable. It's also not fair to her for you to stick around because you feel like you have to, instead of really wanting to be with her. I'd say it's time to dip, my man.

OP here. Read all the replies.

At the risk of the "lol pussy whipped" comments, I'm most likely not going to break up with her after some contemplation and a fap session. I have my own problems - social anxiety, depression, etc. - and I really like her minus the obvious limitations her condition places on sex.

Also, I'd feel like a total fucking asshole if I broke up with her because I can't get my dick wet all the time.

Thank you for the advice, anons. I'll continue to monitor the thread and answer questions as they come up.

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It is an autoimmune disease, you absolute moron.

You're not a cunt, her disease is incompatible with your sex drive. Not ideal, wouldn't tell her, but it happens.

Yeah, but see above. I feel like it's childish to break up with somebody because I can't get pussy every single time I want it, especially if I knew about her condition going in

(which I did)

You are wrong. Break up with her.
This relationship is not going to lead up to something good.


Look, I have a chronic disease myself.
I don't care if it's childish. It's not going to get better, that's the chronic disease deal. It's a miserable life and then you die.
If you can't accept to spend the rest of your life without getting fucked regularly, and you clearly can't because you're dying after 5 months, save everyone's time and move on.

Because resentment will happen. Or you meet another qt that actuay begs for your dick. Relationship without sex is a friendship. Nothing else.

Sex is a part of a relationship, it's going to sound super shitty for that to be such a "make or break" reason but it's true. If it's hard for you to go 5 months without thinking about breaking up, what will happen if it becomes a year? Or even longer?

This guy's got it

I also have Crohn's. Its some cause of frustration in my relationship because it destroys my libido, but I dont mind giving my gf the ol razzle dazzle every 2 days to keep her happy. Its minimal effort. Shes just isn't allowed to come near my ass because its a torn and devastated warzone.
While I agree that most user's in this thread are downplaying the condition, do realize that sex is an important part of the relationship.
Talk with her about it. Don't blame her, just ask for more frequent Dyson action. If shes sick for life, do you want to be sexually frustrated for life?

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It's not gonna get any better user

No, it doesn't make you a cunt. You want things out of life, and there is nothing wrong with that. Are you a cunt for not dating dudes? No, it just means that you aren't into dudes, through no fault of his or yours.

Your gf has Crohn's. She can't help it. You like sex. You can't help it. While you both wish things were different, they aren't, and you need to find a situation that works long term.

Its true. Peanutsbutter contains real butter and dried milk. Look it up

When she's shitting blood, walk in with a tub of lube, rubber gloves and a bluetooth speaker playing Raining blood by Slayer. Make sure that speaker is waterproof (this is very important)
Fist her violently. If she resists, just stay quiet and patient. Use force if necessary. Don't turn off the music no matter what.
Make sure to switch between the arms. Continue until the problem is solved.
Thank me later.
Good luck!

It might though. There are meds and diets that can help control Crohn's. Maybe she just needs different meds or dietary changes.

my GF has colitis and whilst she hasnt had a major flare for years, we have sex maybe 3- 5 times a year on average. trust me, if she isnt willing to compromise with you over this what choice do you have? you will be like me eternally frustrated and one way or another your anger/resentment will come out and you will both be miserable. my GF lets her condition control every aspect of her life and she is a slave to her feelings and health anxiety. sometimes i feel more like her dad than her BF

>we have sex maybe 3- 5 times a year on average

Fuck dude. I'm not a very sexual person but I cannot imagine living like this.

you get used to it. sad thing is my ex was the complete opposite and would do everything i wanted but i was too beta at the time to fully appreciate it. i am too loyal though. i have had offers over the years but i stay with this girl mainly due to loyalty and because her family are just too nice. i am cornered here

You're not cornered, you're putting yourself in a corner. You're placing your girlfriends happiness above yours, that is not wrong, it is pretty noble, in fact. But you have to understand that if this makes you miserable, you're just damning the two of you into an unhappy life.

its beyond complicated...the thing is that we are happy-ish and get on quite well but we are in our mid 30's and she is hoping to settle and have afamily etc...i have my own issues and although i do want to settle i am not quite there yet...i have a work crush at the moment and think about here most of the time...she is 8 years younger than me though but we connect in a be honest i have no idea what im doing

>she is hoping to settle and have afamily
She knows you have to have sex to do that, right? 3-5 times a year sounds rough. Hope the best for you two.

It just masks the symptoms nothing more nothing less, that's why it's fucked, also if you're on ANTI-TNF or IL-17 inhibitors your more likely to get fucked in the ass by other side effects and diseases , that's why death is the only option

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yes she laughs at this as she understands how ridiculous this sounds...thanks bro

Irritable bowel syndrome and Chrons are related items and often related to anxiety in women who have been sexually or physically abused.

Complex Trauma or C-PTSD, which is a developmental disorder caused by an unbelievably crappy childhood, can cause all sorts of really nasty physical problems for a lifetime, and she may be hiding some of them. Having a family break up for example can cause anxiety to come back. Because the brain hasn't developed properly or fully, and that can be shown on a MRI, it takes time for her to recover.

If that's the case, or she's had outbursts of anger for no reason or seems anxious or high strung all the time, I'd get her in front of a therapist that specializes in C-PTSD. She may have unprocessed trauma and you wanting to have sex is triggering the Chrons itself.

It's nothing you've done, but her limbic system might be trying to defend her from a bad situation without her consciously knowing it.