My dad is sexually abusing me. What to do? I’m 19 year old Texan girl...

My dad is sexually abusing me. What to do? I’m 19 year old Texan girl. I don’t want him to go to jail but I want him to stop.

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In what way?

nigga she said sexually

Move out if you don't want him arrested

post your body here and show us where he touches you


Where pretty rich and I don’t know how to survive without daddy.

Jesus christ that's terrivle. Tell the police. Not us niggga

He’s a Freemason and is a very powerful man.

Do you two do anal? That’s hot

Shit. Take this to Alex Jones or something.

move Out

Wont stop autist though

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Try RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) They might have resources to help you get out of there.


Probably bait but if not, damn. There are hotlines for this kind of thing

KEK you guys are the reason I still visit this shithole. You just made my week.

OP either save up and leave the country or start enjoying Daddy the same way he enjoys you.

>Where pretty rich
Gluebag-tier bait

Take a picture of the places he touches you.

I guess daddy could not afford private sskool aayee.

Do you have a younger sister or cousins? If he doesn't go to jail he WILL start on them

My first advice is to get rid of that mindset and call the police.
If you still don't want him to go to jail for something so horrible, he has successfully manipulated you into thinking he's a good guy, and that it's all your fault for letting him touch you.
It's usually the ones like him with a clever facade that are the true bad guys of the world. You need to take back power, and force him to own up to his sins.
It's going to be hard, but no kid should be raped, let alone by their biological father of all people.
Life doesn't start until you take independence seriously.

go back to /b/ nigga