How to last longer

Hey anons. I’m in desperate need of help.

I lost my virginity 3 weeks ago to my gf whom also lost it with me. Problem is, I have an issue lasting long in bed. I can last as long as I want going slow, but as soon as I start fucking like a jack rabbit I’ll need to come within 20 seconds. Even if we go 2 or 3 rounds, yes I’ll last longer, but once the jack rabbit comes alive and I start pounding away I need to finish fast.

I want to fuck like a jack rabbit for 10-15 minutes not take it slow. I want to show her that aggressive side but it’s hard when I always need to bust so early. Any tips?

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Do kegels

Look it up

Basically when you’re about to cum (a bit before the point of no return) pull out and do a kegel very hard.

start jerking off before sex... that way you get warmed up before Gametime

>20 seconds
Christ, that poor girl. I hope she is getting some good dick on the side.


You are officially normal

Keep in mind that men have evolved to cum as quickly as possible so that we can breed as many women as we can. What you're trying to do is fight nature, which isn't easy. I would say just take it slow enough that you don't feel like you're going to cum but enough that you're both still enjoying it. If you feel like that's not helping, stop penetration if you feel like you're going to cum and just move to oral or fingering her and generally making out. Even if you cum, it doesn't necessarily mean that sex is over - you can still carry on to go down on her and foreplay with her.

See I can do that. But I really want to last longer during jackhammer-type sex.

Keep fucking. Preferably with a lot of foreplay. Any other advice is retarded.

Practice makes perfect. Try to simulate the feeling of really fast sex when you masturbate, it's not the same, especially because it doesn't have the psychological aspect of it, but it's better than nothing.

>as soon as I start fucking like a jack rabbit
Don't do this.
Fuck her like a gladiator, not like a rabbit. Harder not faster.

Deeper not faster
Take breaks

Google "multiple orgasms for men".

Start training today.

Jack off same day or like days u arent fucking. Done, i had ti be one a no fapper because i could never cum from sex so maybe if you jack off since u are premature cumming itll help u

wtf is "jack hammer" type one fucking says that...

use drugs, to delay it one time I took 10 mg of ambien and lasted for 45 minutes it's a funny story too.

I was watching this movie with my counselor who is really hot and then I got a hard on in the bathroom so I thought I would just jerk off and it would go away but it took 45 minutes for me to bust a nut so to speak. when I got out of the bathroom she had to leave.

It’s all about pacing yourself, focus on your breathing and try to remain present

just use alcohol or a drug its way better anyways, its just more fun when you last for 40 minutes.

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Beat off 3 times a day

Fuck more. Is the only way to master it.

>tfw I've never come from sex
>tfw I've had sex upwards of 3 hours before just getting bored
>tfw im so undesirable my body won't even let me introduce myself into the gene pool

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I can hardly come during sex. It is awful. The best sex is where you are so aroused and turned on that you can't help but have animalistic sex which is over within 10 minutes. Afterwards it is sort of funny and you might have sex again. Most women dislike long drawn out penetration because it gets uncomfortable. I find that when they say good sex is about 30 minutes only 10-15 of it has your dick in them anyway, usually less.

I usually take upwards of 30 minutes of penetration to orgasm. Slow and steady with constant pressure and no distractions for a long ass time until I reach a completely full erection where I feel like my dick my explode and then multiple cycles of 2-3 minutes of high speed pounding broken up with 30 seconds of slowly teasing and edging myself followed by a final 'i might have a heart attack' horrible pounding that usually forces half their body under the mattress or something, them going ow ow ow ow ow while I smash the shit out of their cervix and have one sweaty foot on their head bright purple, radiating heat, growling and pouring sweat as I unload my jizz. Fucking hate my life.

Wear a condom and keep your mind busy. Also helps if you're already tired.

Buy a fleshlight and practice

You saw too much porn. Go slow and male her feel It All noce and deep, slamming away every time Will not make her feel good

lmfaoooo holy shit