Just a question. Most of those whiny forever alones (like me) who can't get a gf, are you being picky...

Just a question. Most of those whiny forever alones (like me) who can't get a gf, are you being picky? I mean most guys get interest by below 5/10s. Most of the girls interested in me are chubby or just not attractive enough as I hate to admit. But I'm basically doing the same shit that the girls I target do to me who can get better. I'm confused as to what to make of the situation

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Personality > looks. Instead of looking for an attractive girl to make your girlfriend you should just focus on getting to know as many women as you can. Both better looking and worse looking then you. If you find someone you really connect with then you won't care how they look (or they won't care how you look if they are attractive). As the old saying goes- Love is blind.

>Most of the girls interested in me are chubby or just not attractive enough as I hate to admit
None of girls are interested in us

Love is blind, but not to entitled narcissists who want a trophy wife or a live sex doll instead of a loving gf and wholesome relationship

Simple: your personality and lifestyle will attract girls who share the same. As it turns out, girls who share the same lifestyle as you just happen to be fugly haha.

The same goes for more attractive women. Your lifestyle:
>fashion sense
>music/pop culture preference
come into play here. If you don't match their "level" or you aren't "playing in the same field," they won't even know you exist. I hate to admit it and be cliche, but stay in your lane. Sometimes in life, we think we can attract others but the reality is quite the opposite: you don't. Unless you find a way to really present yourself as equals or those women being below you in the social hierarchy of things, you may have no chance with them.

You have be "socially acceptable" to these more-attractive women. Ask yourself these questions:
>would those girls be comfortable seeing me in public with them?
>would those girls gladly introduce me to their friends and family?
>what lifestyle(s) do I have in common with those attractive women?
>would their friends accept me as one of their own?
>what makes me so different than the Chads they usually date?

Really ponder about this.

You can’t expect to run without crawling first.

It’s a numbers game, the more women you date the more experience you get. With experience comes confidence, women can tell if a guy is solid or weak minded. They use weak ones up because they always fuck up. Cheating, lying and fighting. Less guilt when they dump them.

Older guys know everything is temporary so they just do what they know is right, he’s happy to be a part of her life however long she’s around.

Damn you hit the mark actually that it impresses me. I did meet a girl that matches me perfectly looks and personality wise as in a 1:1 who was in an arranged marriage so that was a no go. She did like me though and was upset with her marriage which was probably a lot to do with it since we meshed well. I guess I will keep hunting. Just so you know the girl in question in the OP was chubby and said shit like senpai in a professional setting. I watch anime and shit but who the fuck says that out loud. Would YOU want someone like that?

Yea I'm seeing how women keep throwing shit at you to test you. It's infuriating because they all want different answers and you fuck up with one she will spread it like wildfire.

I don't think I'm being picky, the fact is an average man is not equal to an average woman. If I was a female version of myself but retained all my flaws I would be a fucking catch, but as a male I'm basically dirt.

Just look at pic related, a barely average female perceives 99% of men on tinder to be beneath her, that's the world we are living in. I'm not saying she should lower her standards or judging her negatively, but this is merely evidence that sexual selection is inherently unfair and brutal towards lesser men. You're not picky, the game is just not geared in our favor. Notice how only men are told to lower their standards and seek fat ugly mates, that should tell you all you need to know. YOU'RE wrong for wanting a physically attractive mate, but not woman.

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This has to be a joke account/post. She says it's not the most important but goes through with rejecting everyone who isn't very handsome

Stop confusing internet dating with real life. Online looks are the only impression you will make. In real life you make an impression with your entire being.

That's the female logic.

It still gives insight into the mentality of females and how they perceive men. Sure they might have had a better chance irl, but I'd bet that most of them would still get rejected because she knows she can do better. For her to even be that picky in the first place shes probably already been fucked by very attractive men, and that's what shes holding out for.

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Not to be mean, but she actually looks a bit slow.

>It still gives insight into the mentality of females and how they perceive men

Are you implying men are not the same?

Cripes. Can girls filter out GOOD men from these tryhards irl . No wonder they do shit tests

They are not.

Well I would say overall we are less picky, which isn't always a good thing, and woman at least take things like personality and overall life competency into account when choosing a mate. What woman do is just a result of having so many options, most men couldn't fathom what its like to experience pic related, but this is just the norm for even average woman.

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Nice bait. Obviously the few people who can't get a girlfriend because they are mean to the girls that like them could just lower their standards. I don't know anyone who have that problem.
Most people I know who have a problem getting a girlfriend have problems getting any girl to like them, not specific ones. They don't "target" girls either you feminist fuck.

Do you not see the irony in your post? She gets so many guys hitting on her because she is very attractive. You say women only want men who are attractive while posting an image of men hitting on a woman because she is attractive. You say most men couldn't fathom that? Neither can most women.

The truth of the matter is men approach. A woman can get approached by 10 guys a day but a man can also approach 10 women a day. Both sexes get a selection.

>She gets so many guys hitting on her because she is very attractive.

No proof she is very attractive, and just look at the pig I posted earlier with a blown up inbox, woman don't have to be very attractive to have options.

>A woman can get approached by 10 guys a day but a man can also approach 10 women a day. Both sexes get a selection.

The difference is that those 10 guys already want to fuck her, shes already won, but hitting on even 100 woman doesn't guarantee sex or a relationship.

How the fuck does someone approach 10 women in a day?
Doesn't seem like something people do.

There are guys out there who keep approaching women all day long until they get one and have sex every single day. I believe the colloquial term for these men is "players"

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>No proof she is very attractive, and just look at the pig I posted earlier with a blown up inbox, woman don't have to be very attractive to have options.

If average women get so much attention then that is because the men giving them attention are also giving 100 other women attention as well. Not that it matters anyways. Online dating is incredibly skewed and should not be compared to real life.

Classic incel cope. All my ltrs were better looking and in a better financial situation than me. The truth is you're a weak, whiny piece of shit that doesn't deserve better. Literal bottom of the barrel

That's fine, but you're just an outlier.

That is the most retarded thing I have read today. As a female you would be the same sjw whiner you are now and would not get men. Incels are literally male tumblrinas.

You're the outlier. Incels are the bottom 0.01% of male virgins.

Nothing is stopping you from being an "outlier" too, except your whiny self

Sounds like you're the outlier 2bh

Being in the 99.999% of males who are not incels is being an outlier?

What's the percentage of men that post on Jow Forums?

Even SJW whiners can get sex from their beta male orbiters, the fuck are you on about?

They could but don't want to. Just like incels could get sex but they don't want to. They are literally one and the same.

>I hate (opposite gender)
>Nothing is my fault, everything is society's fault
>Society oppresses me because of my gender
>Everything bad that happened to me is because of (opposite gender)

Incels are male tumblrina sjw's 100%.

>are you picky
I want virgin housewife that isn't borderline retarded. By modern standards that's a needle in a haystack.

A girl who would have kept her virginity for you and would be willing to be a housewife with your neetbux income would have to be borderline retarded.

>hurrdurr neetbux income

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My country doesn't have that.

Why do you want a vir-
>By modern standards
Oh nevermind. You're one of those incels from Jow Forums.

Why wouldn't a man want a virgin wife? If you can't understand this you're either a female slut or a faggot.

Why would you want a virgin wife? And place so much importance on this? You believe in the "good old days" Jow Forums memes?

statistically the more sexual partners women have before marriage the more likely the marriage falls apart, you may not like it but it's true

Because it show that she's not an impulsive brat who's easilly deceived by others into opening her legs. And once such a wife gets bored of you after the initial hook-up what stops her from raping me in the ass with false accusations and/or fucking others behind my back?

>why would you want a higher % chance of having a lasting marriage?
get a load of this roastie

That's not true. Don't tell me you are so stupid you believe those decades old debunked meme charts?
A virgin wife would be more likely to betray you because she wants to experience other men.
Get a load of this lying incel. He tries to tell you that a virgin wife means lasting marriage when the opposite is true.

>A virgin wife would be more likely to betray you because she wants to experience other men.
AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Okay I had my doubts previously but now I know you're baiting.

If it's debunked then please provide proof of it.

>no you

A promiscuous wife would be more likely to betray you because she want to keep experiencing other men

Giving women rights was mistake.

Provide your source. Is it the heritage foundation graph or stephen molyneux or what?

>morning in the US arrives
>incelposting multiplies by 100
Incels truly are uniquely an american phenomenon.

Im from Europe. Eastern Europe.

Then go outside and have sex, your women are slutty and easy.

That's the problem.

Designated cumdumps are for retarded foreigners here.

I've never turned a woman down because my standards are too high, but that's because no woman has shown an interest in me (at least that I've recognized).

That being said, I think I haven't pursued some women as much as I could have because of expectation I have of what a girlfriend could be like.
I have this idea that my girlfriend would be introverted and use the internet as much as me, but in reality I think that isnt something I should expect.
As far as physical appearance, I do think I have fairly low standards though.

The fact is that the liberal jew progressive agenda is so deep in the European culture already that even Eastern European women are arrogant cunts who think they are something more than potatoes farming sluts. Even thundering slavic men are unable to keep woman under control because of emancipation of women.

They are sluts? Yes. Do i want to fuck sluts? Absolutely not. I would rather jack it to fine anime milfs and lolis rather than engage in mating games where girls are already more semen than human being.

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you just have to settle, i had women interested but i was a dumb cunt through a mixture of fear of intimacy and general pickiness
now i look like a hobo and i live with the regret of having passed up choice women over some dumb fucking spook ideal
take the plunge user, at worst you will get access to another social circle of girls which is still a social net gain

I'm no longer whiny about being forever alone. But personally, it's because I have deep-seated abandonment issues and I don't want to get into a serious relationship with a woman I'm not planning on marrying.

>most guys get interested by below 5/10s
Speak for yourself, no female has ever shown the slightest bit of aknowledgement of my existence in my 26 years of life.

>are you being picky
Honestly define picky. The only women that have ever shown any interest in me in my life have been overweight.

I'm not and I just don't feel attracted to them because they're fat. Why is the world trying to convince me that I'm fucked up because of it? I don't want a supermodel girlfriend, just one that isn't almost twice my weight and doesn't have a gut. Jesus.

No girls are interested me, silly. Look at this Chad.

>arranged marriage
where are you from user?

why is it so hard to find a gf that has the same interest I do for making movies?

I'm in college taking video production in order to get into a real film school and there are hardly any women in my classes and the few that are in there just want to be fashion photographers or social media people

I want a gf who I can share my passions and dreams with

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Because girls dont create


some, nowhere near american levels though


lmao no. we're talking dating here, not going to prostitutes. have a good running career and enough cash to spoil her, that's how eastern european women need to be treated if you wanna keep them.

because girls know better than to go to fucking film school, lmao.

nah, we just do it without sticking to unnecessary distractions. you want to get into film? then make projects, small movies, cool clips, music clips, anything. your work and the opportunities you have along the way will make a career in film, not film schools. leave those to acting hopefuls.

Every girl in the history of mankind was a virgin at one point, you just weren't there/able to get her. Wanna know why? Because you're a worthless piece of shit, bottom of the barrel genetic end. Reflect on that one for a bit before, hopefully, ending your cringey existence and quit wasting my oxygen

The biggest mistake we keep paying for