Girfriend broke up with me two weeks ago, can't stop having nightmares about her

Girfriend broke up with me two weeks ago, can't stop having nightmares about her

Could I have been traumatised?

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Break ups can indeed be a traumatic experience: can cause PTSD or suicidal thoughts if they were abusing you. Don't take it lightly if you are being destroyed from within by it. It would help to go to therapy if you suspect you have been abused by a girlfriend.

But if not, take time. It will take time to heal. I know what you're going through, same with my ex. She just left after a while of mental abuse. Sometimes you just have to breathe and just stand strong as a man- you have more scars and that's alright. Maybe another girl will cut you up again and yet again more scars later if it doesn't work out. That's what we have to contend with as men.

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I know it might sound naive user, but my relationship with her was virtual, we've been in a one year online relationship with each other, we were supposed to meet in December this year, but she found somebody else and has seemingly moved on. Myself on the other hand, have been dealing with severe depression, just when I think of all the sleep I missed out on, all the time and effort and money invested in her, all flushed down, makes my skin crawl.

Also its important to mention that my dreams only involve her, it's been like this for about a week now, I can go on with my day, workout and focus on other things, and I do fairly well, but once Im alone with my thoughts at night, shit gets really bad

My goodness, its worse than I thought.

The f you mean digital? Mayne, it wasn't even nothing. You didn't even get to touch her or kiss her. You were just played like a fool. You never got anything but a chat buddy. It's over. You can't lose something you never had bro.

You're an idiot.

Biggest issue with online dating is that it's not dating. It's your idealized version of a perfect scenario simulated onto someone whom you've accepted as yours alone, without ever even having met her.

In a way, the break up isn't a break from her. It's a break from the addiction of seeing your fantasy fall apart: *your* fantasy, therefore, you're breaking up with the simulated and returning to your reality.

The reality is, you've never even had her.

Accept your gifts and flaws, then understand that your true love will be willing to return your emotional investment at least by the same amount.

That's another thing right there, the thought that I was so close at experiencing that physical intimacy with her, until that guy came along and she no longer felt like waiting anymore. That fucks me up more than anything else in the world. Now I have to put the effort and time in getting with some other girl, 20 and virgin still... Fuck man

I went through this exact same thing at 17 or so, it's alright, you are young. Nightmares are shit but they will eventually stop and you will be fine. Good luck kid.

Kek, get a gf in real life.

I've been in your shoes. Sadly still am. Depends on how was the relationship. It's all going to be fine if you are able to forget her or lose feelings for her. Trauma will fade with time. Just take your time user, know that there are people going through same things and that you're not alone. We will make it I promise you.

She is haunting you. Burn the bed.

You described it perfectly. I don't think I have PTSD even though my relationship was full od mental abuse. My problem is that I still love her after almost a year. Do you have any advice for that? I know everything, she is bad and I'm lucky I got dumped because I wouldn't be able to dump her, I am distracting my self with hobbies and I am going to the gym. But serious signs of depression are there and I am more than willing to work on it but I don't know what to do.

Wrong. You never had a chance. Learn this now.

Successful men bed women asap. Like, a few days or even a few hours after meeting them, asap. Not a whole freaking YEAR haha. You'll never get laid or be in a relationship this way. You needed to escalate right away and meet up in person if you started talking to a girl online. Chatting and texting is only a means to meet them face to face. Eventually you gotta move with speed.

I dont think there is cell in my body left that still loves her, she did me dirty. But I'm extremely jeleaous and bitter at how things ended between us, I hate the fact that some fucking guy gets to enjoy to fruits of my labor while I sit here trying to keep it together without having another breakdown. I truly hope this feeling will go away because its been killing me inside.

user that's great news. Just take your time then and it's going to be fine.

Time heals all wounds am I right kek

Does going at the gym help? Haven't been making any kind of gains in years

Helps more than you think.

I'll try it, thx for the advice user

Just stick to it. Keep going, even if you see very little results. Think of it as a game and you're grinding xp and levels.

Knock on her door and tackle her naked. If her new man answers proceed with mission