Why do girls like horses so much?

why do girls like horses so much?

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Preteen boys become obsessed with cars, rockets and superheroes because their not-fully-realizing-it minds are coping with the beginnings of sexual feelings. Preteen girls do the same thing by playing with sexy Barbie dolls and by imagining something powerful between their legs. Some keep up the love of horses even after they can deal with sexual impulses directly

it's a complex relationship, a horse is a beautiful and dangerous beast of a wild animal that needs to be tamed.
Girls like that for some reason.

There are two schools of thought:

The first is that girls are more likely to be interested in aesthetically geared hobbies such as photography, selfies, design, painting and flower gardening. Horses are one of the most photogenic animals. It's difficult to not consider horses majestic with their powerful muscles and silky hair. So this school of thought breaks down the aesthetic and how that relates to girls.

The second school of thought is subconsciously all girls want horse cock.

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then why do bronies exist?

Because for the last two decades the water we've been drinking has contained estrogen. Thankfully I've been spared because I don't drink water.

Big meaty cocks.

Girls want men to act like wild beasts in bed.
At least almost every girl I met liked it that way.
It's something primal and a horse is a good representation of that with the horse cock and the bulging muscles and everything, while still having a somewhat feminine and delicate quality to them.
That's why girls don't like tigers or gorillas as much.
The horse is a sex symbol to them. They don't necessarily want to fuck them, it just tickles something in their brain I guess.

It's the second. Horses are the avatars of virility, and all women instinctively want to get under them and suck their meaty balls.

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>ITT: wtf

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Welcome to horse cock

>why do girls like horses so much?
They can rub clit on the the saddle

this is an advice board

Let me give you some advice then.
Mind your own business, pal.
We are talking shop here.

Same reason they like dogs.
Women will fuck them when they're unsupervised.

They actually will though.
No joke.

Soo I'm a guy but when I was young I was obsessed about horses too. Am I fucked?

Well, not yet, but you clearly have some sub-conscious wish to be inseminated by gallons of horse cum

I think it's also the fact that it's a powerful animal that they're in full control of. That they can direct that pure horse strength with just a pull of the reins, with no sound of complaint. It's not about smelly horse cock.

Little girls think horses are cute.

Horses are not cute. They are extremly masculine musclar animals. Women subconsciously even at early age know what they find attractive and what they want. Notice how many little girls always find horses interesting and cute. Boys dont.

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It's weird, because boys and men usually look for stuff to self insert into, kinda like sports cars are designed to give you the feeling of being the fastest, most powerful predatory animal, from the way they look, to the way they sound and so on
and we also look at stuff like your picture and think, "wow I wanna be that guy".
So wouldn't a horse be kinda perfect for that, since it is strong and resilient and has a big, virile cock?
Also, riding horses was a male dominated thing for most of history, due to military stuff.

Nah, horses have nice pussies too.