Is it possible to keep a woman happy in the long term?

Is it possible to keep a woman happy in the long term?

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Depends. If she has underlying issues she might always feel unhappy. This can apply to any gender though.


i would think so. aren't there like, successful marriages?

Yeah, keep her feeling anxious.
As soon as she thinks you have no other options than her, she will lose attraction immediately.
Also, don't take her shit. Don't let a woman control you EVER and set boundaries for her frequently.
But also be able to be kind and loving to her, when the situation requires it.
Be her dad, basically, but also fuck her like an animal every now and then.
So be her dad, basically.

The train of thought more should be if it's possible to keep another human happy in the long term.

Ideally you should find a partner who is willing to acknowledge you will come across bumps in your relationship, and also willing to work through them together with you with a bit of effort.

But beyond that, not really. People are complicated, and more often than not change over time. It's rare for two people to grow together without a little bit of work, but that's part of a relationship is- work.

It's difficult to find someone who is willing to put in actual effort into a relationship, but if you keep your eyes peeled and yourself open to the idea, you'll find someone with time.

If she doesn't have too high standards, I'd say yes. But she ought not to make her happiness dependent on others (e.g. her man).

Jesus that double newlining is absolutely disgusting. I have no idea what my hands were doing there.
Point still stands, though.

I'd say no. Everyone is responsible for their own happiness. If your partner isn't happy, it's up to them to try to fix it. Maybe by talking to you about it. Maybe by leaving you. Maybe by changing themselves.

>Yeah, keep her feeling anxious.
>As soon as she thinks you have no other options than her, she will lose attraction immediately.
This is manipulative. Sure, it'll work with a chunk of people, but be aware it'll come with some morality issues and headaches if you're not used to this sort of thing.
You'll also scare off anyone who is privy to what you're doing and actually has a brain. So in a ironic twist, by doing this to keep someone around, you'd be scaring off the people who are most suited to making excellent partners.
Women aren't all the backstabbing quacks that a lot of people will lead you to believe. A chunk of them- sure, I'll give you that. But not all of them.

>Also, don't take her shit. Don't let a woman control you EVER and set boundaries for her frequently.
Pretty solid advice everyone should take for every other person. Don't ever let someone control you. Set healthy boundaries and be firm with them.
Some boundaries can be counter productive and unhealthy though, but that's beyond the scope of this discussion.

>But also be able to be kind and loving to her, when the situation requires it.
In a ideal relationship, you should always be affectionate towards eachother as a healthy reminder that you both care. How you do that depends on you two as individuals.
Even years into a relationship, you should still be able to remind eachother you both care by doing occasional, random things to show affection.
>When the situation requires it
can be seen a number of ways. Do whatever feels natural, I guess.

>So be her dad, basically.
This is extremely terrible advice.
If you are in a relationship with someone you have to babysit with very little in return, you should reevaluate if that relationship is really what you want.

If you can keep up with changing desires and growing older.

>Is it possible to keep a woman happy in the long term?
but it is on you to decipher if your women is a rational person. If you start with a dumb bitch you're gonna end with a dumb bitch

This is absolutely terrible advice. This person is only going to have toxic relationships with shitty people

>privy to what you're doing
I am not doing anything. I am just doing my best to be a male that is attractive enough to have options, should I need them.
Any woman holds most of the cards in a relationship, cause she can walk away and have somebody new almost instantly.
If you have the same ability, all that does is even the playing field.
Go to the gym, eat well, be socially active, be a desirable male. That's all that is.

This is a two way street and both parties need to be aware of this.

If she isn't putting effort into the relationship and just expects him to 'keep her engaged' then she is a terrible wife. Similarly if the woman does everything for the man and he puts zero effort in he is a terrible husband

>decipher if your women is a rational person
Let me give you a short cut to that:
She is not.

It's sad how bitter so many people are on Jow Forums.

I found a good rational woman. I have to thank my ex gf for giving me the ability and highlighting what was really important in a relationship because she was such a dumb cunt I no what to look for, I know what questions to ask, and I know how to really assess my partner.

That is ideally not how a relationship should work.
However, if you find yourself happy in whatever relationship you're in and think your partner is also happy, then props, since that's ultimately all that matters.

Though this is very far from what the thinking process for a normal relationship should be like. It's generally pretty toxic for a couple reasons that I won't get into since I don't have the mental energy to keep up with the shit-flinging/shitposting that would probably ensue.

Maybe... I haven't managed to do it with any woman yet. They get bored the moment I start testing then like normal people.

Give it a few years.

Other peoples successes really makes you seethe

Do they?
I hadn't noticed. If you wanna project your insecurities on me, fine.
I am just realistic when it comes to women.
I have relationships, I have sex semi frequently and I enjoy female company, but I don't expect them to be something they are not.
Nature is nature. Men and women aren't the same and we will never fully understand each other.

>we will never fully understand each other.
A little empathy goes miles. You should learn some.

That's why I didn't use any pronouns.

I'm not insecure
I won, I have a good women.
I took me a few years to really assess her but I did it.

just because your relationships failed doesn't mean mine will.

>nature is nature
you don't understand shit
quit making excuses
Clearly you made bad choices in the past and you're a major part of the problem in your relationship. You're too much of an insecure loser to even admit that so you just blame women and nature and seethe over people who have figured it how.

Wow, you sure seem collected and not super project-ey.
Also, people who say
>I have figured it out
are universally the people who have NOT figured it out lmao.

I’m not saying that you will fail, but women change in ways that are hard to predict. I dated my wife for six years before getting married. She knew who I was, and I thought I knew who she was. Within three months of marriage, her attitude towards me changed drastically. She made it clear that I annoy and inconvenience her in nearly every interaction we had. She had a mental breakdown and attempted suicide around six months in. I never saw these things coming because she never said anything to indicate how she felt. The takeaway is that many women are awful at communicating their thoughts/feelings.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

I really wondered how our ancestors survived around women.

Maybe the only option we have when it comes to living with women is complete domination

Yes mate, my grandparents (on my mother's side) were married all the way until my grandad died from cancer. Of course it's possible, but it requires work from both sides to make a marriage work.

I don’t think we have to dominate women to get along, but if we are to be equal, women need to be raised to hold the same level of responsibility that men do. I think a lot of problems initiated by wives stem from a lack of responsibility (emotional, fiscal, etc). And before anyone calls me out, I’m not trying to imply that marriages only fail because of women.

Women don't have to be dominated in every aspect of life, but it does seem like most women enjoy being dominated, at the very least sexually.

Sounds like you did make a terrible choice.

Why can't you learn from it my dude?

It's not like she cracked over night. Even if she's putting up a facade man don't let a woman's poker face get to you. I married my wife on the premise that shes not a total cunt and met her family and stayed with them for a good 3-4 months. Like one of the anons here said, act like her dad and understand she's her own person as well.

That being said one thing I let be known right off the bat is if she's lacking as wife I will go looking somewhere else. And if she does ever cheat we will not be together any longer. She's the best friend and slutty fuck toy that I thought would never come around. And if she ever does leave I can confidently say I gave it 150%

That’s pretty much, word for word, what I did. It doesn’t help when her mind snaps, and the pussy well runs dry. I haven’t given up on my marriage, but to call this a rough patch would be an understatement.

Depends what you call long term. Generally no.

Only someone who is happy on their own. People who need you to be happy are always going to be nutcases.
Work on being happy together, as a mutual effort and not an one sided job.

Do you not talk to her about these frustations? Do you really know her deepest desires? It sounds like you're just listing out symptoms not the root cause. Maybe she's got jungle fever or wants to be a lesbian. If anybody should know this about her it should be you, even if you don't like it.

I have told her my side countless times, but she “doesn’t know” and “doesn’t want to talk about it right now.” There are situations in life where you will fail no matter how hard you struggle to succeed.

Nope you just don't give up Brother. It sounds like you're tackling this with the wrong perspective, that's why she's so short with you. When's the last time you had any fun? How about just getting drunk and watching porn together. Have fun with her, what I see lacking is any sort of excitement or enjoyment from each other. Even if it's not sex, I don't think she's fully to blame either.

If it was me I'd just hold her down and give her a good fucking even if she refuses. Just seems like a lot of animosity and immaturity and not enough compassion or understanding from both parties.

I've you want to know how I've kept my wife happy, we travel and I pound her stupid in new places. You don't necessarily have to spend money.

Last option is she may be cheating on you. And with your given situation I would snoop around in all honesty. But that's just me. Hope everything works out, one love


>dude just rape her!!

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t. Sociopath