Where can I find an intelligent bf? Smart men turn me on...

Where can I find an intelligent bf? Smart men turn me on, I love listening to them when they explain stuff and teach me new things. Dating apps have mainly dumbasses. Btw I'm ugly and fat so I'm not looking for a Chad, just a smart dude who will like me back. I'm dumb myself. Help?

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College? Library?

Go play some tcg at a local comic shop the weirdos that are in there is your dating pool, enjoy it.

This, pretty much.
If you're fat, ugly and dumb, what do you have to offer? The smart guy is at least smart.


I can be caring and supportive and take care of him and maybe share his hobbies and love him

Stop being fat

Can't do that homie

Just because they're nerdy or smart in traits doesn't mean they'll automatically feel attraction to you haha.

How about just improve upon yourself? Actually put in effort to take really good care of your body and get into hobbies such as fashion? Eventually you don't have to keep deluding yourself into settling and assuming that "smart guys" will be attracted to you. You'll just be attractive in general and have no problems.

There's nothing more pathetic than someone who let their body go and doesn't take good care of it. It's the only REAL possession you have in this reality and you're trashing it. Nothing worse.

Where do I find fat, ugly girls looking for bf

just approach people at your local uni, make sure the faculty only houses non-meme majors

I don't care about fashion and never will, I don't assume smart guys will be into me automatically cause they are autistic and have low standards or whatever, but I figure somewhere out there there is a guy in my type who will like me back

On Jow Forums or anywhere probably

pls be my gf

Ok, are you smart?

I met mine at a bar and he is always talking to me about different things that really interest him, like space and nature and geopolitics. It's great, I learnt a lot from here and it's great way to bond.

It took him a while to open up and go full on about this stuff though, also he doesn't look like the type to care about this so I guess don't judge a book by the cover

BA in Mathematics and I have a job

Fashion sense is one of the traits of a healthy human being that cares about what their outer appearance look like to other potential suitors. It means you are aware of your own fragility and existence- that's why people put in effort into looking good.

>I don't assume smart guys will be into me automatically cause they are autistic and have low standards or whatever

But that's exactly what you're doing though. Just cause they're nerdy or "smart" doesn't mean they'll feel attraction toward you. I know plenty of "smart" guys who are successful at bedding beautiful women, why you of all women?

I'm too introverted and awkward to go bar hopping in order to find a bf, but you sound so lucky... This is why I'm into smart guys, they motivate you to become better and learn more. I used to crush on a guy who studied medicine and often talked about various cases and I could listen to him for hours

Excellent, do you have a discord or a throwaway mail or something?

I don't buy your bullshit, I agree that dressing neatly and appropriately is one of the traits of a healthy human being, following dumb trends and spending hundreds on Gucci socks isn't something I need in my life at all. I assume nothing, smart guy (tm) is my type and this is why I'm looking for guys like this. Now, get lost, /fa/ is that way

Who said anything about following trends and spending? Why do you think there were songs made about thrift store shopping fashion?

Nice attitude, no wonder. If you had any sense, "smart" men are "intelligent" enough to see why your attitude isn't attractive to them.

I don't care about fashion, never will, so I won't waste my time on working my own style or whatever it is that fashion means, sorry. I make sure to dress appropriately, I wear clothes I like and deem nice and if a guy won't like me because I'm not some fashion baby then I can live with that. I wouldn't want to date someone who would reject other person solely because their fashion style isn't on point, this is some petty shit x

Shouldn't you disclose a location first?

I dunno if I'm that smart but I graduated college cum laude with a 3.75 gpa.
The only stuff I'm really knowledgeable about is videogames though.
I'd be happy to talk if you're interested, OP.

You'd better have the best personality in the world, woman.

If you're fat you hopefully also have fat tits.


library / university / older men at classier bars sometimes

Intelligent men want intelligent women, and intelligent women aren’t fat and ugly.
I wouldn’t even consider you.

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Then enjoy your ugly piglike manfriend.

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Europe, can't be more specific than that

I will make a throwaway discord when I get home post it, if my thread survives

I'm trying, obvious not succeeding, otherwise I wouldn't be fat and dumb... but maybe someday

They are ok

Guys from my faculty are dumber than me, at least the ones I know. I might try bumble, heard some good things about it. I don't have the balls to chat up people who are reading or researching stuff in libraries. Seems rude

You don't sound like dating material but pump and dump material. Until you lose weight.

What city do you live in?

Plenty of fat people date and I'm not enough of a hussy to put out right away so hardly a pump 'n dump material

>BA in math
>Myself BSc in economics and finance
>Can finally have someone teach me how to calculate volume of a cylinder for graduate schemes
Date me OP
I'll listen to you detail every single proof



Unironically Jow Forums.
I met my boyfriend who has an IQ in the 160s on here. He's also so fucking good looking it makes me feel ashamed that I get to suck his cock.

Does he suck your penis as well?

I was born without one, he has to stick to putting his dick in my pussy sadly. It's a rare genetic condition called being a female.

what a faggot

Not that far from Warsaw actually

Where did you meet him? On /soc/ or somewhere else?

I have to go to bed early tonight, it anyone wants to chat with me, you can find me at tsan#4913

>Where did you meet him? On /soc/ or somewhere else?
Random thread. You can safely assume 97% of people on soc are absolutely retarded.

>ugly and fat
>fat is fixable
>OP claims she can't fix the fat part

Hope you enjoy your prospects being awful for finding a smart dude. Even smart guys don't want fat girls.

Is this a username for a service and if so what service?

Yeah, /soc/ people and threads are silly form what I have noticed

It's a discord username

>It's Polish
the absolute state of Polish women
I bet you support PO too

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Really intelligent men nowadays is hard. Good luck on that.

Though I advise you to reduce your fat before, because this will increase your chances of finding one.

>really intelligent ...
finding really intelligent ... *

How fat are you? Post pic showing your belly button (or some pic alike)

>fat women
Ugly I could deal with but fat and ugly? Not even once.

>Intelligent men want intelligent women
Actually, that's bullshit.

Generally, when intelligent men want a woman they first look for motherly traits, and you seem to have them (though you are fat, meaning that you don't have the proper health to give birth).

Moreover, intelligent men also evaluate if the woman has the capacity to deposit her trust on them at difficult times - in short, resilience - and this is where a dumb woman shines over the intelligent one.

An intelligent woman tends to lack resilience besides being so full of "i'm independent and self-sufficient bullshit". Thus, she breaks the relationship whenever the man gets in a temporary crisis. Intelligent men know that really well, and they ALWAYS know how to recognize this perk on a woman.

In short,
> 'dumb ones' may be dumb, but they are resilient, and excellent to pairbond;
because they are always growing their trust in the relationship, diminishing the chances of break ups.

It may sound arrogant but I regard myself intelligent, when compared to average people, and I'd probably love to know you; however, the fact that you're fat is a problem. Most men need to have sex with the woman they love, it is a must and it cannot be left unfulfilled. Therefore, the woman must have a healthy body, meaning no obesity.

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yes please post your stomach fat femanon
we really need to gauge how overweight you are
include your hips and thighs in the image, maybe get a shot of your stomach spilling over your lap

What did you study

This is so factually inaccurate it is pretty funny. Intelligent people tend to date intelligent people, and their relationships tend to last longer. Being caring has nothing to do with intelligence.
My wife is a really sweet and loving woman, and even if she's not as intelligent as me she still is much more intelligent than average.

Shitposting from the grave eh elliot?

i think you're looking for this one:


Begin a cardio regiment, start slow, just take hour long walks, begin sprinting in between walking as you get more comfortable, eventually join a gym when enough base weight is lost, you don't need to be rail thin, but obesity is dangerous for you well being.

As for intelligence, start watching some meaningful documentaries on space or nature, and read a good deal of quality literature. If you want some one to love you, you have to have something to offer back.

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how ugly and fat?

>160 IQ bf
>from Jow Forums
you are gullible.

Say your 3 sizes