Manage small advertising firm

>Manage small advertising firm
>Yesterday, one of my employees goes missing an hour and a half before closing time
>As I leave, I notice that his car is still in the lot
>I come in early today and his car is gone
>Assume that he must've decided to finish some important paperwork I left on his desk
>Come in early this morning
>His car is gone and absolutely none of the paperwork is done
>I check the security cameras to see when he left the office
>Like 20 minutes after closing time, he walked out the bathroom nude from the waste down, skipping around the office holding his pants in his hands
What the fuck happened and what do I do? Should I ask him about this? I'm really fucking confused, I didn't sign up for this shit

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Ask him what the fuck

How do I even bring this up? He called in sick today and I didn't know what to say to him

Tell him that you noticed him going missing during working hours, took a look at CCTV, found him skipping around the office with his dick out and butt naked. Ask him to kindly explain himself.

I just called him and he didn't pick up

Talk to him whenever you see him next, champ.


Threads made me laugh. Thanks shitbro

Show cameras to HR. Fire and replace him.

Not bait

Yeah, I'll probably have to do this. It sucks because he is one of the most important people in the office

is there a thread multiverse?
When is the avengers thread coming?


Don’t ask about it. It sounds like he lost his mind for a second. If I continues to happen call him out but otherwise keep proceeding as normal

What if he had a stroke in the bathroom and had his car repoed already. No cameras in the lot?

He shit himself, remember the thread from yesterday.

He was supposed to break a pen and spill ink on his shitstains.

Fuckin fatties.

Fuck off you nasty ass tranny. Just because you want to pretend that you’re a woman, doesn’t mean that you are. You are trash and so is your opinion.

Oh yeah, I remember that one now. Probably waited for the office to empty since the pen thing probably didn't work.


>Not bait
Fuck you. The thread you ripped for this one is literally still in the catalog

What are you guys talking about? Can you link the thread?


Lmao. Made me kek OP.

Oh wait the guy above you is right, the thread is still in the catalog:

Thanks bros. That post seems to line up with the time he went missing yesterday, and I'm 99% sure that's him. Now that I know he posts here, I don't know if I want to fire him or not

Wow user, I totally believe you're actually that guy's boss. How utterly convincing.

Let's say this guy's boss was hypothetically thinking of firing him though. I think you shouldn't, as long as this guy does turn up to work and does his fucking work from now on. A toilet accident isn't something deliberate. He didn't deliberately fuck up. Shit happens, as they say. So I don't think he should be fired for having a shitter accident. Also that's just bad business, if he's a good employee, there's no reason to get rid of him. But if he's already a terrible employee then maybe not being at his desk might be another reason to fire him. But having a shitter accident is not in itself a reason to fire somebody, not in a billion years.

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First of all kill yourself. Second of all he walked through my workplace with his dick out while high on cocaine

Yeah and you just happen to post on Jow Forums just like him.

Go fuck yourself.

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