I just want a virgin gf

I just want a virgin gf.
She can be fat, she can be ugly, I don't care
I just want her to not be a slut.

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Go to church, I guess?

Eh... Why?

Most women are sluts these days but there’s hope for you yet bro

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>East Asian (Indian)

>these days
Found the Jow Forums virgin.

If I had this kind of complex of do what says

Found the white knight neckbeard m’lady

Do tell us about the good old days when everything was better and you were guaranteed a virgin loving wife. After all your fellow Jow Forums virgins wouldn't make shit up would they?

Girls who dated before you aren't automatically sluts. There is nothing special about "saving themselves" for you, get over yourself

heres some good news and bad news. almost all women are sluts, virgin or not but the good news is sluts are awesome. You should aim for your own loyal slut who is only a slut for you.

Idk if you've ever actually fucked a virgin, but enjoy the worst sex in your fucking life. An experienced girl who knows how to ride and suck dick is always preferred, personally.

I don't care about bad sex. I just don't want a slut.

If she wasn't a slut before you, do you really expect her to do slutty things with you?

if you consent for slutty sex, that's on you.

No, I don't expect it. I never said I do.

The only way viable is to get a minor. And under 15 probably.

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>t. slut

don't fall for this meme

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I bet you're a real catch.

My 16 yo gf was a virgin, I’m 20

I'm a virgin as well.
I have a job, don't live with parents, I'm not an obese neckbeard.
Do I have to be some top tier Chad, to be allowed to want a virgin? I don't want to date some hot model, just a virgin.

nah, your expectations are fine, but you'll likely have more trouble meeting them
as often, the easy way is not necessarily the good way

If it’s about your insecurities, it’s not worth the effort. Work on yourself and accept the fact that all girls are sluts and they will disappoint you sooner or later, just find one who is a slut just for you

but contraceptives really do make it easier to slut it up, those weren't a thing back in the day

What about a 25 year old girl who isn’t a virgin but has only had one sexual partner her whole life? That’s gotta count for something in today’s world.

You're a slut because you were supposed to know your first bf wasn't the one and you had to wait until 25 to find the right one.

seems decent enough

No bro, lol. I’m currently talking to a 25 year old qt who has only had one sexual partner. I’d like to think I hit the jackpot.

how do you find girls like this

Why does that matter? What difference does it make if she had one or three bfs at 25?

>What difference does it make if she had one or three bfs at 25?
About 14.28%

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Who wants a prude, timid wife who'll only have sex with you in missionary with the lights out? And then only for procreation.
Or do you think all those pure virgins are hiding massive sex drives just for their eventual husbands?
And aside from the fact that virgins are generally shit in bed you're not going to find a "pure" virgin at age 20+ that doesn't have something wrong with her. Otherwise she woulldn't be a virgin at 20+ because people fucking is normal. People fucking people they don't plan to spend forever with is normal too.
Seriously, get over your Disney movie notions of romance. They're completely unrealistic.

You can have the virgins. I'm secure enough to deal with a girl who've had other partners as long as she's not cheating while we're together.
Give me a loyal slut any day, at least they're fun to be with.

You realize you can learn to have sex better with just 1 partner, right? It's like saying you can't ever ride a bike properly unless you get a new one every week. Imagine being this retarded of a roastie/cuck.

That's exactly what I want, but seems even more difficult.

I'm saying that if she had any interest in riding a bike she would've started learning sooner.
You're the moron who equates a women having had previous relationships at age 20+ to a slut who fucks a new guy every week.
If you want an enjoyable sex life you're unlikely to find it with a woman who's still a virgin at that age or she wouldn't be a virgin.
Well, unless she's been raised in some kind of isolated cult or something, but that kind of thing comes with issues no sane man wants to deal with.

Why wanting virginity is something that pisses off people the most?
If I said I wanted I wanted a girl who is a weeb, 160cm, 50kg brunette, who has a higher degree, doesn't do drugs, is not a leftist, doesn't have tattoos and wants kids, then everybody would be like "yeah, good luck; plenty of fish in the sea", but the moment you say anything about virginity everyone collectively loses their shit.

>Who wants a prude, timid wife who'll only have sex with you in missionary with the lights out? And then only for procreation.
This. I prefer a woman who's taken at least several cocks, preferably at once. Bonus points if there's one of every color of the rainbow. Only once this has happened can I enjoy fucking her.

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Or maybe she's only interested in dating people she actually likes and hasn't found anyone so far. Not everyone is a coomer like you.

>Bob: "We knew that it was a bi-racial situation, and that our children needed to know."

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>OP is unironically intimidated by sexually actively women
You’re such a fucking loser, what does it matter because it’s not like you’re giving them your virginity, and even if you are most relationships don’t last. Then you’ll be a non virgin after it ends and you’ll have no room to complain anymore

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There are many girls who is virgin. But we are incel and nerd

>He actually believes those made up meme graphs

Nobody is losing their shit here except virgin fetishists like you or OP. Everyone is just pointing out how dumb you are.

>she's actually trying to argue that being a roastie is good

That's just bullshit. I was a virgin until 23 when I met my current boyfriend and we have a great, active sex life (we fuck almost every day after 2 years together). Of course it was awkward at first, but after a couple of times I got the gist of it. I don't know why you equate virginity with being a prude. Before meeting him I masturbated, I watched porn, I knew what sex was and I didn't think it was something shameful or weird. I just didn't want to fuck a random guy I had no feelings for and it took some time to find "the one". Someone I was sure wanted a long term relationship, semeone that I felt safe with, someone that I felt I had a conmextion woth. Sex with no attachments is just not something I'm interested in, even if I have a pretty high sex drive. Masturbation did its job well enough until I found my bf.

>I don't care about bad sex.
Yes, you do. Yes, you fucking do. When the peepee comes to the vagina, this is all you care about, not arbitrary concepts like "virginity" or "sluttiness".

Just because you're a brainlet doesn't mean everyone else is too.

>not brainlet and cumbrained

I'm trying to give advice based on his own condition, not mine.

>prefers sluts because 'muh better sex'
>calls others cumbrained
Meme spouting brainlet detected.

>if a girl had sex with someone who is not me she is a slut
Meme spouting brainlet detected.

>pretending you don't care about good sex

Okay, whatever makes you sleep at night

>Give me a loyal slut any day

I'd rather train a virgin gf how to have good sex myself, unlike beta cucks like you who'd rather other guys train them for you.

>I'd rather train a virgin gf how to have good sex myself

Sure, good luck with that, friendo

Thanks m8

church girls are a different kind of slutty

"I want a piece of unopened, pristine merchandise that doesn't have wants, feelings, or a history that exists before me"

Good for you user. I wish more people were like that.

24 virgin dude. Not a lot of girls have asked to do lewd things with me but I shot those few down. I don't wanna jump in your pants, I want a goddamn loving relationship. Why is everyone so eager to senselessly fuck each other? Don't you understand that something is sort of ruined in the process when you do this? I'd like to treat intimacy like it's something actually fucking special, y'know?

God I'm alone....

Maybe you are alone because you are an undesirable piece of shit.

Look at this SSSSeething roastie


Noooooo, you are supposed to gain experience by having frivolous sex with random people!
It is only natural to want random sex!

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They just had back-alley abortions and/or had families of 9 kids minus the other 10-12 kids that died at childbirth, as well as the orphanages that were populated by hundreds of thousands of would-be abortions.

This generation actually has less sex than previous generations.

how would you know what good sex is

debate me you coward

>"i want a virgin gf but not a virgin bride, because I want to deflower my gf on the third date or earlier"
Why the fuck would a pure woman have premarital sex with you? Be realistic.


Beggars can’t be choosers

projecting what?

what sort of schroedinger's virgin is going to reject all the Chads and Jamals and Joses and Long Wangs and all the other attractive genuinely nice and charismatic dudes and remain a virgin - and then when she sees someone who posts of Jow Forums she's immediately going to jump on his dick?

Using psychology terms incorrectly is normal for people lacking the vocabulary to express their opinion. That said it’s also annoying.

Church girls are so slutty and kinky. I think it’s all the repressed sexual emotions being shamed that turns them into anal loving whores.

sort of, it's more like them thinking that they can trick god via technicality that since they're not having vaginal sex they can still suck 27 dicks and they'll be pure virgins for marriage. sort of like how jews hire poor arab kids to clean their house and whatever on sabbath.

Don't fucking lie on Jow Forums of all places.