Dating below your league

So last night I was watching porn and I came across a series of amateur videos starring a bodybuilder looking guy Chris something and his girlfriend. The dude is tall, great body, good facial aesthetic and very clearly on gear; the girl however is a 5/10, short, chubby, good enough tits and ass, super pale, curly hair, big nose and glasses. And yet they seemed so happy together, she was getting ragdolled and stretched out all over and loving every second of it.

So with that in mind I wonder: How smart is it to date below your league? Is it the true path to making it?

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He probably uses her as a cumdumpster, chad would never commit to her

link? I don't even watch porn I'm just curious what this 5/10 in your eyes actually looks like.
He probably means these two

Leagues are only a construct in your mind.

He is ugly but because you are gay for him you see him as way more handsome than he actually is.

She’s beautiful, definitely not a 5

Porn isn't real life. All of those people are getting paid to be there, so never think that what you see is realistic.

Leagues don't exist IRL.
My husband is a very conventionally attractive guy, I'm not a pretty girl. I'm exactly his type tho and he finds me super attractive.

She's a 6, maybe 6.5
And he's like an 8 maybe 8.
Not much of a difference here really. If a woman is willing to make porn with you exclusively then that's pretty cool and lots of guys would appreicate that.

Lol, it's common knowledge that bitches always date up and guys are forced to date down because girls in their league or above them wouldn't fuck them.

Again, leagues don't exist IRL.
I dated guys who aren't considered conventionally handsome, it was never a big deal to me.

Shut the fuck up.

I know it's comfy to think that you struggle with dating because there's a super harsh caste system that stops you from fucking anyone fuckable, but it's not reality.

I dated a girl I knew was below my typical physical standards.

I thought I was doing her a favor, and that she’d never lose interest because I’m clearly just out of her league.

Boy was I wrong lol, she got insecure af abt it, n I ended up being her bitch because I invested so much thinking I had the upper hand, and that I actually like her for her personality since I’m looking past her looks slightly.

Nope probably better off finding someone of approximately equal attractiveness to urself

You're a girl, you have no idea what dating is like for men. Go kill yourself.

I've been on dates with guys who were facially deformed and 5'4" guys.
You're kidding yourself if you think that there's anything stopping you from getting your dick wet but your absolute unwillingness to even try.

Classic butterface, makes sense

Did you fuck those guys also? Because that's all what matters.

I waited till marriage, I haven't fucked anyone but my husband. Not a good measure for my particular case.
I really liked the facially deformed guy, he left me and kind of broke my heart.

He’s a generic roided up dude with a homely girl with big ass and tits. She’s willing to do porn with him, which is probably relatively rare.

Post pic of hubby, every single time I see some girl on this dite refer to her partner as attractive he turns out to be a fat nerd.

So you can't help me. >.

I date below because I'm insecure.

I have a weak personality but am decent looking, so I tend to date fat girls because I'm a crybaby and don't want to be cheated on.

I'm not posting pics of my husband on fucking Jow Forums. Anyone who posts revealing info on this shithole is a moron.
He's 6'3", 190 lbs, in good shape. Brown hair, green eyes, cute smile, looks like Johnny Depp when he was younger apparently.

This, last time I read a girl on Jow Forums refer to her husband as “male model tier, basically gigachad” she ended up posting a pic of their hands together and they were both probably around 300lbs each, judging from their fat hands.

>pretending to be a woman on Jow Forums
I get why trannies do it over at Jow Forums, but why here?

You do realise that almost half of this board are women and 25% of people on Jow Forums are girls, right?

Yeah I realize

>call out the tranny
>thread dies
funny how that works