I live in America and im uncircumcised. Do girls really care about men being uncircumcised? Im 18yrs old

I live in America and im uncircumcised. Do girls really care about men being uncircumcised? Im 18yrs old.

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stop worrying that much about sex.
At the end of the day its just about havnig fun with eachother, would a girl really throw away a full relationship if she discovered a minor detail like that?

In my experience women do not care in the slightest. They might consider it a bit of a novelty (if they have seen enough dick to actually care about minor things like that) but when push comes to shove a dick is a dick.

Some girls prefer it.

Get circumcised now. Bitches hate uncircumcised smelly cheese dick

What? Of course not, girls don't care either way it's just a bit of a skin and when the dick gets hard it looks nearly the same as any other dick and the th-
>I live in America
nevermind then, get that filthy skin removed and be sure to vote for the candidates that support Israel unconditionally!

do cutfriends actually believe that dicks turn into cheese after like a day or just a few hours?

I'm not American, but I prefer uncircumsised dicks. They look better, imo, and are fun to play with. Just keep it clean.

Fuck off.

Women do not think about dicks nearly as much as guys think they do

Depends on which part of America you live. If it's north, like USA or Canada, it might surprise some girls but it's almost not probable that one will discard you for this. If it's south like Argentina or Chile, it's normal, being cut would be weird for them.

If she doesn't let you fuck right before you insert your penis because you’re uncircumcised, I want you to take the bazooka you've been hiding out your foreskin and blast her shit to shreds comrade. The nerve of these infide-
Damn women have rights over there. Just leave most women don't care anyway bro

>would rather dried-out, crusty dick

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We care a little. It’s hard to see mutilation, specially of the guy is okay with the parents doing this to him. I would never consider something serious with a person like that.

Do you even personal hygiene bro?

10% off but noone's buying
it didn't kill me but I feel like dying

Should I mutilate my body to be accepted by my tribe?

uncircumcised penises are gross. I had sex with only one guy that wasn't but never again, yuck

But you're a gay guy, not a girl.

who cares what women think? I mean this with 100% sincerity, if any women thinks you should mutilate your dick because she prefers it then she needs a good slap. A woman's opinion on male genital mutilation carries no weight unless she supports banning it.

Your penis is the way it should be; mutilated genitals should not be normal nor should it be enviable!

fuck off self-harm promoting jew

What does it matter?

D-do you guys let your gf's actually see your penis?

>he has a gf
Having a foreskin makes it easier to masturbate, dumpass