Good evening anonymous, I hope you're having a good week so far. Welcome to the Lunar threads

Good evening anonymous, I hope you're having a good week so far. Welcome to the Lunar threads.

Tell us about your troubles, how you've been doing lately, some good things that happened to you recently or anything else you may wish to talk about. We're a group of anons gathered here to lend an ear, chill out and perhaps give some advice that can help you.

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I can't get over my break up. It's the mother of our 2 year old. I fucked up the whole relationship because I couldn't quit drinking and finally I had a mental breakdown after my mom died. I ended up threatening to kill her if she left me. She has a restraining order now. I know I need to work on myself but the pain of her being over me is excruciating. I'm on meds and go to therapy and nothing works. I dream of her when I sleep. My stomach is killing me. I feel like life is over.

Working on a map for my fantasy world. It’s a lot of fun. Meditative. Distracting.

I'm sorry to hear that, user. I mean that's... really shitty. Is she still in the life of the child? What's the arrangement?

Thanks. She is taking great care of him. I can't have contact with either. It just sucks I have so many problems and they've made life hard on me and everyone who cares about me. I'm supposed to work and live and be strong but I've been resisting suicide for years now and I'm exhausted. Thanks for the clip a voice is reassuring.

Heh. That sounds pretty fun, user. I do wonder, you said it's meditative? That's a bit odd to me. Isn't meditation all about freeing yourself from thoughts? Just going with the continuous flow?

I would imagine making a map for a fantasy world or a setting in general would take quite a bit of active thought process. I would think it would take a lot of focused thought about whether it makes sense for something to be in X or Y location.

Mm... Thank you too, user. The voice clips, I do them for that reason. But it's more often than not that I get the usual response about being an attention-whore or something like that. But it's not anything like that...

But back to you. Umm, it really sucks that you can't have contact with them but... you never know what can happen in the future. And if you manage to do like you're trying to, to work and live and be strong like you said.. Things might change in the future.

And you might have a chance at... At least being a part of their life in some way. I know it's probably pretty hard to believe right now but life doesn't have to be over.

It's probably, no doubt... very hard, I mean I can hardly imagine what you're going through but I think you could do it.

And if it helps you to check into these threads every week, I would be very happy if you did that. It would be my honor. At the very least, it would give me a piece of mind, knowing that you're still in this world and haven't given up.

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It depends on what stage of the map you're on, I think. Right now, I'm just building up the mountains on a tiny section of the map, which doesn't require too much thought because it's just making a continuously shrinking area of slightly random shapes.

Coming up with the names of provinces for places I haven't put much thought into makes me rip my hair out, and coming up with the overall shape of the world was painful-- I have a major peninsula on my map, and while trying to design it, it kept looking like a penis... and my attempts to make it look less like a dick wound up making it look like a penis with a penis. I eventually got around the problem by wearing nail polish, waiting for it to crack/chip, then taking a picture and using that as the outline for the peninsula. Solved the problem. No more dicks.

The problems of where rivers go, lakes, mountains, sulfuric calderas, tar pits, etc. has already been solved. So the meditative part is just putting in the artistic details that show those features, because the planning has already been done.

Wow. That sounds like a lot of effort. Mountains, lakes, rivers, tar pits. That's a lot. It's a creative situation too. The thing with the... nail polish. I can't imagine how you came up with it.

Still! How are you making the map? Are you making a physical mapo or are you using photoshop to create it digitally? Maybe you have a... tablet? I'm curious.

Usually when I'm making a map for something I come up with a general culture for an area first, something based off the real world. Then I just go to some place or something in that general area that's representative of the language I'm looking for and then name it after that. For example, if I had to name a tribe that I was roughly basing off of mesoamerican tribes, I'd go look up something like the Chicxulub crater. Then I look it up on wikipedia (or find what I'm looking for on wikipedia to begin with) and read through it a bit. In this case what stood out to me was the mention of quartz being found in the crater. Thus, I just named that tribe the Quarxulub tribe. A mix of quartz and Chicxulub. I'll also usually look up pronunciation guides for whichever language it is to make sure it sounds decent too, and then ones I've tweaked it a bit to where I like the name, that's what it is. There are other ways I sometimes use, like just combining names or coming up with whatever random syllables pop up in my head, but I generally stick to that first method. Hopefully that might help with your naming problem.

>The thing with the... nail polish. I can't imagine how you came up with it.
Desperation, mostly. I have some online friends who also do worldbuilding/mapmaking, and they were laughing themselves to tears.

Some people use tea/coffee stains to help them come up with map shapes, but those outlines tend to just become weird blobs, so I couldn't do that. I saw another girl with chipped nail polish and it hit me that the chips come off somewhat randomly, so you can get odd shapes other than just "oops, I spilled" blobs. Also, nail polish chips off with sharp edges, which makes for a nice, craggy coast. So I did that. Snapped a picture, put it in photoshop, played with the levels until I had a perfect outline, and then drew over it.

I'm doing the mountain leveling in clip studio. Photoshop is great for painting, but clip studio has superior stabilizer for drawing lines and a couple other nice things. I'm going for a nice washed out map look though, so I might go to photoshop later to fuss with that aesthetic.

But even when it's frustrating, mapmaking is very absorbing and helps distract you from the million other things you should be doing.

Another mapmaker/worldbuilder on here! Nice to meet you.

I have several conlangs for my world, but the recorded history also goes back about 20,000 years, so I have to keep in mind how the language's changed, and when people actually moved in/reclaimed settlement areas. Another problem is the map is extremely large-- about 10x the size of California.

None of my conlangs or cultures really fit in with any real-world groups, but that's a really good idea in general, especially if you're trying to get your viewer to cue in on what the "feel" of a culture or location will be.

I like this thinking, but you'll need to be slightly more invested in the names and think out of tje box. It's healthy for you but at the same time quarxulub might be some word and have a certain meaning so you'll have to be careful
I liked the idea of nail polish. It worked, right

I can see why that would mostly end up as strange blobs.
I've never done this sort of thing before but I would probably consider the idea of looking up pre-existing maps of various types. Perhaps tracing over smaller pieces of landforms that you like the shape of and sort of combining them in different combinations almost like a puzzle. A jigzaw puzzle, to make the landmass that you're wanting to create. Maybe it sounds a little unoriginal but it's an idea. I would definitely consider it.


>but at the same time quarxulub might be some word and have a certain meaning
Not him, but I had a friend who was working on a story, and he had to change one of his character's names because it meant "penis" in a native american language (don't remember which one).

It 100% worked. It gave my peninsula a kind of dragon-necked moose-headed appearance without it being too obvious. I almost cried from happiness.

Exactly. In my case, only the language and certain parts of the religion of that tribe were based off of mesoamerican cultures (largely Aztec or Mayan) but I also pulled things from some native North American cultures, Chinese philosophy, and some other Asian countries to put together the entire tribe, so it gets a general idea of what theme I'm going for but has enough differences to feel like my own.

If you've got a long history for your world, I'd recommend looking how Old/Middle/English or Ancient German came to be modern German (with it's variants like Low German, Frisian languages, and even Dutch as a more varied offshoot). They're quite well documented and can give a lot of hints on how languages might change over time. Then it's just coming up with what things might have been named once and what they are now.

I usually spend a fair amount of time on it and put a lot of thought into the name before I give it my own greenlight. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and when it comes to worldbuilding, I want to be happy with what I've made. Even if something I came up with were to be a real word or close to one (which they usually don't) I cross-check them to see if there may be a reference there I don't like. If not I'm fine to use it, and even if it is close to a real word, in the end I'm worldbuilding and coming up with this stuff for my own satisfaction. I'm usually the only one who's ever going to see or know about these, so it doesn't really matter to me whether something might be significant to others or not, because the only significance it has to me is that I came up with a name that I'm happy with.

I just had a girl over. We've been dating for a few weeks and she said she wanted to take things slow. No problem. Today we were making out and she moved my hands to her breasts etc, and we ended up having sex. Or trying to, at least

She seemed into it, and got wet, but it was hard to get it in. Then she said "it feels good but I can't quite get turned on. I don't know why" Things got a bit awkward (for her) so she ended up leaving.

Anything I can do? I feel bad.

Well, this might sound ridiculous but umm.. I think perhaps, you should text her in just a little while and ask her if there's anything you can do. You said she can't quite get turned on... It doesn't sound like she had that much trouble with it, I mean... She got wet...

But I would say that she's the only one who could tell you what's going on. I don't know what she's like so I can't say whether it's best to give her some space or to ask while the iron's hot, so to speak... But I can say that sitting around feeling bad about it isn't going to do anything for you and she's the only one who can give you the answer you need.

I don't think that you did anything wrong user, if anything, I think that it might be more about what you didn't do rather than what you did wrong.
>I can't quite get turned on
When it comes to women and getting them turned on it pretty much boils down to foreplay; did you not do enough foreplay? I personally don't know if you did because I wasn't there and hell, even she doesn't seem know why she wasn't turned on enough to keep going; but I think that you should nonetheless give more foreplay a shot and if it solves your problem then perfect, if not then she'll have to help you understand why she's not turned on.
Relationships at the end of the day are a team effort, if she doesn't know what's wrong then you shouldn't feel bad for something that might not have anything to do with you. Just try to do your best and if things don't workout then go from what you learned that time, hopefully with some better feedback on your performance or the origin of the problem.

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All right, thanks. I think she might have been a virgin - she seemed very inexperienced. So maybe she is nervous? And she is, since recently, ex-religious, so maybe it has something to do with this?

Do you write these answers before you speak, or speak first? =)

OP, does the name Alice3d, from Jow Forums, ring any bells to you?

We did foreplay for almost an hour. She was soaking and moaning and twisting and turning. Only when it came to the sex she kind of dried up a bit.

Ahem... I umm, I speak first. It seems more genuine to me that way. If I write out an answer and then I read it, it's like a script, uh... So it's almost manufacture. But I want it to be organic, I want it to be real or else no one will ever feel a genuine connection.

So I always sort of... like this, stumble. I say whatever it is I need to say and then I transcribe it, listening through a second time.

I should probably come up with a more efficient way but it's the way I do it right now.
(I try not to transcribe all my stuttering, though.)

No comment.

You make her sound like a sponge!

Not OP but fuck that abusive piece of trash.

>from Jow Forums
And /soc/ and /b/.

>I think she might have been a virgin - she seemed very inexperienced. So maybe she is nervous? And she is, since recently, ex-religious, so maybe it has something to do with this?
That's probably why then, she might be going through some inner conflicts of her own and while the pleasure felt good at first she might have realized that maybe she shouldn't have been having sex before marriage or something along those lines.
I think that this is something that you'll have to get her to talk to you about, ask how she's doing and stuff like said. If you think that a more direct approach is compatible with her then go ahead, otherwise you'll have to get her to open up to you about it.

>You make her sound like a sponge!
SpongeSop Wet Panties

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I resisted making that exact joke. Only out of sensitivity for the girl.


This is good. Thanks.

Also, she was very insecure about her body. She wanted the lights off and a blanket on us and around her as she was getting dressed etc

Which is weird because she is slender and has a great body. What do I do here?

Surely, you can't blame me.

The only way I know how to put this is that, it's... rather common for women (although I'm not discounting men) to have body image issues. It's rather common for women, even if they're actually rather pretty, to be umm.. Well, not confident.

Honestly, given what you've said about her, and especially if she is a virgin, can you really blame her?

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Yeah I see - is there anything I can do or say? I did see her a couple of times, but she obviously wanted to hide away...

The obvious answer would be to tell her how much you love her figure and stuff like that, but from experience this doesn't usually work with self-conscious women because you're pretty much telling them "just stop thinking poorly of yourself".
Instead, I'd propose demonstrating how much you like her body as opposed to telling her. Personally, I find that actions speak louder than words; so embrace her, hold her hands, hug her, touch her body, act passionately towards her body (kisses, massages, etc.), insist on looking at her naked during sex, ...
Eventually she'll realize that she has reasons besides just words to feel confident about her self-image; only then should you remind her of all the things that you've done and will do to her body because of how much you like it and think it's great.

I would say there's nothing more that you can do than what was suggested earlier. I mean, of course you sort of eventually want to get around to reassuring her. Telling her she's beautiful or whatever, you know.

But to get there, you have to kind of get your foot in the door, ya know? So honestly just asking her what's up is still the first step.

After you find out what's up and she let's you in on it and maybe it is just, she's a virgin, she's nervous, etc, etc...

Then you can focus on that, on telling her she's beautiful or whatever. But I'm gonna tell you now, that's probably a long-term sort of deal. It's probably not gonna happen overnight.

Thanks a lot.

I’m going to bed now. Seeing her tomorrow so I’ll ask a bit about it (carefully) :-)

If you really love the girl, then you have to have the patience and compassion for her. It's probably not going to be easy, maybe it will be. But it's not likely. You have to take things slowly, and don't get frustrated.

In time, things'll get better. As long as you commit.

Goodnight, user. Sleep tight.

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Alright, everyone. It's about time for me to turn in for the night. Thank you to everyone who showed up and... I hope to see you again, just to see how you're doing.