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A coworker was killed a few days ago. I didn't talk to her much because she worked a different spot, or like her sexually, but she had a genuinely warm happy personality, constantly smiling from eye to eye and laughing so I always liked to see her. I didn't know I could be so affected by someone I barely knew.

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>No gf

That's on my mind nigga, now bring me dat double whiskey cola

How did she die? I mean, who killed her?

Hit by a drunk driver.

Oh shit

Coming right up

I had a major drug problem, but now that I'm off them I remember why I did them, everything just feels so empty. I'm surrounded by people who love me but I still fell awful, I just want to stop existing. I can't kill myself because it would hurt the people I care about too much, I don't even hope for an accidental death because it would still hurt them. I just wish I never existed at all, like some red dwarf shit were my life gets handed to someone else who would do it better.

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We shall drink to her memory user

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Feel free to use the Jukebox people; post some feels tunes.

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Life is like that isn't it? You don't even remember being born, just one day you are told that you are alive and this is the fucked up world you live in now go off and be a slave your whole life and we just accept that.

But I tell you something, there's a reason why you were born, a reason why in an infinite universe of infinite possibilities there somehow happened to be a perfectly suited planet that lead to your existence. You have a place in this world that you will find but first you have got to find yourself. Be honest to yourself, ask yourself where you are going and where you really want to be. Accept your deck of cards as it is and make sure you win with it.

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Drunk and fine. A little bit lonely but that’s how I like it. No complaints. Hope I die in my sleep :)


I used to be able to, but now I can't even numb myself to get through it. I really wish I could agree with you but I just can't.

Whenever you leave I feel free, but if I break up I will feel feels, I know that because that is how I feel when you are gone for more than 2 days, a sign that I still love you.

Crushing on a colleague super hard but I'm already in a committed relationship. I don't even know who I'm leading on at this point.

I really love my boyfriend, I tell him this all the time and he tells me how much he loves me. I've been in several relationships but this is the first time I truly feel loved for who I am, I hope everyone finds this kind of love in their lifetime if they're honest with who they are.

I really can't do anything right. I'm terrible at everything that I've ever tried. Not even good at vidya. Struggling in my Computer Science BS degree. I keep holding on to this vague hope that someday I'm going to "make it" but it seems to be totally irrational.

You really sound like you got a lot going on. I hope you find peace in your mind. Consider letting just a small bit out on someone you can trust or maybe seeing a professional, rest a little.

Hi. I'll have a Vodka Red Bull and a plate of fries.

I wish I did, it's honestly just some mild uni shit. I've been to several therapists but it's like without some kind of substance numbing me I'm just miserable. Thank you for the concern though, it's nice to hear.

You got to reel it in and get your emotions under control. Crushing on her seems like a good idea now but it is honestly a brick wall.

Success is repeated failiure without loss of motivation. There are positions out there, you got to look harder. There is no excuse for someone working harder than you. But in reality if this CS degree is seriously draining you, it may not seem like it but there is still much time. Find your passion elsewhere and lead a simpler life that will bring you satisfaction. They say it is called 'The American Dream' because you have to be asleep to believe it.

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why did she do this to me? it felt like one of those hollywood romances, i brought her flowers out of my garden, she seemed really in to me, made out with her while driving the highway, held hands while walking for miles, even made her squirt. just for her to slowly stop talking to me. slowly the excuses piled up as to why she couldn't see me, school, work, her friends etc... she had given me every sign under the sun that she was genuinely interested, why else would you let someone coom inside you and stay the night with them, cuddling the whole time. its not fair. so now im sitting home on a friday night wondering why this happened. why did she do this? did she just want to be wined and dined? was she low on seratonin? its not fair bros.

That shit is a trap. Wherever life takes you, carry a shard of pride in your pocket and don't fall back into substance abuse. I know these kinds of replies is the last thing you want to hear but someone has to say it. Don't trap yourself.

No I like to hear that stuff, I mostly agree because that shit was making me unhappy in the long run. I guess I'm still looking for an adequate replacement. Thank you for putting up with the self pity tho

> there's a reason why you were born, a reason why in an infinite universe of infinite possibilities there somehow happened to be a perfectly suited planet that lead to your existence
Yeah, and that "reason" is pure happenstance. DNA being ripped apart and mashed together in a randomized order with absolutely no effort towards making sure the end result was a properly functioning human being. Still though, that doesn't mean life isn't worth living. I actually agree with you that everyone needs to accept their deck of cards and make sure they win with it if they can. Life can have many great joys if you open yourself to experiencing them.

>You got to reel it in and get your emotions under control. Crushing on her seems like a good idea now but it is honestly a brick wall.

It's a terrible idea. That's why I'm in your thread.

I have really particular standards when it comes to girls, and there are only a very small number of girls I've ever met that I'd even consider dating. In the past 2 years I've met 3 girls whom asking out ever crossed my mind. All three have had boyfriends. I just met the third recently. It feels like shit man. To finally find someone who you feel like you connect with only to realize she's off limits. It seems like getting a girl takes an insane amount of luck that I don't have. Most attractive and sane girls will only be single for an incredibly short amount of time between boyfriends, and if you don't happen to meet her and act during that incredibly short window you have no chance. It drives me insane because it seems impossible to just "go out and find a girl I like". It seems like a game of pulling a slot machine lever and every year or two you'll get two in a row, but never three. And there's absolutely nothing you can do about it but keep pulling the lever and hope one day it'll be different and you'll win. But the gambler's fallacy says that you're no closer to victory now than when you started. I don't consider myself an incel because i think if I really wanted to I could go out and have sex with a girl, but I would feel disgusted with myself afterwords if I did it with a girl I didn't really care about. But I worry that I'll never find a girl I really click with that doesn't already have a bf. Does anyone else feel this way? How do you cope? Keep in contact with the few girls you've felt attracted to and hope one day one of them breaks up with their bf? Treat it as a numbers game and talk to as many girls as possible trying to find the right one?

Bitches ain't shit. Don't waste time on a girl if you're not getting anything out of it, look for someone else. Plenty out there.

Sometimes it is good to feel a little sorry for yourself, it can help underline the problems at hand and lead to conversations with yourself about how you can improve your situation. And also that is what I'm here for, I'll hear all your stories because I know that 90% of people come to Jow Forums because they have nowhere else to put their feelings.

> 90% of people come to Jow Forums because they have nowhere else to put their feelings
This t b h. I have friends, but I don't want to trouble them with my feelings and emotions. Especially as a dude since talking about feelings irl as a dude just feels emasculating.


I'll have some vodka.
I don't think I should have been born; I do believe I have some kind of personality issue. Sorry, world.

I was kicked from bootcamp for depression. Navy didnt want my sorry ass. Now i'm a neet.

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Thank you, barkeep. I was specifically hoping for one of these threads.

What is a cool, fast, and painless way to die?

You fucking retard how did they even know you had depression

Sort of gf dumped me to get back with her ex.
I'm pissed at her, as expected, but she genuinely means well and I'm a big hearted guy and I'm already starting to forgive her.
I really am too fucking nice.

My sorry ass told on myself for having depression, clearly not navy material

I feel you user. I'm developing a reliance on alcohol for that very same reason.



I walk around, sometimes filled with gisgust. The things I see, the things I hear, maybe it’s wrong to feel gisgust, but the feeling still stays. Tired of the cloudy vision, disorientated movement. I’ll have a Jack daniels and coke

My friend cancelled going out to a bar with me. I don't even wanna drink anymore I just wanted to hang out with him. I'm kinda pissed because I specifically asked him yesterday if he was still down for tomorrow and he's claiming that he got the days mixed up even though he said yes. I'm always having to be the one to offer and we've been friends for years. He's going through shit now but I'm just so tired of dragging this friendship on, it's so nice to see him and hang out and when we DO meet up we talk for hours and hours. But I'm tired of this and I'm not setting up the rescheduling. I want to quit drinking but I'm 24 and stuck living at home with my parents in the suburbs so I have no friends and there's nothing to do here. He's essentially my only friend now so I ended up doing nothing tonight. I considered going out but like I said I really don't wanna drink, even though I love nightlife and dancing.

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The feels bar? How novel. I'm going to try too feel something......... I'll be back.

Hey ladies! Lookin good tonight

Im pouring now. Mind if I join? Anyone else?

Shit like that is much harder to hide than people think. The facial expressions and body language give it away every time no matter how much bullshit you do and how hard you try to fake it.

I'm transgender (like everyone on the internet, I know) and I can't stop thinking about killing myself. It's scary that it already feels like a perfectly fine solution, I'm no longer afraid of death and think of killing myself as something as easy as brushing my teeth. The only suicide hotline in my country is 911. I'm afraid of my parents because they don't want me to get help because they are "Catholic".
I mean I'm not afraid of them perse, I'm afraid of not being able to deal with the situation and killing myself as a result, or even worse, failing a suicide.
I plan to go visit a therapist by myself when I get my week off from work (that week in case shit hits the fan if my family finds out) but that's probably in October and the wait is getting harder every day. I have a nervous breakdown every day now and have to lock myself up in the toilet at work for like an hour. But still I feel like I'm on the edge and just one little problem at the wrong moment is gonna make me lose it.

This is true.
>tfw lots of people notice my depression and ask me "dude what's wrong with you?"
>tfw can't tell them because they always ask in a public situation where there are tons of other people around, and have to say "nothing im fine" and pretend to be fine

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>A girl that will break the rules
What's your opinion on driving without a license plate? I feel like they kind of ruin the look of my car (my country has mandatory front plates)

Not the person you asked but that's fucking retarded. Not a hill worth dying on. Everyone else has them too so it's not like you're less stylish than other people.

Well, a lot of people here don't obey the rules of license plates, to the point where I wonder if the cops ever do anything about it. You are right though, better not risk it.


I feel like people don't see me as a human being with feelings and shit. I've always kind of been the funny guy but that's because I don't feel like I belong in a group unless I'm entertaining them, even if that means making a fool of myself. Even with people who I know genuinely care about me, I still get made fun of. My friends call me retarded so much that I'm starting to believe it. I want to change but i don't want to fake being someone I'm not. Basically I'm stuck between getting laughed at and suppressing the way I act normally and I don't know what to choose.

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>tfw crushing on a colleague who's already in a relationship
bartender, give me a gf

I wish I had been born in a different city in my state, about 2 years earlier than I had been, I can't help by think we would have been so much happier.

Heh. Exactly what I planned on doing tonight.

Really wish I could move on from my ex fiance. It's been 2 years and it just doesn't get any better.

There are certain us states that don't mandate front plates if you're that serious about it. Think it's worth moving?

I have no social life and no means to change that anymore. I tried and failed.
Now I just play games and read and make crafts so I stop yelling in my mind about how everything is wrong and this is what I need to do to fix it but already have failed so much that now my attempts that I'm no longer capable to try anymore. I drive people away now just by speaking near them. I that that means that I can't come back anyway.
I keep posting on Jow Forums because seeing all of the irreverent details I write about my life that I try to cut out before I post shows me what I have to let go of. Today I see I need to stop trying to do the things you do with friends as if I'm a person who still has those roles to perform. I wanted them as an indicator that I could still do those things. I can't do those things because you can't pretend you have friends to interact with.... that's not healthy. But I guess I am, too.

>meet guy abroad
>we spend hours cuddling and talking
>actually lives in my home city
>probably doesn't give a shit about me though and will do the same thing with another random girl

Welcome to ordinary life user. Funny isn't it?

I'm a goddamned coward who can't find his words in voice and only on the keys of a keyboard, but doubly so because I can't say this in person. Mostly because I fear what may happen. So..I'll post it here. My father's been driving all of us (the family) away from him and it's coming to a head I think. God knows I want to say this to him:

There's a reason I think the worst of you. I've seen now that all you care about is yourself. You've never had a care in the world, as long as you could fuck someone over you'd do it. If you could fleece them you'd do it. If you could find a way to steal from Paul to pay Phil, you'd do it. I never knew that. I suppose that maybe, just maybe, I did know it in the back of my young mind. But how could I have such thoughts? You were my dad, are my dad, you couldn't do that could you?

These past two years you've revealed you don't care about the family. "The family" to you is just you. To me, it's everyone else but me. I've had to stick it to you when negotiating because MY money is MY money and I will dictate where and how it goes. You spend money like we have some to spend, now that you've lost your job we have even less than before.

I've been angry, depressed, considered suicide, and nearly hit the stone floor because I couldn't find a way to help since I'm disabled. God, if only I had a way! And any time I try to find one, you shake your head and say no.

As long as you have your smoke and drink, you don't care about us. We're maids to you.

I can almost say I fucking hate you. I grew up idealizing you. Now I see you're less than a piece of shit. There's a reason I think the worst of you anymore. Because you don't care about the fucking family. That's why I'm planning on leaving.

>I'm transgender
> I can't stop thinking about killing myself
> I have a nervous breakdown every day now and have to lock myself up in the toilet at work for like an hour
> I feel like I'm on the edge and just one little problem at the wrong moment is gonna make me lose it.
Here at the feels bar we don't discriminate. To each its own. But let me tell you that from my stool you look confused and damaged and, maybe it's the drink, but I don't think you are transger, just a normal dude with problems that found this transgender thing and got trapped into it because it provides attention. And now even if he wanted to quit he could not do it because all his identity had been artificialy built on this and only this. But hey, what do I know?

Fuck you.
Get the fuck out of here.
I was in a vulnerable place. You broke my heart, then you scared the shit out of me, then you broke my heart again. What the fuck bro? Super lame.
Stay the fuck away from me.

I feel like I've finally made it. I've got a good job that pays well and is an actual career, fell assbackwards into a relationship with my oneitis who's literally only gotten better with time and have finally dug myself of the the depressive and debt hell hole I've been in for four years.
So why am I back on Jow Forums, wasting time and having random strangers make me feel bad about myself? What will it take me to leave this place?

I'll take a Corona, it's what my mother finds herself drinking into darkness with.

To put it bluntly, I have disabilities. I won't get into specifics but it's a neurological disorder. Making friends and finding the motivation to get out of bed at a reasonable time that isn't on a college day feels absolutely fucking impossible.
Couple that with being morbidly obese I feel like I might die before 30. It seems rather grim to think that way, but I have one friend who's often thought the same way- even though he's not obese.

I've heard in rare instances that once you get your license (if you do pass) and start driving that's when you truly get your freedom. But, it feels rather impossible to "spread my wings" in my current state.
Emotions rule my life, my only motivation is college, gaming, and whatever I feel like writing. I just wish I could focus on the stuff I wanted to do instead of just finding shit to fill it with, but each time I've done it so far I've failed.
Truly, living in the modern age is bad enough from what I've seen other adults struggle with. But having a disorder seems to just make it worse. Is this all life really is? Or were the simple days as a naive child the only life you get?
I have aspirations of being a writer and yet I still don't know whether I'll live to see it. I just don't know bartender, I just don't know. I don't love myself.


I´m a lonely 36 year old virgin. Job is boring. My city is turning into shit with people getting robbed and stabbed every day. I should just try applying for jobs across the country and start all over, but I feel that wont be enough. It would just turn into the same thing. Not sure what to do.

Man, I don’t know.
Can’t have a good night’s sleep. When talking to friends over the phone, my temper can change from good to very bad if they ignore me for over a day or not respond to texts. Despite me having important finals in the upcoming several weeks, I still take the time to contact my friends and see if they’re okay and whatnot. It’s stupid and it will be my downfall, so I guess the only way to combat it is to get off social media and focus on my studies. Maybe exercise and write something in my breaks, be it motivational thoughs or something for a story that I want to make, but not shitpost on here and watch other people’s lives on Facebook. Those who do have an actual life are living it, and I want to be more like those people.

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Nothing wrong with keeping up with your friends. That's a good thing man.

>'Why did he just walk away?'

Don't try to fake your need for friends and social connections, man. The truth is that we all need people to be around it, lying to yourself won't cover the pain and emptiness you feel at the end of the day. You've surely met people in your life, there must be persons you've talked to a bit more. Even if you haven't kept in touch, how about you just message them, ask them how they've been and try to reconnect with people?
We can't live alone.

I heavily regret this job Im in.

It was my first real job. My first day, many people wanted to know me, but I didn't wanted to talk. ransition is alot for me. I just graduated, and had no close friends who hang out often. I only made acquaintances and some hangouts sometime.

After a few weeks I wanted to talk to someone my own age. Its quite lonely and needed to talk to somebody my age, so I said hi to a fellow coworker was is, and when I did, all these people were looking at me. A thousand eyes leered straight at me. "Why the hell is everyone staring at me wtf". Anxiety fired up and after a long lunch break I got back to my work.

It turned out that that person I was talking to was the director's daughter who worked at the place since she was little. Fuck. No wonder everyone stared. I felt like some beta orbiter or something. Not that I am, I hope. I had friends who are girls in the past. I continued my ways of doing work without talking to anyone. Sometimes some people talk to me, I do so too, professionally.

Now, the workplace considers me a creep. A few months later, I climbed up to a higher position to fill in for the next half year. I kept to myself and learn the ways. Sorry for the text vomit. I really need to get rid of these thoughts onto something.

Dealing with the workplace is annoying and exhausting. One mid age woman is clearly doesnt like me and is bullying by trying to make me mad whilst acting as if nothing is happening. She got me once the first time when I was frustrated when I conveyed as best I can. Her son works here aswell, and relations are alright with him. At first I didn't know, but now I do. Another is some old eastern european woman cleaner who tries talk in a brit accent and clearly looks down on me. I don't know how to explain, but I just know.

What I don't know though, is whether I should continue to vomit this shitty text.

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I do 't think they can possibly consider you a creep just for saying hi to the director's daughter.
It's all in your head user.

guys Jow Forums is where you seek advice, confess, or debate, with people all aroun the world right? but do you guys wish to do the same to your friends and families? anonymously of course

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Same things that most guys here feel sad about. But I'm kinda in a worse position because of my fucked up childhood and there's no support nor sympathy for men like me. I'm really starting to consider doing something bad.

don't worry user, lots of people have fucked up childhoods. we're all fucked up

don't do anything bad :)

I just turned 28 today and my life feels like it's balancing on the brink of an abyss.

>a month and a half left before I need to turn in my thesis
>struggle to keep myself motivated enough to finish it
>at the same time I know that if I don't finish it my life is fucked as I don't want to study any more and my current career opportunities are non-existent
>still a kissless virgin and the creeping anxiety about my inexperience and difficulties with women keeps growing
>still share a rented apartment with other people and don't see myself being able to afford getting my own place for years yet which is demoralising as fuck
>lost a lot of weight recently, but find myself struggling to kill my old bad habits and prevent regaining weight which has happened before
>have a very pessimistic outlook on the future in general and can't see myself turning things around and becoming successful at all

A bit whiny maybe, but all these concerns and anxieties keep eating at me mentally and makes me feel like shit all the time. I just want to move on and recover somehow. I also don't drink alcohol, but I wouldn't mind ordering a simple coke or something. That's all I want from the feels bar.

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Just a water please, bartender.

GF left me last week, after a whole year of loving me like no other, losing our virginity to each other, me loving her like no other, always promising each other we'd never leave (her moreso than me), and all of a sudden I got a call from her saying shes lost in life and she wants to find herself and can no longer be with me. I was devastated at first, crying at night, when I woke up, and feeling miserable and unable to work all day. But then I realised she was a downgrade, and one morning, something switched. I enjoy my day now, I started running today, going to the gym soon. Im young and I know my success story is yet to come.

But inside, somewhere, just a little deeper than the rest, I still wonder if she loves me. Or ever loved me at all, considering how quickly she turned on me, just because someone said "be young, enjoy it before settling down." frankly I dont care about her, but a small part of me aches a little when I think of her being happier without me. Even though I know im happier without her and will be happier with someone else.

I have convos with friends or therapists in my mind where I tell em about my life and they make me feel better


My best friend for years is way he won't leave the house. He will just sit, drink and play Warcraft. I have tried to get him to come out but he just keeps dodging me with work excuses. I just recently stopped trying I guess friendships have to end sometimes.

Gotta be pragmatic
I've got the same problem, only answer I know about is hanging around social circle with my same values, and using those of my friends
Showing up is half the job sometimes, you might have been just unlucky

Hardcore religious women. Worth it?

>get hooked on drugs at 19
>don't date cuz self destructing
>mother leaves, father dies
>depression hits
>don't date until 25, no sex since 21
>feel better, date online virgin cutie for one year
>very in love, we do everything together
>26 now
>planning trip to fly to her
>she cheats on me before I arrive
>now only posts about guys
>find out she is on tinder, 3+ guys in 1 week
>I forgot how to even kiss
>deep cold depression settles back in
>now drinking a bottle of smirnoff waiting to get the courage to suicide
I'll never recover, I lost it at 21. It's over.

No, it's a lie.

That's woman speak for "I'm already seeing someone else, we had sex and fuck I want to try more of that guilt free, by".

She does not love you. She left hope so she can fuck you and come back if she wants.

I'm starting my senior year at uni in a week. I feel like within this time I'll prepare myself to an hero. It's been so crushingly hopeless for years now, but I've recently began to run out of things to take my mind off it. I'm at my limit, and I don't know if I care enough anymore about how others feel about it to stop myself. I don't even know how or why to talk about this here or anywhere else, for that matter.
Rum and coke, please.

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I'm 20 years old and in college. I am being bullied by my classmates.

>femanon, been a chubster all my life.
> awkward, acne-ridden face, braces.
>bit of a tomboy. don't wear makeup, don't paint nails, don't pluck my eyebrows or shave my legs. wear the same outfit everyday because it's easy and i don't have alot of clothes.
>befriend 1 or 2 of my classmates and start to think we are friends.
>Turns out they were using me to get better grades in class and they think I am a weirdo.

can you put more effort in? you're getting bullied because you're weak and you don't take care of yourself, sorry to say.

I was like you. Chubby and no confidence, didn't bother with my looks. guess what people teased me. then I improved myself and now they actually want to be with me.

Even if it sounds stupid, and maybe it's not your thing, but just shaving your legs and doing acne/face masks will you feel much better about yourself and give you confidence. Whenever I stop keeping up on these things I tend to isolate and feel shitty, and people like being around other confident people.

I've been with the same girl since 2016 and we live together now, and I hate it. I try my best to refuse sex with her, avoid intimacy, etc. She becomes physically violent sometimes, calls me a slut/whore/etc because I try to leave her and self-harms/threatens suicide, checks the activity logs in my phone religiously, isolates me from my family/friends, manages my social media, insults me to our coworkers, doesn't let me go on my phone... I have no interest in her and I wish somebody else would just come along and get her to cheat on me so she would distance herself. I've made steps to move out on my own, but she's totalled the last two (arguably three) cars I owned so I don't even have that for if I try to leave.

This Jewish guy I knew
We weren’t close but he was on fire the same way I was at the time
We had a little something, made each other happy a minute
Things went to hell
I moved on though I still love him
I hope he’s doing well.


I can if i try and yes, I am weak but I want to be strong. It's mostly the girls who bully me but some guys have given me funny looks. I have actually been bullied like this by girls my entire life and it has led to me hating women. i loathe girls and i actually sympathise with women-hating incels.

Yeah I was like that too. Become fit and beautiful and then revel in proving them wrong and being better than them. I get a cruel sense of satisfaction of how people used to tease me and how much better I am than them now.

Try to put more effort into your appearance. It makes a big difference to how people perceive you. A lot of the stuff you mentioned isn't even that hard to fix
> pluck eyebrows
Even I do this and I'm a dude. It takes all of 5 minutes every few days and you won't have a unibrow.
> braces
This will fix itself on its own once your treatment is finished
> shave your legs
Just do it if you're wearing shorts. Easier than whining about muh inequality or whatever.
> wear the same outfit every day
Yeah, don't do that. Do your parents still support you financially? Ask your mom to take you clothes shopping because you want to make a better first impression on people.

I live with my grandmother and my uncle, my mother passed away but I do rely on my father financially. I do buy my own clothes but it's mostly t-shirts and jeans. I don't feel comfortable wearing tight or revealing clothes because I am afraid people will stare and laugh at me. I usually wear conservative clothes.

You can wear conservative clothes and still look nice. Vary your outfits to make sure people realize you aren't wearing the same clothes every day, and get some nicer conservative outfits.

I'll try,user.

That sounds rough, is there anyone you can turn to for help? Find a way out and leave her.

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