Moved to a new city where a cousin I only met once before is, and she's being strange...

Moved to a new city where a cousin I only met once before is, and she's being strange, keeps inviting me to do stuff every week, is flirty, blocked her friends I've met from getting my number, and has taken several days off work to help me get settled in on top of leaving work early to come hang out. I'm thinking of just being direct and asking what's their deal, is that the proper approach?

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The proper approach is to shove her in your bed and fuck her till she screams, then fuck her some more.

Dude, it's the daughter of my father's brother.

Doesn't seem to bother her. If She's hot justo leave some condoms in the open like on a table or something and get it on, she doesn't want anyone to know either.

have sex
This thread is now officially land of the state of Alabama.

Do. Not. Fuck. Your. Cousin.

Fuck. Your. Cousin.


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I don't see why not. It's not weird if you didn't grow up knowing each other. Plus you can tell people for the rest of your life you fucked your cousin.


I think you guys are getting confused here, I wanted to ask what's the best way to confirm whether she is doing this shit out of family bonds or not. I don't have any other cousins so I don't know what's normal behaviour.


She's doing this shit cause she wants to fuck. Maybe BECAUSE of family bonds.

she wanna fuck
i fuck my cousin regularly as well
happens way more than you think
just fuck her and shut up about it, and don't worry, you can trust her, you're family after all :)


I ship it. Ask her to fuck and get back to us with results. I want to hear where this goes.

I'm honestly jealous, don't know how i should feel about that though.

Seem normal except from the flirting and block off people from getting your number. Possibly you could be mistaken about the flirting, maybe she's more direct about showing affection to family. Blocking off people from contacting you if odd though.

Plus keep me updated so i can better judge the situation. Good luck.

Ok, so I invited her for dinner tommorow, will see what happens.

Some other details, by themselves, these don't really mean much, but it's starting to become borderline:
- I went to the airport at 3am once for a 7am flight back home and she kept insisting on coming just to say goodbye to me at the terminal
- Telling me she's gonna stay over and then by the end of the night decides against it and goes home several times
- Hung out with one of my friends, later he asked if we were dating, I said we're cousins. When I mentioned that to her, she became very interested in how he thought that for the rest of the day
- Ordering me food she says are anphrodesiac

I'm intrigued and vote for fucking her, keep us updated

Bump, keep this thread alive

>goes home several times


Probably different nights.

>- Ordering me food she says are aphrodisiac
Wait what and why?

Foods that increase libido/make you horny. Presumably so he'd be more likely to have sex with her.


Fucking nasty. Imagine what your family would think. Don be dumb and distance yourself from the skank.

She's trying to get your dong. It doesn't get much more clear than this.

Cumbrains ITT

>Imagine what your family would think.
Lucky bastard? Good thing he's adopted?

She wants to fuck

If you're not going to fuck your cousin, can I do it for you?

you better keep us informed, op. the people need to know.

1. You guys are too horny
2. No, she won't fuck you user, she says she's too busy
3. I'm not making this a spectacle, I was just looking for second eyes. Was gonna just continue on like normal, but this has been getting stranger and stranger as the weeks go by

Do it

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