Going to loose my mind

I have horrible memory. I was in a movie theater with my mother. She told me to keep the reward cup and don't throw it away. (I had two cups) She went to the restroom she comes back ask me where the reward cup. I didn't even realize I throw it away and I honestly didn't remember where I put I was looking everywhere and found in the trash. One time I was waiting for my class to start and started going to it and forgot where it was and which building. I been going there for months. Grades slipping, keep forgetting where and what class I'm walking to so I'm ending up late. Going get dropped from one of I'm late again. I can't even remember I microwave food found it 1hr late when I tried to warm up another food.
I just got help with depression then started going back to college and no this. What should I do? Is there a clinic or some kind of doctor that will help? Honestly don't know what to do. I'm not even old I'm not in my 20s

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How olde?

Im 26

I'm pretty much going through the same thing :(

I have bad memory too. Basically I only see in patches and not a stream of images.

Anything we can do to help it? I'm thinking just reading more often and getting out of the house and talking to people.

I do read and socialize. It not really helpful in this case. My memory is like only dejavu. I only remember when I see sometimes like it. It fucking annoying I'm thinking of going to the doctor but I don't know what type of doctor.

Go to a doctor dude, explain in detail what is going on. They need to run some blood tests, you could be lacking in a certain hormone or vitamin that's causing these issues.

What kind of specialist? I have insurance

Stay grounded more

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Medication, alcohol, social drugs can significantly effect your memory.
Depression and being socially disconnected is also a big cause. You may socialise but you really don't care enough about the people around you to remember anything about them.
Get some professional help. Find a hobby that interests you and keep your brain active. Most guys love football and can remember every past match. They talk shit with their friends about their team. This is probably the best way.

Sure but I don't do online dating

Yeah I'm going to get medical help I can't handle this anymore. My life is based on alarms clocks

>Sure but I don't do online dating
I'll try anyways fren

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The word I believe you want to use is “losing.” L-O-S-I-N-G.

“Loosing” is something different.

are you taking anti anxiety medication for your depression? like xanax, klonopin, etc?

Yes anti depression and anxiety pills but this was happening long before that

Can anyone recommend medication for extreme anxiety? I am thinking of self-medding, moreso as something just to carry with me (not to take often) to relieve hopelessness at college if I panic.

My country only prescribes SSRIs. I don’t want to destroy my brain ~estrogen May somewhat do this already~ by taking a drug for essentially the rest of my life.

Vitamin B12 deficiency?

do not get on sn/ssri's. its like nuking as a solution.
estrogen wont do much of anything if you are xy, will not help (may make worse) if you are XX
idk ur laws so I cannot say what to take. maybe try rc's

If you smoke weed cut back or stop.

Thanks for Grammer correct
How do I get a blood test done so I can check?
I don't smoke or drink

Ask a doctor or go to a clinic.