I'm a scociopath who's currently being challenged by my ex con brother-in-law

Self aware scociopath here, my brother-in-law just got out of prison after a 9 year stint for arson. He's currently trying to challenge me for alpha status in our household. I didn't know him before he went in, therefore he's unaware of my level of violence. How do I resolve this situation without looking like the bad guy? If I beat him half to death my wife will most likely leave with the kids. Any creative solutions?

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Let him make the first move and make sure your wife sees it, then you can freely retaliate under 'self-defense'. Losing while a woman is watching will solidify him as the beta, though obviously you want to be sure that you can actually subdue him because it'll be the opposite if you get dumpstered.

Also be sure to only rough him up and then put him in a hold or something instead of beating him half to death, so that your wife sees that you're 'strong but knows restraint', while your brother in law will also see it as you not even trying that hard to beat him, and so hopefully he'll be too scared to try anything else again.

If he's non-violent then just keep playfully shittalking him and propping yourself up under the guise of 'banter'.

Rage is clouding my mind. I need a voice of reason. Anyone?

Thanks for the reply. Restraint will be hard but if I focus I can do anything. What you're saying is to "bait" a response and handle it with equal force?

Correct. He's living with you I assume? You're the man of the house, you make the rules, so fuck him over (subtly) with rules until he snaps (the goal is that your wife thinks he 'unreasonably' snaps), then subdue him. Your wife's perspective should be:
>my ex-con brother unreasonably started a fight with my husband because once a criminal always a criminal, but I still care for him because he's my family so I'm grateful that my kind and strong husband justifiably smacked him down just enough to knock some sense into him

That's brilliant my friend. I should have seen it myself, but rage is hard to overcome. Jow Forums never let's me down, I knew this was the right place for my question. When I resolve this, know that YOU are the reason for it. Much love bro.

Good luck my friend, show that ex-con faggot who's boss.

why does he even lives with you?

Thought it would show my humanity, which i have little of. Im clueless in that regard, I can't feel empathy. I can feel remorse though. Vicious circle of hell I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

Sounds like a job for fire ants.

I absolutely will. We are not even close to evenly matched. He will be my bitch and it's all his fault. I have another brother-in-law and he succumbed to my Will's long ago.

Fucking kek. I wish I could get away with that.

What an attractive family!

Empathy comes from experiencing the same thing and having an understanding through such ways. So it'd be kinda hard to empathize with him. Either way he doesn't sound like someone I'd show sympathy to either.

I can feel sympathy in a forced way.(placing myself in their shoes) I get that prison is a demoralizing place that changes people. To be honest I have way more patience for him than most,just I'm not willing to put my kids through a "prison rules" lifestyle. I'm extremely protective of them. It's like an animal instinct for me. I'd burn the entire world for them.

That's essentially what sympathy is, is just trying to imagine yourself in the situation. You don't really know how it feels, only what it would be like. Yeah fuck that, if he's trying to mess with your kids tell your wife he's getting kicked out. Her own material instincts should tell him to fuck off. Kids first, siblings can fuck right off.
You don't really sound like a sociopath to me.

I've been diagnosed. Used to be a horrible narcissistic, violent person. Accepting it did wonders for me. Talked to my wife about her brother a few times shes on my side but if I overreact that may change. Control is still hard at times.

I can understand that. She might just be worried how the kids will react. Might assure her you're not looking or hurt the kids, only protect them. Hopefully you can get his ass out.

Shouldn't be too hard if I stay focused. Like previous user said, I can't be the antagonist. I'm very good at manipulating people, I'll use that. First priority is nonviolent resolution. Thanks for the feedback everyone, took me from a stress level of 100 to about 10. I appreciate it.

No you're not. If you were a sociopath you would have already done something without overthinking it. You just sound like one of the boners who takes TRP too seriously as a way to compensate for the fact that you are a weak "man", low in the hierarchy to put in in your terms.

> He's currently trying to challenge me for alpha status in our household.

Bro for real KYS. This dude just got out of lock up, he has 9 years of confrontation experience more than you, plus the fact that it is proven your testosterone shoots up in jail. You'll be lucky if he kills you quickly once you try to "assert" yourself as the "alpha". Guys like you get killed their first week in prison for trying to be the toughest badass in town.

As for actual advice, in which I am trying to save your life OP, get him a job, a place to live and welfare # in case he can't hold it down. Chances are he will commit another crime and go back to jail, just avoid that crime being you getting killed over "status".


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