I have a left-curved dick, please help

I have dick that is curved into the left, is that a consequence of jerking to much? (I am right handed and I put a lot of pressure)
Does anyone else have same experience?

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>is that a consequence of jerking to much?
That is very unlikely.

How curved are we talkin about? Lots of people have a curved dick, a small curve is no problem. If it is approaching a 90 degree bend then well maybe talk to your doctor as that could be a serious medical condition.

My dick curves up a bit and hangs to the left

Dick curve is normal but if its too much jerk off with right hand to correct it.

Nah, it is only a little, but still making me insecure. I'd want to have it straight, or curved upwards.
You think this would work?

>You think this would work?

Yes. Dick can be corrected. In fact you should do this to correct you scoliosis too.

Thank you, I'll try to do it with left hand.

Possibly a consequence of jerking too much. My dick used be straight with an upward curve until I got addicted to masturbation. Now it has a slight but noticeable leftward lean

Same, fixable, get a dick stretch or just don't give a fuck, women do not notice it until you bring it up or don't care

>women do not notice it until you bring it up or don't care
>Until you bring it up
>Until you care (kind of)
>women do not notice it until you care or don't care

nigga you are looking for reasons to sabotage yourself.

Women do not give a shit. Been with girls and they look at the dick and they suck it fuck stroke it grind it just fine. All of them later ask me why I was so reluctant, it's big, it's hard, it's hot, why I worry? I say, cuz, my heart, it bends to the left. Then they go "huh?" oh I guess it does.

You know what they do then? They keep sucking and fucking it.

Stop being a fucking idiot and looking for reasons not to shag. Go out there confidently my man.

I'm not OP, I was simply being a complete faggot and pointing out a linguistic parsing mistake you made because I for some reason must've thought that was funny and a great idea like 5 minutes ago.

yeah that's my bad I admit, english isn't my language, but hey you still thought i was funny 5 minutes ago so I win.

But these people do nothing BUT self-sabotage. It's a warm, comfortable blanket for them: if they preempt the negativity with their own, they feel it mollifies the negativity. It helps to band-aid that wound.

The truth is they want comfort, not confidence. They want to be as complacent in their confidence and success as they are wallowing in their own misery and failures. That's just the cruel notion of it all, that they're really doing this to themselves and it's basically just a habit at this point.

Related question that sort of biggybacks off this one: My dick curves to the left AND down, especially down. At nearly a 45 degree angle, maybe a little less. I'm a virgin so I wanted to know if this is a problem for sex. The vagina goes upwards, right? Is my dick even gonna fit correctly?

Damn you deep but you gotta understand even for me it took a long time to heal a wound that deals with shame about genitalia. For women it's easier because even if they fear shit about their labias or what ever every guy will be like hey it's fine, and we pursue and shit so they don't even need to build confidence and heal the wound, the man does that.

For a guy though a wound about their dick is some fucking mountain to climb. It becomes a small rock once you realize women legit don't give a shit but until then it's a mountain.

I know I'm about to blow your fucking mind but women are individuals with the capacity for free thought. Some won't care, some will care. Some will suck it, some will run out of the house.

YOUR job is to learn how to MOVE THE FUCK ON, because even with a perfectly straight 6.5 inch dick that doesn't curve and puts a measuring tape to shame in its straightness, you'll still find rejection and you'll still find it's out of your control in cases and you'll still find it's because you didn't play into her mind games or because you didn't buy her purple pants on alternative Tuesday. I don't know.

What I do know is that caring this deeply about overly nuanced shit is why people are going to swerve on you-- women want to know your life is going to continue on if things don't work out. This "oh my god, this guy will crumble if I leave" feeling you guys end up giving off just murders any potential women have for you because women do not, ever, want to be trapped.
That is doubly true for being trapped out of pity.

fucking wisdom right here shit man god damn, that is some wise shit. feeling trapped is a fucking cancer

Did you reply to the wrong person? Or even read my comment? My question was not what women would think about it, that's not my worry. My worry is the physical act of having sex. Will everything fit together properly, or will it be uncomfortable because my dick curves down while vaginas curve up

Nigga he replying to the thread not the person, your bigger problem isn't the physics of a vagina, if it curves down put that bitch doggy, he talking to the thread though.

So will I even be able to do missionary?

Ye you'll be fine. Listen bro get one of these. Had a curved dick, stretched it out with this cock sucker and the down curve was cancelled out.

the good: no curve, you actually gain a bit of a stretch, your dick will look huge cuz when it curves down you don't even realize how big you are

the bad: your dick will hurt when you get hard for like a month after you stop using it

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It depends on the position. Cowgirl will be harder, but doggystyle and missionary will be a bit easier

This is a meme... right? Is a dick brace actually a medically accepted way of correcting a curved dick? This seems dangerous to me. I heard you can break your dick if you aren't careful.

Lol no man it's not a meme, it's what worked for me. This shit is like 20 euro and I didn't give you a referral link or shit, no reason to lie.

It won't break your dick, it doesn't force it in any position. It's literally like 2 wires and a plastic, it doesn't do shit and you choose how tight or far it is. It didn't fix my tilt to the left but nobody gives a fuck about that. it fixed me tilt down in 2 months and then another month to stop hurting from the stretch.

I dunno about you but I got a curve cuz I was ashamed it was big and pushed it down and it got a curve. But this shit made it straight and if you had the same reason as me your dick will be huge bro. I'll buy it for you bro if you're under 25 and you can prove it, it's that good.

Dude, most people have a curved dick. When I was 13 and my dick began to curve, I started freaking out myself and looking that shit up on Yahoo Answer lmao. It’s normal. Most women even like it because it provides a bit more friction.

Lol thanks for the offer, but I ain't posting my address on Jow Forums. I'll keep it in mind if I ever want to get proactive about fixing it. Do you use it while erect, while soft, or both?

Nah man I can buy it for you anonymously, make a wickr if you're interested. I ain't going on record buying dick stretchers either.

You'll put it on while semi hard cuz you'll want it to stretch to the size you put it on naturally. It will hurt, ngl, it will hurt as a mother fucker cuz you that plastic at the top gonna choke yo dick out. After like 3 hours you'll take it off and you'll immediately notice a difference in curving down being fixed.

ngl my man first time I used it and got a boner it hurt, feels like you're pissing fire needles and was afraid I broke my dick. But after like a month when you stop using it theres no more pain and your dick gets so hard a vein will pop in your head. fuck man trust me, you'll get the best boners you ever had, you'll fuck like a titan god.

Thanks for the offer, but I will just buy one myself if I decide I want one.

Ye keep it real, go for it bro, don't worry about left or right. had this euro legal bitch on it bent over and taking it so fucking good my god that bitch fell in love with it. yo dick fine man, just get size. go for it and go conquering, bitches too warm to miss out on