Is it normal to cocktease guys for fun?

Is it normal to cocktease guys for fun?

>boy who has a crush on me picks up my pen after I drop it
>kiss him on the cheek just to see him blush

>get assigned to work on a class project with someone who's shy
>can't look me in the eye
>tell him "you don't have to be shy" while lovingly stroking his cheek
>face turns so bright red it looks like he's going to pass out

>go to the home of a close friend who's confessed feelings for me multiple times
>wrap my arms around him and hold him tightly throughout the entirety of a movie
>he says he'll sleep on the couch while I can have the bed
>I act upset because I want to sleep in bed with him
>he asks me out a week later, thinking that my behavior the night of the sleepover means I like him *that* way
>"Isn't that just what friends do? You're reading way too much into things"
>can almost feel his chest seize up from the pain
>feel powerful

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>Is it normal to cocktease guys for fun?
Yes. But you know the saying, play stupid games, win stupid prices. One day you may do this with some one who is not mentally stable and who know what he will do.

Be careful what you do, don't go around breaking young boys' hearts.

That said, I like it when girls who don't like me in a romantic way do that kind of stuff to me, though only because I'm able to play the same game and also cocktease girls for fun. If the guy doesn't know how to do that, you can make him more miserable than you made him happy by flirting around.

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The last one's a little fucked up.
You should fuck him to make amends.

>who knows what he'll do
Cry. Cry for about a week.
Then drink.

The idea of a guy crying over me for a week makes me smile for some reason...
I wonder if I've made guys cry already and just never known about it? It's a nice thought...

Would you like to cry for a week over a guy who cockteased you?

Women in 2019 be like

Kind of...
I'm a bit of a maso.

A girl did this to me, thing is this is the first woman i actually loved, she was my crush and starting hitting on me, i dont remember a time where i was happier than that, i ended up fucked up because she made me feel like it was all bullshit, so i panicked and started hitting on another super nice girl because i was scared of rejection. I dont know fucking how but i managed to hit the lottery and got with the other chick, she was super hot, super sweet, 100% wife material. However i still felt the same way about the other bitch that teased me. After a year of dating, i had to leave the nice girl. She tried to commit suicide over 5 times after i left her, she loved me just as much as i loved my crush, my guilt was unbearable. Ive been wallowing in pain and drinking my life away ever since just until recently where i decided to change and focus on my studies for college. The thing is all of this could have been avoided if this girl didint do the same thing you were doing. I understand that some of this is my fault but still, it would have been much better if that bitch didint do the same thing you are doing just for a shitty power trip.

So in other words, stop doing that shit, it can seriously fuck up others lives.

So do that instead. Try hitting on a guy that's out of your league, get rejected and indulge in your own misery; repeat until you develop some empathy

Hot. I want life to give a maso gf to bully mercilessly.

>ITT: Men

>After a year of dating, i had to leave the nice girl.

A guy that's out of my league? Those don't exist.

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It's sad because I'm tentative to call bait because of how much this has happened to me.

Oh, you're one of those people. Okay.
Just try hitting on guys on par with you, you'll come across what I'm talking about.

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I'm pretty sure theres a ton since you're mentally unstable. No matter how pretty you are, you can never reach me

You been baited, bruv.

>Cocktease girls

What? No user was obviously talking about rape.

>"Isn't that just what friends do? You're reading way too much into things"

At this point I'd cut all contact. But you do you OP, being a bitch is going to get you raped or worse.

Pussy pass denied.

>I was only acting retarded!!!

Absence of soul.

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>Is it normal to cocktease guys for fun?

Absolutely, getting some power back after being gawked at your whole life. Why not “balance the scales”?

In the end you will find it is hollow and cheap, just be honest with your sexuality

Shitty bait

He died to help you

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You're a sociopath. I'm happy I don't know you.

Why does every chuuni type like this... How interesting...

Honestly this sounds kinda hot

This user gets it. Yall lost your balls. OP tits or gtfo. With a timestamp under your left tit.

Sure it's normal for the group of people you would fall into. Here you will be fucking around with guys emotions and hurting them for a while so they are careful for future. Then some time down the road all the genuine girls who actually have a decent personality have been taken by guys who have been hurt in the past.
There you will be left wondering why nobody wants to mess with you anymore.
There you will be opening your legs just to get the attention you crave from thirsty men who don't care about you.

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you monster

How to get killed by an incel volume 23

Why would you cut all contact with me...? What if it was an honest mistake/misunderstanding rather than me deliberately leading someone on a teensy-weensy bit?