Can someone translate this text my girlfriend just sent me? I don't speak Crazy Bitch

Can someone translate this text my girlfriend just sent me? I don't speak Crazy Bitch.

>"I am never going to debate or argue with you on anything again. You have repeatedly demonstrated that you have no interest in arguing in good faith on anything ever. Go play a game of Punch the Strawman and Move the Goalposts with someone else. You're the world champion of those, I simply can't compare."

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You understood it just fine, you just want sympathy from Jow Forums because deep down you know she's right.

"I'm mad at you because the stars are in the wrong position/some bitch looked at me wrong/I slept poorly/my anxiety is acting up. I will NOT be responsible for any of my actions in the next 24-72 hours (even less so than normal)"

What she means is "you're a narcissist"

Relevant tweet

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"You argue with me for the sake of being right, while I need us to come to a common understanding. Whenever we argue you just act like an internet troll, you need to stop".

Hah. Leave it to a woman to feel that way. She's a special snowflake who still cries when she thinks about Harambi. I'm a much more rational, detached pragmatist who lives by the words "Facts don't care about your feelings." We have communication issues a lot, like this text exchange from last week (copied verbatim). Starting off with her opening, then alternating between the two of us:

>"Do you love me?"
>"Okay. You don't always act like it sometimes."
>"Have I broken up with you? There's your answer"
>"Cool guy, what about him?"
>"Would it kill you to be a little warmer sometimes? You've been really cold and brusque. I would like to know what I did to deserve it."
>"I don't know what you're on about, but save it for later. I'm at work"

Whenever I got home to our apartment, she said that she didn't want to talk about it. Okay then.

>I'm a much more rational, detached pragmatist
Then how come you're making a thread and bitching about this in the first place? How come you call her a crazy bitch and spaz out when she rationally, pragmatically expects her significant other to be warm towards her and -act- like he loves her? She's being the rational one in the situation you described, considering you responded to "Jesus" with "Cool guy, what about him", like you don't know what she's talking about.

You're not the rational pragmatist you think you are, but you are a liar. You lie to yourself all the time.

I genuinely hope this is bait.
Be nice to your girlfriend and show some affection to her.

You're not rational, you're just being a dick without any emotional intelligence.

You're a poo poo head lmao
Dunning Kruger at its finest

My boyfriend is the poster boy of Asperger but he has a better understanding of my emotions than you. That's special.

We just express love in different ways. I show it by doing things/errands for her, buying her things she needs, and just generally being a provider. Not to mention that I don't have sex with my friends. She's the "words of affirmation" type, which to me just seems silly and juvenile. Why say things that we both know? Yes, I feel the same way towards you as I did yesterday, last month, and last year. The sun is also still hot and water is still wet.

King of logical fallacies. A classical Jow Forumsfag.

It's all a shit test, user. And you're passing somehow.

Look. I am fluent in two languages, English and my mother tongue. My boyfriend only speaks and understand English.
Would it make sense for me to only talk to my boyfriend in my mother tongue, and then be mad at him when he asks me kindly to speak English with him?

It's the same with love. If she wants you to tell you "I love you, you're awesome, I'm lucky to be with you" just do it. It's not even a particular effort.
She requested something, you ignored it. She's not being crazy, you're being an asshole.

A part of me wants to try, but it would feel unnatural for me and I'm a bit worried that I would embarrass myself by trying to be sweet and just make things awkward by trying to be a sweet talker when I'm bad at it. I'm an only child, so I didn't have any siblings to take notes from, and my parents are more like work colleagues who live together. The only romantic instance between them that I remember was my dad giving my mom a box of chocolates one Valentine's Day, to which she gave a curt "thank you" before putting it on the shelf and asking him whether he'd paid the mortgage for that month.

I guess I'm just clinging to my comfort zone and wanting to show my appreciation the only way that feels natural and that I'm adept with. I do love her very much so I guess I'll need to get over that if I want to keep her.

>and just generally being a provider
Not an expression of love
>I don't have sex with my friends
Not an expression of love either.

Both of those things are a given when you're in a relationship, otherwise you'd be single and she would be your casual acquaintance.

Words of affirmation are not silly or juvenile, they are social cues between adults who have (or are at least interested in having some degree of) mastery over their emotions and reasonably tend over them, instead of leaving everything to a state of nature. You are emotionally and socially stunted.

You will never embarrass yourself showing your vulnerable side to your significant other or she's not your significant other.

Apologize to her for being a dick and, yes, go and make things super awkward for yourself by telling her how much you love her. Right now. And not through text, see her in person. Now.

LMAOOOOOOO KYS. your a fucking sociopath dude

Gonna need more context.
Typical Jow Forums "Whatever OP says I'm of the opposite opinion" poster
Again, rag on OP because OP is OP
Probably not based on what she said. She seems actually pretty well versed in being logical.
Are you a chick?
>Didn't want to talk about it
Then don't, which you did. Good job sir. Your exchange here says to me you could maybe be slightly nicer BUT you're doing fine champ. Hold your ground. Actions are how a man proves love, words are for the ladies. You actually act very similar to me when dealing with them. They love it. Your girl isn't a crazy bitch, she's just a woman so she's doing her woman thing. Don't put too much stock into it, but it wouldn't kill you to be a little tender now and again.
Definitely a chick.
She's being needy and he's being cold. He could say some I love yous for sure, she just needs reassurance once in awhile.

You're not that good at identifying women.

Okay so you just talk like one

>calls others women
>replies to everyone with catty dismissal
That's a yikes from me, Hoss.