Do women even like men any more...

Do women even like men any more? In social media I've never seen a woman post anything positive about men but it's a constant barrage about "men who do X are the WORST" where X is literally anything

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They obviously do. Stop being dumb.

No they don't every woman is a lesbian now.

Well if internet is real life then women still like men a whole lot more than men like women.

I don't see the point of liking "men" and "women" as a whole. I like people, their gender doesn't matter much to me when it comes to how much I respect them as people.

Do they? I read positive stuff about men so rarely.

That's because our culture, by and large, doesn't encourage or emphasize positivity or kindness regarding men. Quite the opposite, in fact, in our culture it is entirely commonplace and encouraged to shit on men.
This doesn't reflect the truth that most women do find men (and masculine traits) generally attractive. If they didn't you wouldn't see a whole lot of heterosexual couples, and the human species would die out pretty quickly.

Overgeneralizing like a motherfucker here, but decent people don't post on social media. Plenty of good women like good men but they express that directly.

This guy is on the money. It's a very broad sweep indeed, but suffice it to say that social media is not where happy, active people generally go. What you see on socmed is usually a facade designed to hide someone's actual misery or solitude or whatever else.

In short, a vast majority of social media is, or is rooted in, projection. And again that's sweeping, but it's probably a pretty safe fucking sweep as generalizations go.

They shit on men 24/7 all day every day on social media until theyget a man who could finally shut her the fuck up with his dick in her throat. Social media is garbage if your a dude

Maybe you should think about why you feel threatened by their criticism OP.

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This is a stupid thing though. You can't (and shouldn't) say something like "Man black men are so prone to crime!" because it's a generalization that will make black people feel bad even if they aren't criminals. You can't just say shit like "men are rapists and predators" and then go "well if that offends you I guess you're a rapist HUH??"

Of course if you take offense to that you'll just be told that men's feelings do not matter and that since there are some men that kill women that means your opinion is irrelevant because you share gender.


You post on a website that has its own language and culture dedicated to hating women

If you aren't engaging in rapey activities, why would you care? Do you think I throw a fit when I go to r9k? No, because I know it doesn't apply to me.

As a man I'm not offended when women talk about rapists, because I am not a rapist, and I don't see why you would be offended either.

If some fat bitch on instagram or whatever does say "men are rapists and predators" that's fine she can have her opinion and I don't care, most women aren't blogging shit like that.

That’s not a gender thing. People have done this forever. It just moved to a nee platform as we evolved

Not directly. Women will never meet the men who grow her food, transport it to the supermarket she shops at, built the house she rents, work at the coal-fired power plant that supplies her house with electricity, make the phone she uses or design her clothes. Because women have always relied on other people to do basic things for them and are retarded, they assume basic necessities fall out of the sky after being paid for with their shitty HR jobs men gave to them. At the same time, because women hate all men who aren't Chad and want them to drop dead so they don't have to look at them, it's much easier for them to think of all men as useless and bad at everything when they never see the very unremarkable men responsible for keeping them alive. They think they don't need men and will act as such for as long as faceless beta males continue to give them shit, which will be until society collapses, after that they will be on all fours for a crusty piece of bread.

I do but its mainly by teens

Why even go to r9k

>work at the coal-fired power plant that supplies her house with electricity
do you live in africa

no, Australia
are you in some shithole like Germany where they burn gas for electricity?

I consider myself a robot, in spite of the misogyny most of them adhere to. I actually do love men, but I can't stand when they get whiney and blame women for all of their problems.

no we have hydro here thanks, anyways I enjoyed reading your blog about how women hate all men who aren't Chad and then how you hate all women and how you'll be the king of the MRA kingdom when society collapses

So you consider yourself a robot because you don't relate to others around you?

Basically. I grew up with no friends (I was homeschooled my entire life), I have always been very socially awkward, I have been unaware and truly ugly and socially inept growing up, and I felt disenfranchised by "society" and like I lost out on something most other people take for granted. Even if male robots won't accept me, I think I qualify as more of a genuine robot than most people who post there, so that's why I go there.

Canada? Scandinavia?
I will probably be dead when society collapses tbhtbhngl but the remaining men will be genghis khanmaxxing, in the neolithic 1 man for every 17 women bred, imagine a return of those conditions

Huh. I left r9k after it turned into tfw no gf central. Try crystal cafe.

>the remaining men will be genghis khanmaxxing, in the neolithic 1 man for every 17 women bred, imagine a return of those conditions

spoiler: society will be the same as it always was. There was always angry virgin losers in society. They're even found in the animal kingdom.

they/we are just as penisive as you are.

nice trips user, absolutely checked

also you are correct, khanmaxxing is the future. roasties will submit!

>I'm not offended so you shouldn't be either!
fuck off enabler.

It's because all their celebrities do it to be cute and edgy so they're just doing monkey see monkey do. Women are children user.

Yeah, just look outside social media and the internet, since those usually only show the worst kind of people.

They do they love their felons . Since their idols bash men and suck dick in Arby's bathroom stalls they proceed to do the same.

Can incels be any more gay than you are?

Not anymore than you even if I tried