Is it ever appropiate to approach women in public?

Is it ever appropiate to approach women in public?

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Yeah, but dont expect anything

I do it all the time and get about one in five. People are too sel conscious to be caring about you. Also, only faggots care about what's "appropriate", if something is NOT illegal, then you have all the right to do it. Fuck social norms and conventions.

Only if you are a 7/10 or up

In most cultures on the planet, it is.

I think that if that word is part of your inner dialogues thoughts, it's probably not a good idea for you to do so.

Maybe I've spent too much time on this website/board, but anytime someone posts a variant of "how do I approach females" it's never a good time for anyone involved.

Not now, the #metoo movement basically made traditional courting of someone you’re attracted to a sex offense. Depending on the woman and her mood, you’re going to have more luck online where they can compare you to the douches telling her about fucking her asshole and mushroom stamping her forehead.

are you a black belt in inceljitsu teach me your ways wise sensei why is the feminists fault that my dick is lonely

You’re not even good at identifying a suicidal death cult member, from a person with experience. so there’s not much anyone can teach you. Like every man you have to learn the hard way.,

>a person with experience
you have a lot of experience blaming a two year-old social movement for your failures with women

I’m interested in what makes you think I’m wrong about online dating replacing traditional methods?
You’re putting words in my mouth to insult and discredit my opinion, let me guess by the way you interact with people.. You hate your mom and that’s why you act feminine. That’s why women refuse to date you on top of whatever physical misfortune you’re born with. Be mad at the game lol

>You’re putting words in my mouth to insult and discredit my opinion

" the #metoo movement basically made traditional courting of someone you’re attracted to a sex offense"

oh I'm sorry was this not you

>You hate your mom and that’s why you act feminine. That’s why women refuse to date you on top of whatever physical misfortune you’re born with. Be mad at the game lol
I act feminine? elaborate on that if you'd like. let's unravel that thread

You’re saying it’s my “failure” when I haven’t said I have any problems, I don’t know what your point is. You’re dodging my questions instead of actually having a conversation.
That’s why you’re more like a woman than a man, I know it’s a tough pill to swallow for you but I’m calling it how I see it just like you. Feels good huh?

>You’re saying it’s my “failure” when I haven’t said I have any problems,
So what was the bit about you not being able to talk to women irl without being accused of being a sex offender

>dodging my questions
What questions

If you have to ask, you're not attractive enough to do it.

you have to approach girls in public as much as you can, because if you dont, when it comes to a girl you really like, you're not gonna know what to do or how to act

Unless you're attractive, no. the best places to approach women are events so that you have something to talk about. You can gauge whether someone is interested in talking to you from thereon.

Even if you do succeed in public settings, what do you even say? Politics is a really sore subject and your nearby things for small talk are shallow topics to probe anything for an actual discussion.

Only if there's clear indication of consent. i.e.: if she wants you to approach her.

In most cultures, approaching strangers in general is considered weird.

No, don't be a creep.

Screams the balding man with the foot fetish.

You sound like a pussy.

Btw, I'm just a random stranger, not the person with whom you're having this conversation.

If you are attractive, yes. If you're ugly, absolutely not


That depends OP; if she gives you a look and a smile, go over and have a chat, no pressure or expectations. If she’s staring at her phone, and has given you no positive indications, leave her alone. Also, try and have an excuse of some sort, perhaps you both smoke, ask her if she has a light and make some small talk, if there’s chemistry it doesn’t take long for it to appear, if there isn’t, finish your small talk and be on your way. Best of luck user.

What if she states at me in eyes with no facial expression

Am I ugly? Every girl does this

Not every girl does this. You're either paranoid or you're the one staring.

Not every one literally but any in my proximity

hi im scott

I mean, if I haven’t seen you so I can’t tell you how good looking you are, but regardless, what attracts a woman is a man’s spirit, not his appearance, and you show your spirit in what you say and do far more than how you look. Some girls will smile, others won’t, generally I would say if she holds eye contact for more than a second or two you’ve probably intrigued her somewhat. As always, experience is the great teacher, you’ll learn quickly if a girl is open to you approaching as you experience success and failure. Remember user, fortune favours the bold, trust your gut.

next time try giving her a smile. A smile so big that you should be embarrassed, but you don't care in that moment because you're in a warm happy place. One of those smiles so pure that nobody can deny you're happy right now

If she doesn't smile, she thinks you're ugly

it takes practice. Everyone will know if it's not genuine. So don't put on a fake smile and conclude that everybody thinks you're ugly

Good advice, warmth and sincerity are very attractive.

oh, also, a small smile in response is still a win, because she's also gonna be thinking "wtf is wrong with this guy", but w/e

I don't have the confidence to smile at a girl. You're telling me to be genuine but if I tried it would be 100% fake.

You just gotta relax a little big man, if you can’t summon up a genuine smile then don’t, but if she’s smiling at you go over and chat for a couple minutes then head out. It will amaze you how quickly things can happen with a girl.

Girls never smile. I just told you.
Realistically it means im ugly but I keep hoping that's not true.

And like I said, looks are irrelevant, spirit is everything. So summon up your courage, go over and say something, with any luck it’ll be half intelligent. Stop obsessing over your looks, whether it’s a big nose or a receding hair line, girls don’t care if you can show them you’ve got something going on underneath.

>looks are irrelevant

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It’s true my friend. You’re looking at it from a masculine point of view, wherein looks are the dominating factor in deciding attractiveness. Once again, it is all in the spirit.

nah man. Sorry I may be dumb but even I know looks are extremely important.

And that is a fine example of your lack of spirit, and a probable reason you are in your current predicament, we tried to help you.

this guy gets it
fuck the metoo faggots getting in the way
fuck the feminists saying that approaching women is evil
fuck the politicians making retarded social laws
just approach

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This guy gets it. If it's not illegal and doesn't get you in prison then it's okay to do. Morality is subjective but the law isn't

>fuck the metoo faggots getting in the way
>fuck the feminists saying that approaching women is evil
>fuck the politicians making retarded social laws
what are you even talking about why do incels keep saying that metoo feminists are preventing them from talking to girls

because the metoo movement means women can falsely accuse you of anything and your life is ruined. thankfully they've done it so much and to a ridiculous degree that people don't believe them anymore

metoo movement in 2019 is effectively dead

With context, sure. If you create the context in which a conversation doesn't feel forced or awkward there isn't anything wrong with it. For example - walking up with your dog to another woman at a park and asking her what breed her dog is and using that to jump into conversation isn't weird. Walking up to a woman and saying "HI, MY NAME IS user" then proceeding to try to jumpstart conversation for no discernible reason is awkward. It makes you seem like a child or a mentally handicapped bloke. Just understand that if you take the advice of some people in this thread and decide to "fuck" social norms people will look at you like a crazy person and most likely put their guard up as soon as you begin speaking because consciously violating the rules of social conduct because what you want is more important than other people's feelings makes you an autist or a sociopath. Most people won't respond well to that. Good luck!

>because the metoo movement means women can falsely accuse you of anything and your life is ruined
The MeToo movement is another boogeyman that incels have massively overhyped to blame for their social failures. If you're not a moron or a rapist its actually pretty easy not to get MeToo'd. If you want to keep blaming MeToo for the reason women don't like you that's fine but just understand that nobody outside the walls of this autist hugbox will have any clue what the fuck you're talkinga bout.

>looks are irrelevant

Yeah women in Tinder be swiping right on ugly dudes all day

Don't be a moron. Tinder is a vacuum meant to focus on one sole trait as a marker of interest. Back when singles hotlines were a thing guess who had the best luck? Guys with the "sexiest" voices. Yes, looks are very important on Tinder because literally the only piece of information you have about the person you're swiping on is their looks. In a real life context, physical appearance is only a part of the equation because your demeanor, attitude, and personality are also relevant factors.

Also, think about it like this - even IF looks were the only thing women cared about (which they objectively don't), what benefit would anyone get from defeating themselves before they even tried and internalizing their own failure? I say convincing yourself that your looks are irrelevant is the best thing you could possibly do for your chances.

that's not an argument. the whole point isn't that metoo prevents women from sleeping with you, it's that sleeping with women is risky. Learn to read.

If you sleep with someone today, they might not accuse of abuse immediately but in 3-5 years when the memory is fuzzy and you have money/power/fame you could be a target. Easy way to prevent that is to record and catalog everything but that's immoral according to the same people who #believeallwomen

But more people are waking up to false accusation and the fact women can lie and have the potential to be bad. Society operates in this dichotomy that women are wonderful and could never lie for any reason, but that's fading away

>outside the walls of this autist hugbox will have any clue what the fuck you're talkinga bout.

why are you on here? don't tell me you're a women on Jow Forums. That's even worse than the horde of neckbeards here

What about the fact that guys match with women and will go on dates, but the second she matches with someone more attractive they’re dropped like a bad habit? It literally happens all the time—looking for the next best thing, and the number one thing that plays into that is looks. And you can’t say “oh well she probably meshed better with guy #2 probably,” because typically this happens right when it turns out they both matched with each other. And then if things don’t work out, she’ll go back to talking to the original guy.

And that’s how you end up with “backups”

Depends on your culture. In Latin countries its normal - rampant even. In Muslim countries it can get you beaten or killed. Where do you live?

then why not just do the same to them? they go for hotter/wealthier guys, so why not just dump them for younger new girls?

My boys, this why you’re running into problems. You think woman look at men like men look at women, they don’t. As a result, you’re hyper-focused on your looks, rather than demonstrating your intelligence, your humour, your courage. Obviously it’s slight exaggeration to say looks are totally irrelevant, at least at the beginning stages, but as a woman gets to know you as a man the importance of looks very quickly falls to the wayside.

Because it’s generally not the guys that do the choosing, it’s the women.

Women have all the power in online dating. They get so many matches that they have the ability to be picky, guys don’t. Not to mention the whole 80/20 thing

if that was so true why is it 10x harder for indian/brown/asian assimilated men with great personalities to get women? even their own women? That racism is based on visuals which is what lookism boils down to. brown skin is considered unattractive while white isn't in western beauty standards.

extend that to white males who have unattractive features like weak jaw, hook noses or short height. I would say unattractive features on whites are the same shared with non-whites. a tall indian with light skin and a male model face would get most girls. But most indians or east asians don't have attractive features, just like most white incels. women are just as visual as men

become the 20% and you can do the choosing. and IRL women have less power in dating since it isn't 100% visual

>become the 20%

You can eat right, exercise all you want, dress well/wear proper fitting clothes, have good hygiene, have a good haircut/style—but none of that is going to change anything about your facial structure and affect how attractive women perceive you.

Haha but it’s not my dude. Just this day I saw an Indian fellow with a beautiful redhead. You say you have a great personality, whilst you rail against some perceived injustice against you and your kind. The second you believe the following “I’m a great dude and any girl would be lucky to have me” you’ll find success. I’m a decent looking guy with a honking big hook nose and I’ve never had a girl hold it against me. Indeed, once they get to know me they actually consider my big nose to be attractive. In short; grow a pair, have some confidence, and try to actually understand what women desire. (Guess what, it’s more than light skin and a pretty face ((guess that makes them deeper than you huh))

Not really, it's too easy to be #MeToo'd for dumb shit.

hmm you seem genuine so for once instead of arguing my point I'll believe you. What do women actually desire? and how do you get a better personality women like?

you approach and then do what? what do you say?

asking seriously

>your facial structure
First of all you're not quasimodo, you're just some fag on the internet who looks average and just has sever emotional problems that translates into body dysmorphia.

Second, if you are quasimodo and your face is SO fucked up that it sends women screaming in terror, then go get plastic surgery like all the other pretty idiots in Hollywood and also I guess people who get attacked by pitbulls.

>I don't have sex because one day I might be famous in 5 years

There's so many levels of incel delusions to unpack in one post here.

Sorry I'm late, I tought the thread would've expired by now but just saw it on the catalog.

So mate I assume your social skills are at 0 and your anxiety through the roof. My advice to you:
1. Read "How to Win Friends and Influence People" to learn how to make smalltalk.
2. Learn about sexual tension, creating and not breaking it. This point is what gets most guys rejected and friendzoned. So examples if what not to do are smiling (NEVER smile), making jokes (don't be a funny man) and not doing things in person (they'll ask for her number and ask her out through text, always ask her out in person). Good things to do are hold eye contact and touch her confidently.
3. Close. In sales closing is when you basically make moves, take the big steps to making the sale. So with women it's asking her out, kissing and fucking. Women never close you must make the moves.

As for what I say, it changes every time, because it will be influenced by context and the girl. But a vague example is the following:

>Hi I'm user, what's your name?
>Nice to meet you Wendy (shake her hand), are you from the South?
>No, why?
>IDK, you gave me that vibe. Listen Wendy, can I be honest with you?
>I see you are busy and so am, but I like you. Let's go out to the movies this friday (hold eye contact).
>Ahhh... ok.

Done deal, get here number and set up the date. The reason the girls will answer so cut and dry and act cold and distant is because they are nervous themselves (assuming you're in shape and have hygiene) and more often than not this is a great sign of attraction to you. In fact when girls have been all happy and relaxed when I approach, to me, that is a sign that they are attention whores and time wasters. And this has been true in about 80% of cases, of course exceptions exist but this has been the norm. Take one piece of advice and focus on it, don't read teory all day, go out and approach. On the first date kiss is mandatory btw. By date three you must fuck.

Is this the joost thread?

>I tought the thread would've expired by now but just saw it on the catalog.
Welcome to Jow Forums. It takes hours to get a conversation going sometimes. This place doesn’t have the traffic somewhere like /v/ does.

Yeah I know. It's the reason I like this board, I can have a life outside of Jow Forums and still have a lengthy discussion. What I meant is that usually threads on Jow Forums are gone in 24 hours from my observations.

Anything that's related to incels is gonna be on the board forever and have hundreds of replies, anything else like school or career advice or how to laundry or whatever is gonna get a half dozen replies and get bumped off by the spam/troll threads - I mean the troll threads other than the incel threads.

>On the first date kiss is mandatory btw. By date three you must fuck
Is it reeeaaally though? I feel like this could be extended out a bit.

yeah the guy sounds like he's part of a PUA cult, he's full of shit.

First date kiss is pretty much mandatory though, that much is true, it solidifies the connection between you two and shows that you do like her. It doesn't have to be a full on french-kiss make-out session you can just kiss her on the cheek when saying goodnight and if she wants to kiss you back then obviously you did the right thing.

Sex on the third date though? Laughable. Unless you're dating a major slut who's also banging two dudes on the side.

Obviously, sex sells.

What I have said is based on MY experience, the 4 times I didn't follow that rule the girl ghosted me.

PUA? You insult me you fuck. I don't believe in their tricks and retarded charts. They are clowns at best, if they get you laid they no longer make money, their methods ar to keep you running in cirvles after a carrot on a stick. My shit is to get ME laid, and if it works for you then good.

And you're deluded. A girl can be a whore but not let you in until 3 months in because she sees you as a chump, while the rest of us know all girls are sluts and we might as well fuck now, while you wait thinking shes going to be a good wife.

Alright Anons, here we go. First, regarding looks, the most important thing to recognize is everybody has both attractive and unattractive features. Myself, for example, I have nice big blue eyes, but also a big hook nose. I’m a good height, but a little underweight. I’ve got a big forehead, but also a nice smile. I could go on, but I recommend the following experiment which I believe will prove my point. Go to a public place, like a food court, and observe the people, paying special attention to the men. Be open-minded, and you’ll notice that the vast majority of men, excluding those with real deformities, have these attractive and unattractive features. One might be short, but stout. Another might be boyish, but seem quite sweet. Now focus on the unattractive ones, you’ll notice that almost always its because they have long greasy hair, or they’re overweight, or dress like a slob, or look like they haven’t showered for days. The things that make these men unattractive are pretty simple fixes, a haircut, a shower, a new t-shirt, some exercise. Accept that you as well have both attractive and unattractive features, and that they alone are not the major determinant in deciding your chance with the ladies. This is the basis of confidence in your looks, and confidence is one thing a woman desires.

Now, onto the women themselves. Let me relate to you a recent experience I had; I’m a university student, and I noticed a very pretty girl. I found her interesting because of the way she dressed (not showing off her boobies for the world to see) and the way she carried herself (very graceful and sophisticated.) As I passed her one day, I thought she smiled at me, I may have been mistaken, but I decided to rule in my favour. I noticed she liked to have a cigarette in the evening on a particular bench. So, upon seeing her there, I made a show of not being able to find my lighter, and asked her if I could use hers. (I had a valid reason to approach her.) We made some cliche small talk, and I went on my way. This may sound insignificant, but in fact is very important. You see, now that we had talked once, I could approach her again for no other reason than to have a conversation. So I did this, and we ended up clicking, and talking for almost 4 hours. I think the pertinent points are thus; I had a good reason to approach her (demonstrating social grace,) I waited a few days before approaching her again (demonstrating self-restraint,) I then did approach her again (demonstrating courage) within the conversation I made her both laugh and think (demonstrating humour and intelligence) and I didn’t make an explicit physical move on her, as well as making myself scarce for the next couple of days (which adds mystery, making her wonder “does he like me? Does he not?”)

You can see from reading this that it wasn’t “I approached and I’m hot so that was that” instead, I was intelligent and thoughtful about the process from the beginning to this present moment. So perhaps we can say what a woman desires is something like this
>social grace
>genuine interest beyond sex
>Many other personal characteristics

As I’ve said in this thread before, ultimately what got the ball rolling here wasn’t my looks, but my spirit. Does that help user?

>PUA? You insult me you fuck. I don't believe in their tricks and retarded charts.
really cause what you wrote earlier is practically verbatim PUA rules

>Learn smalltalk but don't go over 15 minutes.
>Use tension and don't smile which makes her uncomfortable.
>Make the first moves cause she won't.

>Talk endlessly about her, you and learn storytelling.
>Smile a lot, act like a clown, male her laugh and create trust/comfort/attraction.
>Basically wait for heavy "IOIs" and don't make moves until you're 99% sure she wants it.

Sure you could pinpoint some specific PUA who is not even relevant who advocates similar shit (to what has gotten me laid which is why I RECOMMEND it to guys who want to GET LAID), but overall most PUAs go for bring indirect and appeasing the woman. Your passive and inaction method won't get men anywhere other than chump town.

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Not him, but how the fuck does your shit work when your M.O. is essentially “act like a creep”?

>what has gotten me laid which is why I RECOMMEND it to guys who want to GET LAID
that is what PUA do

Excelent question. It has worked on feminine girls for me. Also, us men have an incorrect perception of what is creepy. Creepy would be grabbing her ass or catcalling her. Stating your interest and being direct (without insultig her like "whatsup bitch") is not creepy. What you mean is polarizing and yes it is. She has to say yes or no, either is fine, but you avoid becomong another of 100 dudes who try to win her by being friendly.

Trust me. My sister is a 9/10 Stacy and she shows me the messages on snapchat, insta, etc, and her and her friend tell me about their experiences. It really opens your eyes to see it from their POV. I am telling you fren, the way to stand out is being direct, masculine and sure about everything you do. Any other questions I woukd be happy to answer :)

If you associated premarital casual sex with PUAs. Men have been on a quest for sex all of history. If you think they didn't share advice on how to get said sex with women, before PUAs and the internet then you are beyond my help.

You strike me as a strong conservative, which is fine and I respect you waiting for marriage and a "pure" girl, but do understand the rest of us want sex without commitments.

You need to realize two things about women, they all fuck on the first date and they all cheat. 3 dates is def max, thinking it's not proves you're a beta with little to no experience. If a girl doesnt fuck you on the second date, it means she sees you as a beta male provider.

Wait, why is smiling bad? Are you not smiling, to make her feel uncomfortable, so that she loses her footing and you can sweep her off the feet easier or something?

How many have you fucked?

it gives her too much security. A woman like chaos and not knowing if you like her or not. If she feels like she has you already, she has nothing to earn or put effort in. You need a woman guessing how you feel, so she puts in effort.

You're telling people to not smile at women because you think they think it's gay. You're absolutely a PUA - just NoT LiKe ThE OtHeR PuAs~

>You strike me as a strong conservative, which is fine and I respect you waiting for marriage and a "pure" girl, but do understand the rest of us want sex without commitments.

I said literally nothing conservative or even strongly conservative or even anything about marriage. What the fuck are you even talking about

I mean, that's a rule for approaching, not for dates, right?

How MANY have you fucked?

>A woman like chaos
love to get dating advice from The Joker

Yes! Great analysis, you're on the right track. Smiling from what I have read, experienced and ((psychologists)) tell me is that if you do it in the context of male-female interaction is a son of nervousness and insecurity. Without expandong to much, not smiling (neutral expression not frown) shows your internal confidence, and it creates a feedback loop where you FEEL confident because your fave is showing that emotion. Whereas if you smile and laugh that loop will be of anxiety. The funny thing is once I stopped smiling (which I never did before women conditioned me, but that's irrelevant) I noticed it is the women who nervous laugh around you because of hots for you.

Historically speaking I used to get 3 girls per year. Since I really just became myself again, with a few tweaks, I am getting around one per month. And you will get to a point whre you reject girls because you don't like them. Just this saturday I went out with a new girl, and she wanted dick very bad, but I wasn't feeling it and even friendzoned her at the end. That is the power you get friend, on economic terms, you stop being the supply (begging position) and become the demand (chosing/power position). Hope it is clear if not ask away.

>be direct
>but don't fucking smile at her to let her know that you like her, women like chaos and not knowing if you like them
>but you should also stare unflinchingly stare into her eyes and touch her body to be direct and show her that you like her


I never said the word gay. And you're conservative because you describe sexual women as sluts. I don't even understand you, so ANY advice on getting laid is PUA to you? Where you dropped on your head or molested in the pussy?

>ANY advice on getting laid is PUA to you?
You were ragging on PUAs for having graphs and and charts and trick - yet you original post was bullet points here you were saying that you HAVE to do this and not that. It's not advice it's a formula, it's what PUA do.

it's also especially shitty advice. telling autistic incels to not smile at girls and just stare at them and touch them. It sounds like you're some kind of false flag poster.

Some replies have not been me. The following are mine:

Also, you guys can be in denial all you want, the anons who apply my tips multiple times will have sex with the girls that are hot. I don't care, I get my fair share.

>And you're conservative because you describe sexual women as sluts
You're a PUA because you were saying that you she has to have sex with you by the third date.

>the anons who apply my tips multiple times will have sex with the girls that are hot
oh but you're not a PUA right

Interesting (in relation to the first half of you’re post). I’ll have to try that some time.

I physically cringed at your example

Bro it had to be bullet point and rules precisely because of the average reader here. If I just shared stories there is no guarantee they will get the message at it's core. I also said you have to be attractive you can't be a fat unsocialized autist. Also, I don't like PUAs either but you seem to behave like a complete hater to anyone getting more ass than you, even if they're cringe ass hell.

Cool cool. I was away from game since spring and getting back to it. Something I've noticed from gaming (computer gaming, like LoL), is that after a pause from an activity, you return to it with a clear head. While yeah, you've accumulated some dust on your skills, you've also cleared your mind of some nagging anxieties or the small shit that has been bugging you. Same with gaming (girls) - I haven't done shit in months and yet it almost feels as if I've actually gained experience meanwhile. Maybe I just game my brain some much needed time to actually assimilate all the things I've learned into one understanding? Like brain synthesizes knowledge during sleep? Idk.

But I think there's a caveat to the smiling thing. I'm pretty sure there's smiling and then there's smiling. Maybe even call it smirk. I look like a douche and my smile is more of a smirk, which I'm pretty sure actually works for me. I imagine you had more of the stuttering beta "polite" smile kind of shit. That's a killer, definitely.

>Maybe I just game my brain some much needed time
gave* lmao

>I imagine you had more of the stuttering
you had in mind*

I'm sick and studying rn

You also got mad at people for smiling at women and deviating from your formula