How to eat healthy

I eat Sushi, Salmon, White Rice made in a microwave and drink only water and black coffee yet i do not really notice a difference in my weigh.

I do resist the urge to eat meat burgers, mcdonalds and KFC.

Is using a mixed to turn the vegetables and other healthy shit and drink it despite its taste and just making it pass thru my throat with water effective? Is there another way to lose weight without being affected by any consequences? (For example, bullimic people who puke their guts out seem to have really heavy consequences later on)

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Are you watching your portion sizes?
Too much or too little and you won't lose any weight. Starvation makes your body's fat stick around a lot longer than a controlled minor calorie cut.

I do eat on a all you can eat thing that only costs around 15 dollars and stuff my face with sushi so i do not have to eat later on.

If you want to lose weight you have to burn calories, you can do this by simply eating the bare minimum you need to survive, but that would be horribly unhealthy in the long run. If you want to do lose weight in a healthy manner, you need to work out alongside eating healthy food.

Eat less, move more. There are no magic diets. Eat under 2000 calories a day to lose weight.

You can eat literally anything you want, so as long as you stay under 2000 calories a day, but it is recommended to keep your food as nutritious as possible, so primarily eat greens and other healthy vegan shit like that. And do moderate exercise so your heart doesn't shit the bed early.

I do run on the thread mill at mininum 1 to 1 and half hours a day, if the pool is available, i also swim for around half to a full hour, walk to most places i need to be and always use the stairs.

What else should i do? Os there some medicine that makes me feel full so i eat less or something that makes me sweat more?

Thing is, the inly three "healthy" stuff i eat are apples, bananas and fried eggs (made with water).

I find the other things somewhat distasteful, so, can i just drinl them after mixing them with a mixer them pushing it thru with water? Or, is eating lettuce and only that a decent first step?

How much weight do you want to lose and how long have you been at it?

So you are not eating controllably and are likely hitting equilibrium because you're binging and starving. That is not a diet. Buy your food in bulk and only eat a set amount each day. $450/month on groceries will get you exponentially more food than getting sushi.

21 yo male 80 kilos

Half with the exercise (previously knly did one hour of treadmill)

Half a year with the water and sea food.

dude don't fucking blend all that disgusting smoothie, you'll just get the shits


From the supermarket?

Like, buying apples, rice, fish and stuff like that in bulk and making stuff at home?

Okay. So i eat anything i want as long it is not oily and all that and stay under 2000kcal.


You mean cal or kcal?

Yeah, so you have complete control over portion and ingredients. Even some of those microwave meals are cheap, come with veggies, and are in propper calorie portions (listed on the back/side), if you can't be arsed to cook or are somewhere you can't. 500-600 calories per meal, and include all your ingredients. 2000 calories per day.

I think the sushi buffet thingy all at once is the worst thing i am doing.

So i will drop that.

Watch your mercury intake op

I think I know what your problem is. You can eat all the healthy food in the world but you will still end up morbidly obese because you just ate every bit of healthy food in the world in one sitting. Your issue is the fact that you don't watch your portion sizes. A fine way for you to lose some of that weight is CTS.
Count, Train, Sweat.

Calorie count. You stuff your face with sushi and white rice and whatever else because you think it is healthy and sure, it is better than stuffing your face with chips but you are not counting how many calories you are taking in. Place daily calorie restrictions on yourself slightly under the reccommended amount so you can burn more and gain less but always maintain a healthy calorie intake.
Make yourself some rice with chicken, read the back of the rice pouch and write in a small notebook how many calories are in there. Cut up and fry a bit of chicken into that rice and note the calories in that. Note your calories throughout the whole day and limit yourself. For a treat and something sweet there is plenty or low calorie cereal bars out there or something. If you are unable to contain your hunger, munch on some ice cubes or drink water.

Train yourself, keep working out. Do exorcise. You are already calorie counting, now it is time for you to keep your body and mind healthy. There is not much else to say about this as it leads into the third point.

Sweat, wear a hoodie and a hat while you run. What burning fat actually is; is just making your body break down the fatty deposits it has stored for when it needs it and one of the best ways to burn extra calories is through heat energy. Get yourself sweating and burning those extra calories. Look this up for more information. Sweat off that fat. Oh also drink plenty of water and keep a bottle on hand at all times, don't overdo it and collapse.

Finally stay motivated and do not except instant results. You can do this.

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Sort of bur keep it nutritious.

eat some god damn vegetables holy shit. You're gonna be malnourished and deficient in all sorts of vitamins and nutrients.

Like other said, as far as weight goes you can eat almost anything and weight-wise it won't matter as long as you burn off the calories.

Also this. Salmon is low in mercury but other fish higher up in the food chain like Tuna are absolutely high in mercury.

The only way to lose weight is to consume fewer calories than you burn.

>sushi salmon rice microwaved

Not only are you hideously deficient in understanding food you have committed cardinal crimes against taste. Sushi can be fattening as fuck you have told us nothing substantial. What sushi?????

eat less
eat less sugar
intermittent fast
take daily vitamin
take cinnamon capsule
Metamucil for fiber
vitamin c when sick
go outside in da sun
lean meats, berries, green veggies
cut bad food down after 30 yrs old

>I only eat meat and carbs
>why does this high calorie food not make me lose weight?

If you want to lose weight then eat more vegetables and less things that are not vegetables.

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