Quite serious, but if you want to make fun of me - go ahead

Quite serious, but if you want to make fun of me - go ahead.

Are those wounds infected? They hurt much more than the other did in the past, and I’m not sure if I should see a doctor or not.

I relapsed after not cutting for almost 6 months, I know it was hella dumb and I won’t do it again or I’ll do it the right way in the future - depends on my state of mind.

Be mean or whatever but a little advice could help.

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Yes, see a fucking doctor. I would not trust Jow Forums with medical advice. Also, stop cutting. Never understood how people get so fucked in the head they intentionally hurt themselves just for the pain. Cut that shit out. There's no "right way" to do it. The correct option is to call a friend and talk about what's troubling you or if you don't have friends post in a sad feels Jow Forums thread.

> Cut that shit out
Oops, sorry for the poor word choice. Unintentional.

>I’m not sure if I should see a doctor or not.
Every god damn time. This board is not /med/ I don't know why so many people use this board to post pictures of ingrown hairs on their asshole or whatever and expect us to somehow e-mail them a prescription or whatever. Must be Americans.

The redness around the cuts is a little concerning for infection but likely just local inflammation from the trauma. Wash the wounds out with alcohol, see a psychiatrist

>stop asking Jow Forums for advice

Asking for medical help on Jow Forums is like going to a therapist for a prostate exam. In case you don't get what I mean, I'm saying it's fucking stupid.

Literally the only valid advice for medical situations is "go see a doctor"

It was a slip up of sorts. I stopped cutting for 6 months but relapsed. Thanks for the advice on calling a friend.

Thank you for your advice! I’m currently seeing a psychiatrist and trying to get better

Chill out. Medical student here, it ain't that serious

Looks locally infected, just use alcohol, disinfectant or something

Looks healthy and fine. Worry if the wound starts forming pus or becomes twice the size.

You must have a mean cat. Mine is really mean when I try to snuggle it.

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Yeah it’s a quite mean cat. But I’m slowly taming it

>Medical student here
Come back when you're a doctor.

You didn't do the tally marks right dumb ass

In 15 years. They are still studying at their community college.

The 4 at the bottom look like they are starting to get nasty. Put a hell lots of alcohol on it. If it doesn't go back to a pretty red color in 2 days either cut the arm off or go see a real doctor. And never forget the golden rule :
>Sideway for attention
>Along the line for results

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>cut that shit out

we really gonna let this sleep

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they're not infected, you may have just cut a little deeper than usual

keep them clean and stop cutting yourself

t. not a doctor, but a former cutter

As a former Emo queen, just disinfect em and bandage up, you’ll be fine

Okay boys and girls. The cardinal signs of inflammation:

Loss of function

The most important questions to ask are if the area around the wound is warm/hot to touch? Does the wound have significant discharge (particularly yellow/green pus)? Does the patient have a fever or malaise? This last question could indicate a systemic infection.

The recommendation is always to get it checked by an advanced provider if you are concerned. If you won't do that, then keep the wound clean as possible, and it wouldn't hurt to keep it covered with a sterile dressing to prevent infection. But again, go get it checked out.

Unless the white stuff in the lower cuts is vaseline/ointment you applied, then it's fucking infected.

im the fucking cut MASTER
they look fine rn. keep it clean but give some air. Those ones that look like a split/v are gonna take some time.
if it gets seriously puffy and really painful and maybe even pus-y then its infected seriously.
Ur body knows how to deal with infection most of the time, everyone with a cut didn't die before medicine.
you have other ones u should know the drill

It's always important to clean a wound. You wouldn't want to get blood poisoning. It might even be worth learning some first aid as a way of detering yourself. Kind of like you getting sick of always having to do it everytime you cut. But I'm no therapist. See to your wounds.

Bet if I was there to stomp your head in every night you'd just wanna sleep. I hate you

Those cuts look similar to ones I did to myself a few weeks ago. They're healthy now but I also freaked out a bit. Looks like you just cut deep so if the cuts aren't hot and excessively painful it should be ok. Still, if you have quick access to a doctor/nurse I'd go.

Your killing your own buzz outlive your enemies theyll b tryna do the same don't give em the satisfaction of an undeserved win, there's no good in it if that's where u at

You might feel like you wanna die but
know you don't deserve to

Idk what kinda hole u got but this ain't the way to fill it apologies for the previous ignorance on the offchance u got some Shi I can't get

They hurt because you didnt go deep enough. It stings like a cat scratch. Meow pussy


everytime i get a cut or get scrathed by a cat (i like cats) i put some pure alchochol in the wonds so it burns like hell and dissinfect everything and no problems

as a nursing student, which is not much but you're also dumb enough to ask for medical advice on Jow Forums

if I had those wounds, I'd get some sterile gauze and saline, gently clean it a few times in a single direction and use each gauze swab only once, then dress the area with iodine and a sterile dressing, leave it for a day or two to encourage healing, then check UNLESS the pain got worse or warm, bleeding started, the amount of pus/liquid coming out increased, it felt odd/warm, or I had a fever

in which case I'd just go to a doctor

tldr you're a retard

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or Chlorhexidine
but yea, something that actually disinfects.
Is it really that bad? Ive just worn jeans on much bigger ones with no disinfectant ever and was fine.

You're fucking retarded. Like even as a emo cutter, smart people at least disinfect/clean bandage their cuts.

its fine
the world isn't a petri dish of super aids
over like 30 diff trials lol
desu sometimes I would use triple antibiotic just for the pain reliever (ironically)
bandages would show thru pants (altho so do the scars)

Yes, stop cutting yourself, ive spent $4500 on tattoos to cover up the scars on my arms

It's down the road not across the street
You need to cut the long vein in your wrist. God luck kiddo

I don't understand. You cut yourself knowing fully well cuts get infected. Causing more pain. Then you complain about it getting infected? Either be 100% to yourself and enjoy your infection. Or stop mutilating yourself over something that happened in the past

Why do people do this to themselves? It's a legitimate question. I've gone through some pretty rough times and even considered becoming an hero, but I never once considered that slicing myself open would solve my problems. What drives people to do this?

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100% THIS.

Mutilated the fuck out of my legs and had to wear long pants/long socks for the longest fucking time. After seeing a therapist things are much better but still only a few choice friends and a roommate know of the scars so I always have to be weary. Big mistake.

remember kids its down the road not across, make it count you fag