Does being a virgin make you a bad person?

Does being a virgin make you a bad person?

I've seen at least two 20something or 30something virgins go on a rampage and hurt a lot of people in my lifetime, and this makes me feel really guilty and ashamed of being a virgin long past my teens.

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>Does being a virgin make you a bad person?
Reread this question op.
Reread it.

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Okay, so if you're a virgin is it BECAUSE you're a bad person?

Which one's the chicken and which one's the egg.

It's only when you shove red pills up your ass and worship cartoon frogs on Jow Forums & start to blame society for your dry dick that you become a bad person.

I once believed that beign a virgin would make the girls happy because that's what the movies show me, but in reality they do end up thinking you're some kind of psychopath killer with deep issues and avoid it.

Dont show them, just keep quiet.

No but it's not attractive at an older age if that's what you're asking

virgins are angry,look at me, i want hurt people cause im virgin, highschool gave me a shit life without friends and without chance for girlfriends.
fuck off

correlation isn't causation, they're virgins because they're outcasts and they go on rampages because they're outcasts.

You're really stupid.

Oh my god haha what kind of question is that?

Virgins are naturally bad, that's why babies are so evil.

There's a lot of virgin shaming that implies the reason virgin guys are virgins is that they 'don't respect women' etc.

A lot of people shit on virgins you know

its a good thing, but people will use it as a excuse to hate you. You're STD free, be proud of it.

They do?

not in the literal sense but yes

And they're outcasts because society made them outcasts by bullying in school, ignoring in the university. So society deserves those people's rampage. And society is each and every person in the world.

>They do!
>Well actually they don't but my point is valid!

Incels choose to become outcasts. They are just entitled angry jerka who blame society on their failures.

No, and you sound like that bully scum from any school. Incel is *involuntary* celibate. FYI. They didn't choose anything.

I assume you're being facetious and not retarded.

Nobody is involuntarily celibate. You choose to be celibate. Incel just means you identify as an incel, a member of an evil death cult.

Being one doesn't make you a bad person, but crying for attention because of your own inability to (for the lack of a better word) not be an autist around others

What I see here is lack of responsibility in your life.

Please watch some Jordan Peterson, or read his book 12 Rules for Life to get a different perspective on _your_ _own_ life.

And fucking pick yourself up off of the ground. You sound pathetic — trying to blame others for your lack of responsibility, for yourself and your life as a whole.

Taking active steps like doing what I've mentioned above, or at least (wasting) spending money on a psychiatrist is a good first step, even though change only happens if the person in need wants it (and not just attention).

>you can't help people who don't want to be helped (and that includes your psychiatrist)

(I was once like you, but I've leaned to grow up)

>Please watch some Jordan Peterson
LOL fuck off boomer

They didn't go crazy because they were virgins. They were virgins because they were crazy

I'm a 28 year old virgin.
How do I tell if I'm crazy or not?

Oh my fugging god, you are losing literally nothing by being a virgin. Sexual intercourse is the most overhyped shit in the world.

Jordan Peterson would be all fine and dandy if he kept his Joseph Campbell wannabe schtick of talking about the meaning of myths.

Instead he writes these horseshit books that are supposed to be self help but instead are filled with randomly placed rants about communism and how marriage will solve all of society's problems.

He has some interesting ideas, but they're mixed in with a cocktail of bullshit.

That wasn't my point. Kids who shoot up high schools have serious mental problems. Those same mental problems make them social failures and thus virgins. But of course other things can also keep people virgins.

They rejected him. The whole society told him he doesn't deserve to reproduce. He did a bad thing, yet I can't say he's a bad guy.