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Hi S,

I don’t get it. You reached out to me, so I reached back to you. So why so quiet? I miss you.


Who knows?

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I've been talking to this girl.
We're just friends right now. If something were to happen between us, I wouldn't mind. I also don't mind just being straight friends for the rest of our lives.

She thinks I am like "other guys". I just want to fuck her. That's what she's seemed to deal with most of her life.
I wouldn't mind if that's what she wants, but honestly, I've been around her and talked to her enough that it's not just sex. I enjoy seeing and talking to her.
I don't know how to portray any of this without telling her, and I know if I tell her any of this, it's the wrong move.

Either it happens or it doesn't, but it's whatever. I hope she finds what she wants in life.

Why shouldn’t you tell her

Security guards are either foreigners or fucking entitled scumballs who think everything is fine and dandy and they rule the fucking world.

Case in point one of them tried to run me over and when I said stop, she fucking giggles and now I'm in the mood to murder her. This ruined what was supposed to be a fine day.

Fuck this life.

Because I feel it's weird to come out and say, "I'm not like other guys" to someone who thinks all guys are the same.

When I’m in bed at night I can sometimes hear what sounds like somebody murmuring from the other room. It’s happened so many times and it scares me fucking so bad. Am I going crazy? I have a lot of fans going so it could be like the position of my bed among the fan noises making something that sounds like speech. I hope I’m not crazy. This house is too big for me to live alone I wish I could afford a dog

Are you guys having sex? Are you friends? I don’t think it would be weird if you’re already intimate. But to phrase it different like “hey I really care about you and this is way more about sex. I like to be around you and talk to you”. That’s avtuakly quite sweet

She’s this super tall and socially awkward girl who’s an amazing artist and a fun person to be with, and we worked together on some stuff and I think she likes me but she’s shy and has her own hangups. I have such a huge crush on her. Fuck.

Yeah I'm pretty sure her hangups involve another dick up north.
If you're okay with being the French fries next to a big chadburger with extra meats, then go ahead and do your thing as slowly as possible.

Husband finally read the letter on the computer. We haven't discussed it, but the mood is so much lighter. I know it probably hurt him to read what I really felt, but I feel 100% more relieved. I'm going to do my absolute best to make this last till death.

I'll try that out, user.
Thank you.

What did you work together on?

I really love somebody but he doesn’t communicate the same as me. I think he’s hot and appreciate the difference but sometimes I feel bad because I like verbal validation and he’s not a verbal person at all. I need to work on overcoming this or something

I feel like Lord Jim constantly trying to run from the shame of my past. Big muscles and a big revolver now won't change how scared, weak, and helpless I was then.

How would he not communicate?
He a sperg?
Does he bolt away before you have a chance to say anything?

Whatever are these problems?

He doesn’t respond sometimes to my advances, unless i directly ask him if it’s okay which he always says yes. He doesn’t naturally tell me things like that I’m beautiful or important to him, but I know that I am based on his actions. I still have the insecurity because I don’t hear it from him. He’s made an effort,knowing this, to start telling me some things but he doesn’t do it very often. Don’t get me wrong I like it when he does and I think he’s wonderful and I like his quiet but I still wish either he’d tell me things upfront more or I would be less bothered by it

I fucking miss her

You know what's funny?

If he was constantly validating your existence, you wouldn't like him as much as you do.
Welcome to being a girl.

I never said “constantly validating my existence”. That’s idolization. What I’m saying is that he’s more quiet and less responsive than most people, and I want to figure out how to overcome my anxiety and our difference in communication

for you

I just found out in a fight with a relative that my big brother is a half brother and has a different dad. I don’t really care because he’s my brother whatever I just hate that everyone knew but me. What the fuck

I hate myself i fucking hate myself so much im so fucking stupid it accually hurts me inside its fustrating being as dumb as i am i accually started appologizing to family, friends and even coworkers cause i dont know what else to fucking do im so stupid on a regular basis and it fucking hurts cause theres nothing else i can say im just that stupid

I can't keep friends because I don't have value beyond being something someone wants to fuck

I see you in the dark
That's where you always are.

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when I was 19 I saw my older sisters tinder account despite her being 28 years old, almost a ten year age gap going on there...

Is my sister a creep or a weirdo why would she set her tinder setting to allow 18 or 19 year olds if she was 28 years old at the time? shouldn't she be interested in men and not teenagers???

I am creeped out by the idea that she is out there matching 18 year old boys in high school and being a creep.

Should I tell the whole family about my older sister being creepy or use it as blackmail lmao

Who knows?

Film projects. Co-directed, produced, and shot a couple of projects. She also paints in oil and watercolor so her aesthetic translates really nicely on screen. We got our shit into a film festival.

They're one of my favorite bands but I've never actually posted one of their tracks until now. What brings you here, user?

I should get my shit together

Used to fap to come when I was like 14

Used to fap to cp when I was a young adolescent

Sometimes at night I milk my weenie.

I guess it's just time to grow up. Some things are just not for me.

Can I get some answers for Sorry I don't have much to say

Like 30

What excuse should I use until then? "I'm just focusing on myself?"

you could try telling the truth

But you just said I have to wait until I'm 30 before I can give up on relationships without being judged for it.

>So what if you're judged?
I lose social capital and it's more difficult to interact with society as a result.

two different people my guy.
Who the fuck is judging you, if you're talking to some asshole who is going to judge you for not wanting to be in a relationship do you really care what they think? Yeah it's hard to interact with people but why make it harder on yourself by associating with dickheads anyway

Tonight I went to the club with my friend and we took Xctaxy and now I’m sitting outside on a stump in the parking lot because this music sucks. They used to call this crap “Techno” and fuck me and my ex husband used to dance to this same exact White ass shit in the ‘90’s. Now I swear to god two faggots just jeered at me as they walked by.

Christ this shit is lame and now I have to go back in and find my friend.

Actually I do not believe this is Xtacy. It was a bitter white powder. Hey the place next door is playing hype shit but I’d probably have to pay. Right now all I can think about is you and how you’ll never text me again.

Now I’m back inside and it’s kind of okay but I’d rather be alone with my thoughts.

Stop gaslighting me, you dink.

Time to get new strings and a bow for my violin and rebuy a guitar. I guess I'll see if I have any music in me from all this bullshit.

For the fucking record I was never using anyone. I gave 100% and that still led to nothing but people clawing at me to try and hurt me. Well it worked. Hope you're fucking happy.

I'm sick of living life

Eric Stevens you mentally ill motherfucker stop pretending to be me just because you can't build your own personality.
The Rest of you, I don't know any of you. Ignore racial setup you people were the first to ever make me actually set up suicide plans.

Fucking bullying a young kid every fucking day telling him he's disgusting and he's wrong. We weren't friends ever, I was a mentally ill kid with a Jesus complex that went to nazi chats and tried ''saving'' people. In the end now I'm a fucking nazi and nobody is there to help me through it.

I swear to god if any of you contacts me after I'm gone then I'mma kill you. I'm not part of any race vor group, I'm always me and I haven't posted all week so all this was Eric Stevens.

Treeee I never saw you as a woman, we weren't friends. I said the only Person to ever talk with me was jello, donut as well but he was insane. The Rest of you were nazis to me, disgusting people that need help but I can't help. Plesse leave me alone now and stop mentally fucking with me, I have nothing to do with you people I have a family to take care of.

I repressed the memories of you people for a fucking reason, do you not know how much I gave from myself to work on your cunts problems every single day in and out. Just for you people to berate, talk shit and exclude me. Leave me alone

Please just leave me alone already what about we don't know each other do you not understand? Do you not see how you're literally draining the life out of me?

I just want a ''Yes we will leave you alone''
Please set me free

She won't let me leave and keeps blaming my attempts to move out on me being mentally ill and I can't tell what's real anymore.

Yes we will leave you alone

Please carry on in peace

Loving MYSELF!

You say that but tell that to fucking Eric he still isn't stopping.

You guys aren't stupid you know he isn't me and he is fucking with my life so he can keep pretending to be someone else. Keep him away from me.

Me too user. It's about time we do that.

Constantly triggering a mentally ill person with trauma. No fucking wonder my mental has been like this since I moved here. You psychos are fucking triggering my traumas for your own needs. Leave me the fuck alone, why would I want to be friends with any of you besides the reason I don't know any of you. You motherfuckers tortured me my two years here and the time I had before that right after school as well.

Stay away from me every single one of you, I hate you and I don't want any of you close. I need and want friends but I don't need and want whatever is happening here.

Also stop playing fucking racial draft with me you goons

It feels nice laying in bed after waking up thinking about your sof tits under that white shirt :3

I have yet to tell you cunts anything but to fuck off from me on here.

Every time one of you onaholes got too wet and someone told you something, every single ''relationship vent'' you guys thought was me. Every single post besides these and the ones telling people to not give up, to not worry were not mine.

I don't have any real contact with any female, I don't Miss anyone but my dead brother. Seriously any of you women getting gaslighted into thinking I'm the one actually writing you here, it has always been Eric.

I'm not stupid and knew that he was doing some rapey shit but I didnt know he was Eric, but I have been VERY DIRECT with my affections in real life. Not to show you that you're not ''good'' enough and I just see you as friends, BUT BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW YOU AND YOU THOUGHT I WAS YOUR FUCKING BOYFRIEND. I liked you, I love every human but in the end I can be as friendly as possible to you that's all you can get from me. Considering WE DON'T FUCKING KNOW EACH OTHER.
There is only one woman who made just half an effort with me and goddamn it almost worked if it wasn't for Eric mentally fucking with her! I'm not interested in pussy ass women, I'm not interested in racists, I'm not interested in people who have NOTHING to do with me.

Fuck you, go die and tell Eric to stop pretending to be me. It's not fair that he gets to fuck with my life like this just because he wants to pretend to be me.

Im constantly in immense guilt for the things I have done to or caused my bf. It gets between us often. With my serious anxiety (not Tumblr) I am scared of my own lover.

I feel like my friends are happier with me being ugly and miserable. I recently got cosmetic surgery to fix a glaring facial asymmetry and finally feel good about myself, so much so that for a time I thought I fucking had mania because I felt like I was on top of the world. People notice my looks more and check me out more and it's given me so much more self-confidence with my gf, but all these people in my life would prefer me fat, DYEL and miserable with no self-esteem. Well fuck you, I'm tall, good looking, swole, and for the first time in my life I fucking feel it.

People are fucking toxic and all they want you to do is stay in your fucking lane.

I'm closer than I've ever been to killing myself. I recently tried actually putting effort into fixing myself but the more I try the more I realise how futile it is for someone like me. I wish I could enjoy doing something.

Just had my cat put down today, I've had him since I was 5.. (i'm 25). I'm so sad rn.. hopefully I will be able to stop feeling this way tomorrow but fuck man that little prick was with me 4/5's of my life and now he's gone.

I could really use a fwb. Someone to occasionally hang out and catch up with and bang, no strings attached. Shit's so fucking hard to get if you're too much of a wimp for Tinder.

That is a wrong guess but nice try. Maybe get a hobby and build a personality? Who knows.

I have no talent. I'll dump countless hours into things and still be painfully average at it even when I'm trying my hardest. Skills I have spent years acquiring other people master within days or weeks. I've been dealing with it for so long and recently I just can't take it anymore. There's no joy in doing anything anymore. Why bother when you know you're going to be bad at it? I am a failure. The only thing keeping me from killing myself is that I'm too much of a pussy to actually do it. So, I live in this hell of mediocrity and shame. I hate myself.

Not sure what you mean by "wrong guess". I have hobbies, a personality and a social life. It's that finding women to hang out with is hard around here, and just thinking about proposing something sexual already feels like walking on a tightrope.

I dont think i have every felt as empty in my life as i have felt this weekend on a getaway trip with my friends. I just want to curl up and cry but nothing can come out. My whole summer has been hell and I had hoped this would be redeeming before heading back to uni. But it hasnt, maybe my mistake was agreeing to join my friends who are two couples so seeing them happy makes me lonely or just the fact that despite following all the social norms and being ahead of the curve career wise for my age and with grade skipping I have missed out on potential companionship for my life and idk. Don’t really want advice, i just want this off my chest since it’s almost 2am and everyone is asleep and im drowning in my thoughts.

I know the feeling.

It saddens me to see my friend doing cheap coke. I wonder what pushed her to do this. Maybe I'm too much of a moralfag, but I feel really sad seeing her like this.

Holy mother of xx. Its been a long time Jow Forums and Ive been thru some challenging times. I just want to say im fine, but im kind of trying to find someone here, or maybe not. This place has made history with me and i just want to say im back... Having mixed feelings at all. Will we be all right? The environment hasnt been good.. Still hanging on despite that. Its just that it hasnt been transparent and im worried! - S

Screw friends. Whatever. I'm fine alone, all alone. Until the end.

Get a hooker and stfu

Go away troll. We don’t like your borderline pedo incest bs here.

Look at me like that again Eric and I'll smash your teeth in :)

*Does puppy eyes*

FYI "smash" word has many meanings

Fuck you.

You tortured me for 5 years in total, god knows why I'm not killing all of you maybe because he knows I'm gonna make it big and fucking with you POS would only ruin my life. Goons


You on the right

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I like how this is a joke to you and your can make fun of my mental issues. Better lock your door then who knows when I snap at night when you're asleep.

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it must suck to be a virgin

Why pretend to be one? A black one at that!

I would love to be able to be a nobody pretending to be someone, then insult that someone. Mentally 100%

No matter how shit my life is, at least I'm living it.

Owo what're you gonna do to me?
M-masaka! Is it h*ndholding?

Stab out your stupid eyes, then cut out your lying tounge and cut your fingers off inch by inch for every woman you raped pretending to be someone you're not and every lie you told to people.

Who said it's a lie?
Lower your tone young lady

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user are you black?

My issue you goddamn retard isn't even any of this, my issue is that I have told you.

You and your nazi sluts can go die for all I care, take all of them for yourself I don't want ANY of then. But stop talking about me, stop putting my Name in your mouth not even in your dirty mind I want a single thought of me.

I do not want to be involved with you, I don't like you nazis. LEAVE ME ALONE, do everything you want on gods green earth I beg of you but please leave me out of it. I don't know any of you people and have nothing to do with you and it is fucking with my head thinking what your moves and thoughts are. Sadly I can't ignore you fucks because even if you're not a part of my life, you're making yourself one and invloving yourself in my life even AFTER I MULTIPLE TIMES told you to get the fuck off of me!

Look Eric, they can all read this I don't care for any of them any random woman out of the Street is the same to me as them. If I like them I will talk to them if I don't I don't. Fuck I ''know'' some shit about them and I am done and don't want anything to do with them.

Fuck off you dirt people, stop leeching off of me and live your own life fucking bunch of mentally ill nazis.

This site is a solid 4 or 5 years too deep into Poe's law. I think the number of real terrorist actions by Jow Forumstards from different imageboards proves that for every person merely pretending to be retarded, someone else is actually believing everything they post. How many tards screeching about kikes and talking about the eventual ""race war"" are serious? It's ridiculous to think about

What a weird timeline
Wew lad

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*pokes you Nazily*

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Fucking knew it you people didn't change one inch.

The timeline where I'm going to snap because I keep communicating that I want to be left alone but you motherfuckers keep fucking with me so I just get up and Stab everyone in one go?

Alright can you tell me who you are so I know who to start away from?

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Me with the remote

Quite literally whomst?

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