How can I have charisma and be cooler with girls?

How can I have charisma and be cooler with girls?

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Practice. Read. Become more interesting and more interested.


>Practice charisma

Just be like the guy in the middle, he has godly seed and is ready to impregnate the next lady entering a Denny's at 3am.

By talking to people in general and also to girls. You have to practice because learning by doing is the easiest way of absorbing body language cues. Practice will also desensitise you to any anxiety you have over talking to them and help you to work out good conversational topics that you can carry on with just about anyone so that you never find yourself in that position where you're flailing for something to say.

Stop giving a shit. Not even joking. Stop caring.

>Stop giving a shit.
To what?

The opinions of people. Some will like you some won’t. Who cares

It's just more useless memey advice like being yourself.

Which reminds me: jsut be yourself

So you tell me not to be interesting, or will the fact that I do it make me interesting?

No. Be yourself and talk about whatever you want. Stop caring if others like you or not because that isn’t your business.

But I want a gf

what am I going to do tho user? Talk to random girls walking to class in uni, or talking to people before lecture... you don't know how hard it is to find a venue to actually meet and make frens.. nonetheless get laid

You should find a girlfriend that actually likes you retard

If you ever manage to conquer a girl by feigning to be something that you are not your relationship will be doomed from the start

And if you really want to change you should do it. But not to be what the others want you to be. Or what you think the others would like you to be. Change. But to become whatever the fuck YOU want. Just stop overthinking. Do what makes you happy and what makes you feel good with yourself, and everything will be easier.

Fuck what other people think. Be a man. Men don't care about the other's opinions

is this you?

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You can't.

Not OP, but a 26 year old KHV

Going to see a psychiatrist Monday and will probably give anti-depressants a try again

Hopefully this time they can help me get myself together and gain the ability to be a better social being, thus finding and fostering meaningful relationships with people

I too want a GF, sort of? I kinda just want to meet girls; I've unironically never really talked to women, as cringe as that sounds.

>Going to see a psychiatrist Monday and will probably give anti-depressants a try again

Tried that, didn't help at all, maybe it will for you.

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>Denny's at 3am.

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But I've remained who I am until now, and couldn't get a gf because of that.

What do you want to be?

Someone who attracts girls

If that's all that matters to you in life you will never get any girls

You need to be interesting to get girls. Interesting people care about much more than just picking up girls

nofap, unironically