Do women really go for 'bad boys'?

Do women really go for 'bad boys'?

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No it's a dumb incel cope. Very few dumb women will go for guys who are bad in one way or another but it's not because they're bad it's because the guys are hot and charismatic. The fact that they may be bad is not what makes them attractive.

They go for the ones who hit them and fuck them the hardest. But not if they're not attractive.

Girls like masculine men. Bad boys tend to be masculine. Don’t overthink shit

dark triad maxx with 6'+ and 10/10 attractive face

I'm sure plenty do. I go for bad girls. They're fun and easy lays if you know which buttons to press.

I really feel like dark triad will make a man either very attractive or give off a school shooter vibe, and it all depends on how he looks.

I honestly love how much of a good guy my boyfriend is. He has the purest heart.

Guys like feminine women but I don't see materialistic catty bitches being at the top of every guy's list.

Yeah, pretty instathots have such a hard time dating dude.

>if she's pretty then she's probably a bitch
Hello incel.

>be femanons
>hate yourself
>fear commitment
>fear love because love equals being vulnerable and losing the person you opened up to.
>bang tyrones and chads who only want sex because they cant love you and treat you bad so you cant love them.
>bonus points if they either look like your dad or your dad would hate them

If she's the kind of girl who acts like a whore on social media, she probably isn't a great girl no.

I think the vast majority of girls on here has never "banged Chad". I honestly only ever had sex with my two long term boyfriends.

Do you also seethe at fashion models, you pathetic incel?

I don't like attention seeking women, and I think that being overtly sexual is bad taste.
For fashion models it's a job, random girls who post 10 selfies a day on instagram in their underwear are not fashion models. you not know that you can get an income from being a popular insta star?

Most girls who post their half naked selfies on instagram aren't getting paid for it. They just do it because they're self absorbed and slutty.

I'd bet most if not all of them at least secretly wish they would become super popular stars.

So they're not only slutty and self centered, but also failures. Really a catch.

Im talking about the whole bad boy thing, like another user said I love bad girls, i get and crave the abuse even though i know i just get hurt by it.

You know i was just thinking about it a little more qnd it might because the chase never ends.
You might get sex and hook up with them, but they never are truly yours and they always leave you with the urge to have them and claim them because you know you cant, you want to win them over and to change them but no matter how much effort time or what you do your still just chasing the carrot and getting nibbles from time

My boyfriend is a sperg who likes watching 90s cartoons and makes me pancakes every sunday morning. I don't care about "bad boys". I feel like most girls on here are dating men like mine and not super edgy bikers who pump and dump them.

Dumb women do. Almost all women want some amount of masculinity, it’s just a matter of how much. Dumb women want a lot, smart women just a little

The common misconception guys seem to make is that girls aren't horribly insecure and have the distorted and high expectations we have of ourselves. Yes there are mentally ill women and gold diggers out there- the vast majority of men out there are not rich or super charismatic, and you have to understand and live this and practise this thought- the average woman will be lucky to get the attention of an average man.

When you feel shitty about never being loved or never having a gf, yes it's understandable, but you only ever end up devaluing yourself. By yourself. For no reason.

>if I create this same thread every day hundreds of times maybe it will become true

That's what they say. But it's not true

Source: a bad guy

enjoy your stds

t. Idiot oastie

Why are you white knighing whores so much you retard?

So far so good.

>Very few dumb women will go for guys who are bad in one way or another
Lol but there are lots of women who go for smart good guys right?

I hear it's because douchebag guys tend to have more self-esteem while nicer guys tend to be more timid. Need to strike a balance between the two? Who knows.

Nah. The moment I sense something is off I'm out.

You're a women on Jow Forums. You're in no way a normal person. You're the female version of an incel

definitely this

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That is a pitiful cope cartoon even by incel standards.

Young and inexperienced women like abusive "bad boy" assholes because they don't know any better but a grown woman wants someone who is well adjusted as well as strong.

The reason why women being attracted to "bad boys" looks so common from a 4channer's perspective is that incels aren't mature so they only attract immature girls that only like toxic men.

Tale as old as timey, song as old as rhyme.

They want a bad guy with a heart of gold. Somebody who will stand up for themselves (and even more so stand up for her) but is actually a huge softie on the inside that needs a feminine touch to heal him.

Tbqh I think all humans should have something of that in them. "Being able to be a monster but choosing not to", peterson said, I think.

That's, of course, only one type of girl. It explains the whole bad guy trope. Of course there is a huge problem with most bad boys not having a heart of gold and actually being abusive assholes but that's a different story.

I personally like guys who look tough but are actually huge softies inside and out.

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>attract women

Not really. Think of it like this, whether it's conscious or not, women WILL be more attracted to the wild, "bad" type than the mild, nice-guy type. This doesn't mean they necessarily want a cliché bad boy, but it just means they're naturally drawn to guys who are more flippant and masculine, and less visibly eager to please them.

>I honestly love how much of a good guy my boyfriend is. He has the purest heart.
You're either lying, or you're an anomaly among women.

>she isn't interested in me, I'm not her type so she must be a whore
>they call someone an incel so they must be a white knights
Seethe incel.

>incels attract immature girls
No user, incels don't attract any girls at all. Incels are a plague that spreads because many normal guys don't have experience with women and since they have no one in real life to ask about getting girls they ask here without being aware Jow Forums is a place filled mostly with incels. So whenever a guy ask there about girls, his mind is indoctrinated by incels. They say that all women are whores and they only choose some sick psycho fuck boys who have just left a prison, then this innocent guy is converted to an incel and begins repeating the same shit propaganda. It's an endless loop.

Fuck off back to IncelTears retard

Incel detected. Seethe.

White knighting on Jow Forums won't get you laid feminist cuck

>He says truth about incels
>He's a white knight, feminist cuck
Seethe meter is almost 100%. Please incel, close Jow Forums and go cry because you're a miserable cave dweller who spends his life on Jow Forums writing incel propaganda.

>u mad bro I am right not u
Says the NPC

I mean, I have been single for 14 months in total after I got through puberty, and that was in 2005. But sure, I'm somehow an incel.

I mean, your on Jow Forums fighting incels so I dont think your life is anymore glamorous than his

I'm not fighting them, I just wrote the truth about them. Incels are the one who are constantly at war with someone. Retard doesn't know he's retarded and this includes incels too. No matter how good arguments incels will be given, they won't change their minds. They think they are right about everything and when someone opposes them, incels call him 'white knight' or 'cuck'. Their minds are infected and it's too late for majority of them to be cured.

if they also call you "roastie" you get an incel bingo.

You want to embody the traits of both the alpha and beta, the nice guy and the bad boy. Become the male version of a unicorn, or the closest to the ideal as you can. This will earn you the love of many women. I speak from experience and I have observed my own behavior. Every girl I've been with has come back to me. If you are a sweetheart, but tough. Strong, but fair, Smart, but wise. Women will adore you. You become a hero to their story. I never denigrate them because I never have to. I'm honest about what I think. I have done bad things but have come away from it. Capable of evil, but able to deny it. Basically what this guy says. Become the idealized synthesis of those things and you will go far.

>Every girl I've been with has come back to me.
how does that work? Are you now dating 17 girls at once?


Women go for men who make them feel good. That can sometimes mean a bad boy, who makes them feel thrills.

Not all women like that. Also there's more than one way to make a woman feel good with your presence. Be true to yourself and become your best self. High quality men make women feel good, and that will make them attracted to you

Turn it around. Men like women. Who do they like? Well, hot chicks obviously, but the non-hot chicks make men feel good in other ways.

Bad boys
Watchu gon, watchu gon do

honestly depends on their cycle
real evolution hours

Some women go for bad boys because some women are bad themselves. Not every woman is a sweet little angel princess that never does or says bad things, and people thinking this is actually kinda damaging.

only for sex

Jow Forums boys are usually edgy alt right racists though.

This post is partially true. Young girls will only go for bad boys. This will stop when they're reaching their mid 20's, but until then they have the minds of highschoolers who are competing for attention. once they finally mature mentally they become regular humans again, but by that point a lot of them have a hard time recovering from the path of chaos they've created in their road to maturity. VERY rarely will you find someone that is actually mature enough to not look for a bad decision, but girls like that almost always come with baggage of their own.

>the guys are hot and charismatic

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t. man wearing a skirt

The average goy is boring as hell. There is no thrill, no excitement, nothing new, no challenge.

based fear of intimacy anoness
cant get hurt if you never care

Do you not know that you can get an income from starring in videos?

hello roastie.

Why are you so mad that I like my boyfriend?

nice dubs

I was dating when I was a teenager and I was anything but a bad boy, what's that all about?

Who is that

this doesn't pertain to every girl on earth, just a marginally large proportion of them.

There's an old line that's often stated. "I can't date you your like a brother to me" the reason for this is because girls like men. The reason your told this line is because your enjoying feminine energy. The "bad boys" give off masculine energy. Does a girl want to sleep with her brother? Or a man? If your in the friend zone. Stop doing things that give off feminine energy

Yes man. Hide that glock in her hair. Fit that Kilo in your pussy babe. He owes me money SHOOTOUT TIME!
Bitch shut up and put this dick in your ears. Breathe through your eyes!

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