I’m 31 and my 19 year old Askhenazi Jew girlfriend is pregnant. She wants to get rid of my child...

I’m 31 and my 19 year old Askhenazi Jew girlfriend is pregnant. She wants to get rid of my child. How do I convince her to not terminate?

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Its not your choice.

I thought religious women would be against abortion? Tell her more religious family members and they'll help you convince her not to.

It shouldn't be anyone's choice because it's murder, you post modern piece of shit

It's not murder. Jews don't have souls.

Actually, being anti-abortion is about as modern as you can get. Our ancestors all practiced infanticide to promote survival of the fittest. We don't need any more Jewish children in this world.

Let her do it. If that's the way she thinks then she would be a terrible mother.

I'm a dad and trust me when I tell you the quality of the mother's character is very important.

Dude are you crazy, let her do it. She is fucking 19, you do not want to be shackled to some flighty teenager. For the love of all that is holy let her abort and get out of your life and be thankful you got out of paying child support for the rest of your life.

>dude, just let her kill people, who cares XD

Ask her to marry you stupid.

Fetuses are not people. You are a person. And it's your life or its.

Yes, but he doesn't mention much about how religious she is. Most (recent) Ashkenazis are pretty trad but also very secular, but most North American Jews (ie Ashkenazis, but 3+ generations out of Europe) are neoliberal. Sounds like she's from the latter.

Typical kike. You reap what you sow, user.

Fuck these anti-semites and fuck your delusional BITCH! Force her to quit it and birth the child!

Just because you're an old fuck that want a family doesn't mean you should push her to keep a child that is unwanted on her part.

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Marry her

just commit suicide already

Maybe let her abort this one. She just got out of High School man

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So they could play with your ol dusty balls but not mine?

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it’s not your choice to make plus she’s 19 you’re literally ruining her life if you manage to convince a child to take care of another child

>t.seething roastie

Congratulations. You are more retarded than actual anti-semites

Getting and keeping a young wife isn't nearly as easy as incels made you believe, eh? That's what you get for being too dumb for birth control, lmao. Enjoy the knowledge that you caused a death.