So... my gf was in a party and i told her to not get drunk, surprise! she got drunk...

So... my gf was in a party and i told her to not get drunk, surprise! she got drunk, we had a deal that both of us will never drink and all but she stabbed me in the back, what do i do now?

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Try a new girlfriend.


get over it. its just alcohol.

Promises are broken before they're made.

Call the wahmbulance. Or be an adult.

>just because I don't want to drink, my SO shouldn't want to
Both of you are selfish and deserve it.

Getting drunk at a party is not a big deal so long as someone (read: you) is keeping an eye on her/babysitting. If you have a girlfriend who likes to party, you've got a long way ahead of you if you don't want her to drink.
>stabbed me in the back
While I agree she did break your trust, I don't think there's a need to be dramatic. Sit her down and tell her how it made you feel. Try to reach a compromise instead of just full on forbidding alcohol. If she doesn't respect you or your feelings pack it in and call the time of death

spank her

What's bad about drinking once in a while in social settings? Maybe go with her next time and be her designated driver.

Don't listen to these two OP. They want you to be a slave to her whims. You're not her mother, you don't exist to clean up her shit.

You have the right to ignore her and do what you want.
She's an adult, she's responsible for herself. If she chooses to get drunk that's on her, whatever happens to her as a result of her choice to get drunk is her fault and her responsibility alone.

Thank you (OP)

Aight, that's a good advice too


Grow a pair of balls and dump her
and make no promises to the next girl

agree with this user. this is on her but OP, if she makes a habit of partying without you and you don't like it then you can end the relationship.

you should find out what she did at that party other than getting drunk. That didn't happen in a vacuum. Likely some guy she knew would be there and they had a great time.

>we had a deal that both of us will never drink

What kind of deal is this? Did you actually expect her to keep it? Lmaooo

You don't deserve her. She wants to live and you want absolute controll. Fucking sociopath. Kys.

> so had fun without me
> stabbed me in the back
Psycho spotted. Trash like you pushed my sister into a severe depression. Please consider to leave this planet and live on the sun.

Reddit is in full-force today, I see.