Which drug will make me feel happy?

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No, it absolutely will.


How does it feels?


I just don’t see how weed isn’t enough. You can smoke so much weed you fucking fall asleep. What more do you need???

The best drugs have the worst hangovers. If you're not stable, it's not a good idea. You'll bottom out.

I need something tl avoid life


opioids - they act like endorphins so all you feel is bliss and happiness
they also have little negative side effects (other than the possibility of addiction)

Opioids are heroine and the absolute worst fucking drugs out there you fucking dolt

Weed sucks. Yeah great my chest feels like it’s gonna cave in and I’m about have a panic attack.

nah, it's the best drugs
heroin is a 10/10 if you don't get addicted

I just popped a muscle relaxer, feel pretty fuckin awesome. Cannabis also helps too.

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Except practically everyone gets addicted and its basically the only one you cant just will power out of once you're hooked and it completely changes your life and your personality.

The pleasure of discipline of knowing you are following the ways of the Lord by not sinning since you only using the Lords substances- Alcohol and Tobacco

Divine pleasure can be yours too many. Seek higher.

Catholics are such morons.

Cocaine is the best drug though.

Now this I can agree with. Also way easier to quit even if you form a habit

I’m doing lines right now pimp come suck my limp weiner til it’s time to crash

If you want to ruin your life with fucking crack and heroin then be my fucking guest idiot.

take it every 2 weeks or so and you'll be fine

Sorry, I'm a girl. You don't want me.

Nice. Tell me about your tits

I'm good. You go ahead.
They hang to my knees, I roll then up like socks and shove them in a bra when I'm in public, but at home I just stick them in the pockets of my sweatpants

Those sound like awful tits. Leave me alone

I just want to get high

God exist, i know

But he made life hard and i need something to avoid life

My life is a shit

Heroin seems to be a improvement

A heroic dose (1/4+) of good mushrooms will make you realize everything you're sad about is complete bullshit and you'll get over it. Ketamine is also a good drug in large doses to sort out your mental shit objectively, once you get past how jarring it is

I'm happy that everybody post actual drugs instead of "don't do drugs they are bad" shit.

Also should i do drugs before or after becoming rich?

None of them. You just take them to help forget and distract from why you're not happy... for a while. For some people forgetting is all they need to be happy. Mostly though drugs don't make you feel happy but they make you think they do. Still good for some fun if you can still have some at least.

Nothing is free of cost user, and soecially not happiness. If you wanna be happy for a few hours, it’ll cost you some unhappy hours too.

All this time I thought I took drugs because they were fun and feel good but you know the truth.

They can help but not by virtue of what it actually does but rather the circumstance behind their use. Take them to help have fun and be happy instead of just trying to use them to be able to have fun and be happy

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I, had the worst fucking day doing cocaine until everybody was asleep and i got some beer was getting better and then went to get more cocaine fuckin kill me i will snort the rest and be a fucking robot today once again

I’m on day 2 almost finished with mine I’m seeing shit and I’ve drank like 40 beers I’m gonna sleep al day

Snorted about 6 g without beer drank like 9 long necks and now I'm fucking wired can't even talk with people 5 in the fucking morning man wtf I'm doing when the fucking pub opens i will get drunk until i die in the streets

happiness is a mix of chemicals in your brain just like all other feelings
that's literally it - you can be happy regardless of your situation if you have the right mix of chems
those can be released naturally or with drugs

no, drugs can make you happy
no, it's not a distraction
yes, it's real happiness

I’m just listening to podcasts on low volume in the dark while drinking and I’ve only got a couple lines left Monday is gonna be brutal

Ketamine you retards.


>they act like endorphins
>they also have little negative side effects
and that, kids, is why we don't ask the internet when looking down a road strewn with corpses.

DMT > anything in this thread

Agreed. Never taken it tho, only have access to normie drugs

Magic mushrooms are objectively the best drugs

Try DMT. Many people have life changing experiences (like Joe Rogan) if you get the breakthrough (3 puffs or something like that).

But yeah, if you have nothing to lose, you might as well try it and maybe get a different perspective on life.
If you don't take enough in one go and don't have a breakthrough, you'll have visuals like on LSD but more "dramatic"(?). Plus it only lasts for like an hour tops, and my friends who've done it say that it's like a once in a life thing and they wouldn't wanna do it again as it "changes your personality" and stuff. So you don't have to worry about addiction.

Obv. do your own research first.

The drugs with the best chance of making you happy in the long run are psychedelics. Opiods,amphetamines and such will only make you happy during the high then it is gone