Weird dude

Sup so there is this really weird quiet dude I work with. He is somewhat cute but seems very very shy and maybe even autistic. At first I was kinda wary of him because you know that quiet school shooter attitude but we talked very briefly a couple of times and now I'm intrigued. But how do you go about hitting on a dude like that? He is very reserved and normal flirting probably would never work.

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>hey, do you want to go on a date with me this weekend?

ask him out. he will say yes, unless he is dating someone else. go for it! make his day!

Why yes I will go on a date with you! Just ask me but don't make it seem like I'm a charity case.

Yeah, girls really don't get that there's no need to play games to go out with a guy, you just say what you want and 98% of guys will give them it if they're single.

Your name doesn't start with an S does it? What country you in?

If you talked it means he's a neurotypical shit

Ask him out whore.

Does he ever find ways to try and work near you? If he goes out of his way to work with or near you he wants that stank

Not op, I'm a guy. If a girl does this does it mean the same or is it coincidence

I had a friend like that. He dated and had sex a bit in high school but then was single for years and years because he never made the first move, even though he's a very attractive guy.

Then one time he was out with some friends and met a friend of a friend who decided she was going to make him hers. They started dating that same night they met and he's been basically starstruck by her ever since even though he's honestly out of her league in a lot of ways.

The moral of the story is that the idea of a woman asking a guy out instead of putting the pressure on us is such a dream/miracle for low self esteem guys that they will do one of two things: they'll totally sperg out, in which case you dodged a bullet, or they'll love you forever even against their best interest.

The best way to approach him is to get in his head, and go at his pace or somewhat slower. E.G. Bring some fudge brownies to the office and let him know first they're out for everyone or even bring him one, ask him questions on his interests, and slowly over time, just have a conversation. Go slow, he's probably easy to startle.

You will have to make the first move a few times because he won't be comfortable or have the confidence. Going out for a few drinks is a good way to get to know someone. Many guys who don't hit on women end up in painful codependent relationships, so expect to be doing a lot of basic teaching.

If you help him out of a bad childhood, or he happened to be a genius that can't make sense of the world and has lost his confidence, you'll have found a keeper. If on the other hand he's been through a really nasty childhood and might get possessive or hurt you or is just dumb, you can abort ahead of time once you find if you go slow.

>in which case you dodged a bullet

It is not our fault we are like this.

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Kek, look at this salty faggot

So true, some guys are just to shy to ever ask u out, or might ask u out but will never.make the move on u

Ask him out. As a super quiet dude myself you will probably make him very happy.

Is he shy or just quite? There's a differencel

B his mate first who knows he might not b all that

just ask him out. he'll probably be awkward about it so maybe act shy. guys like that won't make the first move

dont ever fuck with dudes like this

Please, don't give me hope

Won't you girls ever learn? He'll get you alone and cut off your head and post his handiwork so you'll never see him shoot up a school.

There is a reason you smell the weird around the guy, self preservation, so take heed.

It isn't your fault, but it is your fault if you stay like it.

don't get your hope up bro, we're alone...

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Thanks for reminding me that I'm just ugly and it's not my autism.
I am cri now.

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In fact, if I'm honest with you, I think the outgoing, rich boy chad type is more likely to actually kill his bitch. She sleeps around on him, and then he goes full spoiled rich boy mode.
and then both her and the silly fucker she slept with are found with bullet wounds.

Bad boys usually just go home and mope, maybe do creepy shit like spam her with saccharin bullshit offering to forgive her. I think one guy I know like that actually ended up breaking into her house and looking at her while she slept, but I also know she ended up right back on his dick a few months later, so even with him doing that kind of crazy shit, I don't think she ever actually felt threatened by him.

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though pill to swallow
>it wasnt that you were autistic and shy it just was that you weren't hot enough

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>so even with him doing that kind of crazy shit, I don't think she ever actually felt threatened by him.
Or maybe she did and that was a turn on, or maybe it had something to do with the fact that they had two kids that looked like him.
Either way, I think a guy who's in love is honestly just going to come off worse than he actually is. Women go through those crazy hormonal things too, but they're passive about it. Men's brains just scream at them, "act, act, do something if you don't want to lose her."

Hi guys, I'm too tired to respond to every specific post so I'll just sum it up: I don't want to ask him out yet because I want to get to know him first platonically if it makes sense. I think we're both people who need a lot of time to get into romantic zone. He doesn't do anything indicating romantic interest in me. My name doesn't start with S and his doesn't either and I'm in Poland. He is both quiet and shy and also reclusive, almost never talks with anyone in the office. He isn't cute in a Chad way but in a nerd way but I like this type. I guess that is all, thank you for all tips, if you have any other ideas please share.