Unironically what are good coping strategies for being a permavirgin/forever alone incel?

Unironically what are good coping strategies for being a permavirgin/forever alone incel?

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Have sex

Personal transformation.

Elaborate, please?

Learn to love your own company. Remember that benedictine monks did what you’ve done for longer and enjoyed every second of it.

Rape kids

Realize that Nietzsche was the same way, recognize how huge his contribution to mankind was despite the sexual handicap.

Hm. It seems to me user, like you’re a little bit stuck in an adolescent phase. Adolescence is when we generally explore our urges, both sexual and romantic, ultimately resulting in attaining a romantic partner. This first relationship, and it’s almost inevitable failure, is a big moment in becoming a mature adult. We learn that we can get a girl, that we can please them, and that we can lose them and be alright. Almost nobody, so far as I can tell, manages to attain this first relationship without a great deal of difficulty, stress, etc. Why is it user, that while others went through this initiation, you did not? Looks aren’t a valid excuse, nor lack of will power, or even intelligence. Whatever it is that held you back, and continues to hold you back, must be overcome, so you can mature into who you are meant to be. This is what I mean by personal transformation.

this user is right.

i was a bit of a late bloomer, having my first girlfriend at 18, and i completely ruined it by thinking like you are. putting women on a pedestal, thinking you're lucky to be with her, etc. it was one of the most emotional times in my life when i inevitably lost her and one of the hardest things to do was reevaluate my perspective and emotionally mature as a person. i now feel a lot stronger and secure about myself than i ever have.

fuck your coping strategies. dig yourself out of that self-defeating hole enough to get a girlfriend and experience the emotion, the pain that comes with that. your emotions will go fucking crazy for a while when you inevitably lose her, but the lessons you'll learn from that experience are invaluable and well worth the pain.

drugs that suppress labito

Remember that it's you and only you who chose to be an incel. If you don't like being an incel then stop being one.

Nietzsche was a homosexual, didn't you know?

For me it's been camgirls, strippers, and whores. Those are the only women that'll touch a man like me. I'm in my 30s and never had a girlfriend. No woman worth a damn would even give me a chance and I don't blame them.

By accepting that there are none.

Embrace it. Unpopular opinion but being an incel takes balls. People (especially adolescent incels) glorify romantic relationships and will do so much stupid shit in the name of it. At very least you can expect to spend a truly *insane* amount of money needed for dates, gifts, flowers and the increased living expenses once you move in together.

I know you guys hate hearing this but work on yourself like others work on relationships. Coincidentally the kind of things that make you attractive - a healthy lifestyle, meaningful hobbies, a healthy social life (this means friends, not girls that friend-zone you) - also make you feel better about yourself; you'd be surprised how hard it is to maintain these things in a long-term relationship. Once you learn to derive fulfillment from yourself you'll rise above the petty chase for glorified romance and be in a state where you will feel invincible and perhaps much more appealing to the kind of women you are into.

>being an incel takes balls
How ironic that an incel is someone with no balls whatsoever.

Take care of your mental and physical health. Pretty straight forward.

It's kinda poetic, really.

>your emotions will go fucking crazy for a while when you inevitably lose her, but the lessons you'll learn from that experience are invaluable and well worth the pain

I like this interpretation. Good on you whoever posted this, I'm all for escaping the toxic cycle of glorifying women.

>late bloomer
>my first girlfriend at 18
holy shit I'm 28 and I've never had a gf. If you're a late bloomer then I dont' know what I am.


Got any ideas? Aside from travel and vidyas of course

Yer a wizard, harry


Become a tranny and cry how no one wants to date you

Become a male feminist and maybe one day some roastie will pity fuck you before accusing you of rape

Escapism, creative pursuits, exercise. There has to be something you’re interested in, dedicate yourself to that, come up with projects, etc. Make a game, write a book, draw stuff, learn how to make music, get into photography, woodcarving, whatever. It’s easy to feel depressed when all you do is sit alone in front of a computer screen, so it helps to get busy with other stuff. Exercise helps with this, when you’re working out or playing a sport you don’t really have time to think about how miserable you are, and by the time you get home you’re tired enough to immediatly fall asleep at night instead of staying up shitposting and feeling like shit until 3AM