Do you find sadism in girl to be a turn-off

Do you find sadism in girl to be a turn-off

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If it sadism yes, if it's masochism no. The difference being a woman who wants to cause pain and humiliation to others. Versus a woman who enjoys pain and humiliation on herself. If both then that's also fine. I prefer to get as good as you give, rather than it being a one-way thing.

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>If it sadism yes

Not for me, but that might be because I have a gentle femdom fetish.
I just want a girl to spoil me and I can lay my head in her lap after a long day for work and she can run her fingers through my hair and tell me everything’s gonna be alright and then we can cuddle and watch david Lynch movies and have strap on sensual sex listening to my bloody valentine.

how sadistic? Give examples

Do you have the other images from that set :)

Not really. My gf is textbook sadist and I don't really care. She knows I'm not into that stuff so she just does not play those games with me.

What are those games that she won't play with you?

that's hot

>how sadistic?
Wanting to cause you pain during sex cuz' it makes her horny?

emotional pain? Physical pain? Both? Knives? Blood? Orgasm denail? There's so much potential

>Orgasm denail?
It can be argued whether or not this really on the list.

My gf loves to deny my orgasms and takes great pleasure in seeing my shaking and begging to cum after weeks of denial
I love it

Nor big into femdom. But sometimes it seems nice. Especially face sitting. Getting my face smothered after she lost came back from working out.

How about the three others?

Since I'm a male dom, I prefer a female sub

Yes. My previous gf turned out to be one, and well, you can probably figure out why she is my ex now.


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Cuckqueaning is the patrician fetish

I mean, if it's just a fetish sure, if it creeps into your normal life fuck no.

Isn't it a bad idea to do cardio without weight training because you will lose muscle that way and become too lanky? This advice seems pretty shit, hopefully it's just a dumb meme.

It's a dumb meme, you'll have a different body type than someone who weight trains, but you won't be super lanky.

what happened

user got pegged

>Do you find sadism in girl to be a turn-off
yes, huge red flag


I want to date a cute girl with no weird mental issues like liking for sadism

Slightly different version

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